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January 09, 2019  -  User Showcase Song - Our Good Old Days

Were the good old days so good?

Our brother-in-law wrote what has become the definitive book on child labor (Child Labor: An American History - he later edited a large volume on world wide child labor). While recently reflecting on the book I wrote what is now the third verse of this song which then lead to four additional "verse vignettes" of the “good” days.

Thinking I might be on to something I asked floyd if he’d like to join in. He tweaked and polished my roughed out verses, rewrote the refrain and sent us a melody. After working together on the arrangement and mix this is the result. Oh, and floyd also added some fine harmony to Janice’s vocal smile

Comments are welcome. Thanks for your time to listen.

Lead vocal: Janice / Rodes NT1 > Scarlett 212 > Logic Pro X > Nectar 2
Harmony vocal: floyd / Nectar 2
Bass: RT 2474 Acoustic Held / Neutron 2
Guitar: RT 2879 Electric, Rhythm AmericanaSparseSlow
Pedal Steel: RT 2666 Rhythm LushChordsSlow
Guitar: RT 1037 Acoustic, Rhythm NorthernRockBallad / Waves CLA Unplugged
Drums: RD AmericanaRoots / Waves CLA Drums
Drums: Doubled snare from above RD file / Waves CLA Drums
Shaker: Logic Pro loop / EMT 140 Reverb sim

The bass, steel and drum tracks were comped from multiple BiaB regens

Mix: Logic Pro X
Mastering: Low end EQ shelf > Waves LinMB > Ozone 8 Adv Imager > Ozone 8 Adv Maximizer

Posted on January 9, 2019 08:28 AM

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