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April 19, 2005  -  New PowerTracks Tutorial Video!

Visitors to PG Music's Band-in-a-Box and PowerTracks Pro Audio forums know Gary Curran as a regular contributor with much to offer. Gary has a wide knowledge of music and music technology, and he is always ready to give generously of his expertise to help others. We felt that he would be a terrific host for a series of PG Music tutorial videos, and we think that you will agree when you view his first presentation, Mixing with PowerTracks Pro Audio: Part 1 - MIDI. ( broadband | dial-up | .zip file )

In this video tutorial, Gary takes you on a detailed tour of the PowerTracks Pro Audio Mixer window, revealing some powerful features you might not expect at the price. He demonstrates how to use these features to make polished MIDI tracks, enroute to producing professional audio tracks for the Internet or audio CDs. Audio production will be the subject of Part 2, coming soon.

You can view or download this streaming Windows Media Video free of charge from here, and please feel free to visit our user forums and post your suggestions for topics you would like Gary to cover in future video tutorials.

Have fun, and keep watching for more videos to come.

Posted on April 19, 2005 10:21 AM

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