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October 08, 2019  -  User Showcase Song - The Good News

I had but a hook, a rough chorus and a notion for a verse. Voila! floyd turned it into a song complete with melody and arrangement.
Thank you mr jane. And thank you Peter for the cool guitar.

Janice: lead vocal, harmony vocal (Nectar 2), vocal arrangement and percussion (cajon)
floyd: harmony vocal (Nectar 2), arrangement and melody
Peter: lead guitar and fills
Bud: engineering, mix, mastering, arrangement & SC photo of Janice

Bass: RT 3121 Acoustic, PopHalfNotesPush Ev 085 / Waves Bass Rider & Neutron 2
Bass: RT 2475 Acoustic, HeldSimple Ev 085 / Waves Bass Rider & Neutron 2
Multiple generations were comped for both tracks.
Guitar: RT 3184 Acoustic, Rhythm GrungeSlowQuinn Ev16 060 / Waves CLA Unplugged
Piano: 3102 MIDI Electric, Rhythm AmericanaSlow16thsMike Ev16 060 / Logic Pro X Grand Steinway sound & Waves CLA Unplugged
Multiple generations were comped.
Drums: RD ModernPopBallad16ths^01-a:Quiet hat, Sync-kick, b:Open hat, Sync-kick / Waves CLA Drums
Drums: Intro comped from Nashville EV / Waves CLA Drums
Additional snare, cymbals and kick: created from BiaB RD audio track / Waves CLA Drums
Cajon: Neutron 2 & EMT 140 Plate Reverb sim
Mastering: Logic Pro X EQ > Waves multiband compressor > Ozone Imager > Ozone Maximizer

Comments are welcome and your time to listen is appreciated!

Posted on October 8, 2019 10:59 AM

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