MIDI Soloist Sets for Band-in-a-Box®

The MIDI Soloist Set Add-ons work with Band-in-a-Box®'s "Soloist" feature, which generates solos to go with your song. The more Soloist add-ons you have, the greater the variety of solos Band-in-a-Box® will be able to generate.

All of these Soloist Sets listed are included in the UltraPAK, UltraPAK+, and Audiophile Editions of Band-in-a-Box®.

MIDI Soloist Set 20: Campfire, Classical 8th & Children's

The Campfire soloist lets you make tunes in many swing 8th styles, including Country swing, Jazz swing, older Pop swing, Ethnic swing, Bluegrass swing, and more. The Classical 8th Soloist has a classical feel for many different genres, such as Classical, Rock, Pop, Latin, and more. With the Children's Soloist, you can create an infinite variety of solos based on children's tunes and nursery rhymes.

MIDI Soloist Set 19: Pop Ballad 16th & Jazz Even 8th

This slow Pop Ballad Soloist creates solos with an even 16th feel for your Pop, Country, or Rock tunes. The Jazz Even 8th Soloist creates jazz-flavored solos for many tunes, in a variety of styles like Jazz, Latin, Pop, Rock and Country.

MIDI Soloist Set 18: Soundtrack Soloists

Adds 3 great background Soloists - "Peaceful" (slow), "City" (medium) and "Exciting" (fast) - to any of your Band-in-a-Box® soundtracks or compositions. The Peaceful New Age Soundtrack Soloist will create peaceful, tranquil solos for any composition or soundtrack project. City Soundtrack Soloist will generate a medium tempo corporate type of solo. The Exciting Soundtrack Soloist generates busier, high energy solos. These Soundtrack Soloists are ideal for adding musical content to your soundtracks or music compositions.

MIDI Soloist Set 17: Trombone

This Soloist Set features Trombone solos! Included are Older Swing and Modern trombone soloing. With the Older Swing Trombone Soloist, you can instantly generate a Trombone solo in the style of the 30s and 40s players for your next swing tune. The Modern Trombone Soloist features a more contemporary Jazz approach, including some inside-outside playing on these solos that you create using this exciting Soloist Set.

MIDI Soloist Set 16: Saxophone

This set includes great Saxophone Soloing in both Swing and Modern styles - created specifically for the nuances of the saxophone. The Swing Sax Soloist is in the style of some of the great older masters-Hawkins, Webster, Lester and others. In just seconds, Band-in-a-Box® will create a great solo in this genre and you can create an unlimited number of them. If you are looking for a more modern feel (Bird, Trane, Shorter, Henderson, etc.) choose the Modern Sax Soloist. Create a great Sax solo (Alto, Tenor or even Bari) to insert into your tune, or to learn more about soloing, or even to create unlimited sight-reading material.

MIDI Soloist Set 11: Trumpet

This Soloist Set is for Trumpet solos! There are 2 databases here "Satch" and "Wynt." With "Satch" you get an older Jazz Trumpet Soloist - able to generate a solo in the style of the 30s and 40s trumpet players for your next swing tune. The "Wynt" soloist features the modern approach to Jazz trumpet playing in the tradition of Miles, Freddie, etc. You'll find some great inside-outside playing on these solos that you create using this exciting Soloist Set.

MIDI Soloist Set 10: Ballads & Guitar

This Soloist Set has 3 soloist databases: Jazz Ballads, Django and Jpass guitar. The Ballad Soloist is specifically designed for slow tempo ballads and can be used with any instrument. The Django Jazz Swing Soloist enables you to create instant solos, based on any chord changes, in the style of the great Belgian Jazz guitar virtuoso. JoeP Jazz Guitar Soloist - This mainstream-bebop Soloist was made specifically for Jazz Guitar, although it will work fine on any guitar or keyboard instrument. Create instant solos in this genre for your tune or for study and analysis.

MIDI Soloist Set 9: Blues Guitar, Country Piano, Pop 8ths and Pop Swing 16ths

Four soloist sets defined for great new blues guitar, country piano, and pop solos. Soloist Set 9 adds lots of variety and plenty of HOT licks, to your blues, pop and country solos by playing real lines learned from top pro players. Play the solos over any chord progression. With wailing blues guitar, lightning fast country piano, and a collection of all-time favorite pop riffs, these soloing styles are great for listening and invaluable for learning!

MIDI Soloist Set 8: Killer Jazz Waltz, Old Waltz & Jazz Fusion

The Killer Jazz Waltz generate professional, innovative solos for the most sophisticated jazz waltzes. There's also a soloist for more straight-ahead pop/older style 3/4 time standards. The Jazz Fusion soloists add jazz and rock soloists with exciting shuffle 16th solos in the style of Steely D., Spyro G., & Grover W.

MIDI Soloist Set 7: Blues, Pop, Funk & More

This set features soloing databases and soloists for such styles as pop, funk, classical and more! With over 10 Mb of files and over five times the intelligence of previous soloists, Soloist Set 7 takes Band-in-a-Box® to the edge and beyond.

MIDI Soloist Set 6: Killer Pop & Older Jazz

Soloist Set 6 pushes the envelope of intelligent automatic soloing with Killer Pop and Older Jazz styles. This set takes composing with Band-in-a-Box® to a new level!

MIDI Soloist Set 5: Bluegrass Soloing

These soloists play authentic Bluegrass Solos on banjo, flatpick guitar, mandolin, fiddle and piano. Combined with our Bluegrass styles (eg. Jethro), you'll have a full 5 piece Bluegrass band playing leads to any song that you type in the chords to. Generate a new and authentic Bluegrass solo every time! Type in the chords to your 'Bill Monroe' favorite, pick the Jethro style, and press the SOLO button. You'll have a 5 piece Bluegrass band playing rhythm and trading hot licks - the place will be hoppin'. And it took you less than a minute to enter the chords! The soloists can stay on one instrument, or switch among the 5 Bluegrass instruments every 4, 8 or 32 bars - just like a real Bluegrass band!

MIDI Soloist Set 4: Rock Soloing

Band-in-a-Box® gets rockin' with these Rock Soloists for Guitar, Organ and Lead Synth!

MIDI Soloist Set 3: Specialty Jazz Soloing

Jazz soloist files for specific jazz styles. 20 soloists defined. 25 demo songs using common chord progressions with original melodies, demoing the Soloists. Over 10MB of files in all!

MIDI Soloist Set 2: Killer Jazz Swing Soloing

This soloist must be heard to be believed. It will generate professional level, interesting and inventive jazz solos over any chord progression, and a different one each time!

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