GuitarStar Brent Mason Country - Play Like the Pros! Guitar Star Brent Mason Country

Nashville's guitar legend becomes your personal Country guitar teacher!

GuitarStar: Brent Mason Country teaches you how to play like a pro! 150 guitar riffs by the Country star are included, and you can learn any of them by pressing different keys on your computer keyboard. Like all PG Music GuitarStar programs, Brent Mason Country is an excellent educational tool for guitarists of all levels- and it's fun to play!

Watch video tutorials of Brent performing each riff, slowing them down, and offering tips and tricks to perfecting each one. Then, play the riffs yourself by pressing on your computer keyboard. Sit back, and view the standard notation and guitar tablature as the notes fly by on the on-screen guitar fretboard!

With GuitarStar: Brent Mason Country, you’ll get...

  • Over 4 hours of video lessons with Brent Mason.
  • Over 2 hours of Brent Mason audio recordings
  • 150 Country Guitar riffs played by Brent Mason, each including full audio, notation, tablature, and detailed video instruction!

Transform yourself into a Country GuitarStar

  • Play back any of the hot Country guitar riffs by pressing keys on your computer keyboard.

Master the riffs

  • View each riff in standard notation and guitar tablature.
  • Watch the notes fly by on the on-screen guitar fretboard.
  • Watch the tutorials of Brent Mason performing riffs, and offering tips and tricks for perfecting each one.
  • Slow the videos down to half speed for further analysis.

Learn these hot Country Guitar styles

  • Chicken-pickin’
  • Hammer-ons and Double-stops
  • Pull-offs.
  • Honky-tonk Barroom
  • Counter-rhythm
  • Rockabilly
  • Descending Triads
  • ...and more!

About Brent Mason

Widely known as Nashville’s #1 guitarist, Brent Mason has been named “Musician of the Year” twice by the CMA (Country Music Association), and he’s the six-time winner of the Academy of Country Music’s “Guitarist of the Year” award. Often called one of the most recorded guitarists in history, he has appeared on hundreds of albums with Country and Pop stars such as Chet Atkins, George Strait, Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson, Wade Hayes, Toby Keith, Randy Travis, Neil Diamond, Shania Twain, and more! Turn on the radio, and you’re more than likely to hear Brent Mason! He has played a huge percentage of all the songs on top 40 country music stations (roughly 80 percent), top 40 pop stations, movie soundtracks, TV shows, and commercials. Following the success of his 1st solo album, "Hot Wired," Brent's latest offering is "Smokin' Section." This latest release also features his talented brother, drummer Randy Mason. To learn more about Brent and his music, please visit:

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