We've extended the XPro and Xtra Styles PAKS special offers to January 15, 2023!

We're offering XPro Styles PAKs 1-4 and Xtra Styles PAKs 1-15 for just $29 each (reg $49)!

Treat yourself to 100 brand new RealStyles for country, bluegrass, jazz, funk, rock, and pop with the new XPro Styles PAK 4 for Band-in-a-Box® 2022, but why stop there? The new Xtra Styles PAKs 14 & 15 include 17 MultiStyle groups and 200 new styles for Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Country, as well as genres like '80s glam rock, rockabilly, big band, space rock, metal, funk, and more!

Learn more about XPro Styles PAKs and order now.

Learn more about Xtra Styles PAKs and order now.

XPro Styles PAK 4:


Xtra Styles PAK 14:


Xtra Styles PAK 15:


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