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January 30, 2019  -  User Showcase Song - What Do You Say

A little while back, floyd jane made a post about EZ Keys being offered at a better-than-bargain-basement price. I jumped on the wagon and purchased a copy. This song arose from playing around with my then new toy. I thought I'd try my hand at using BIAB to re-create a 1940s styled jazz quintet (drums, piano, guitar, singer, soloist).

Some creation notes…

-Two bass Realtracks (RT) were used to create sections of 2 x bass notes per bar (half-half RT) and 4 x bass notes per bar (qtr-qtr RT). I chose the bass tracks that involved the same artist, and presumably the same acoustic bass, so that the sound was consistent.
-Renaissance Bass from Waves was used to add a little extra clarity to the bass.
-The piano uses the MIDI notation from the below piano Realtrack. This MIDI was channeled through EZ Keys upright piano. To avoid low frequency clashes between piano and bass, I muted all MIDI piano notes outside one octave lower than middle C.
-Volume shaping was used on the trumpet to create musical phrases.
-The vocals were processed through Nectar 2.
-The final mix was processed through Ozone 8.

The BIAB Band:
2126: Bass, Acoustic, Jazz Half,Half Sw 110
2127: Bass, Acoustic, Jazz Qtr,Qtr Sw 110
2649: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm JazzClassicJohn Sw 110
1099: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzSwingFreeComp Sw 110
1974: Trumpet, BackgroundSoloist DixielandMedium Sw 110

JazzBrushes: a: Brushes Swirling b: Brushes Busier

Posted on January 30, 2019 08:51 AM

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