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February 09, 2018  -  User Showcase Song - Beyond The Ozone - Into The No Parking Zone

How about a little psychedelic Guitar Rock? Silly title but I like it! Something a little different from me. I'm playing nothing - it's all BIAB real tracks, loops and effects. All the guitar effects are from BIAB plug-ins. No outside effects were imported. I started this last summer (2017) and finished it while Di was getting an MRI this past Friday (Feb 2, 2018) - finished it in the Dr's waiting room on my laptop. I put it into Audacity a couple of hours ago and here it is. And Brent Mason really came through for me! I'll have to pay him more next time.

I trimmed the highs on the drums and loops as much as I could without losing their dynamics. The ending could use a little more work.

It's loud - real loud!

****** Song Summary *************
Title: Beyond the Ozone - Into The No Parking Zone
File:Into The No Parking Zone.seg.SGU
Key=Cm Transpose to C#m, Tempo 140, Length (m:s)=3:03
4 bar intro, 100 bar chorus, from bar 5 to bar 104. Repeat x1 chorus

Style is _TRICAMP.STY (Tricky Spy Funk w Amplitube Bass)

BassCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
DrumsCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
PianoCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
GuitarCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
StringsCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
MelodyCustom Synth is Psych 1.tgs
SoloistCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded

RealTracks in song: 1692:Bass, Electric, CountryDrivin8thsTriads Ev 150
RealTracks in style: 1770:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkMovinChords Ev16 130
RealTracks in style: 1771:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkMovinMuted Ev16 130
Loop in Song: House-Techno-Trance\House - bliss_128_percussion_e_minor ev16.wav
RealTracks in song: 1720:Guitar, Electric, Soloist TexasBluesRockStraightBrent Ev 120
Loop in Song: PercussionFX\Titanium web - hard.wav
RealDrums in Song: FunkRock^01-a:Closed Hat, b:Open Hat

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Posted on February 9, 2018 07:59 AM

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