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February 24, 2020  -  User Showcase Song - High Frequency Tilt

Here's my first post! It's instrumental guitar-based rock called High Frequency Tilt.

The details are below. I'll appreciate any feedback on how the mixing and mastering sounds, and if you like it or not. I learned to play guitar listening to the Beatles, Yes, Zep, Gentle Giant, etc., so I like combining lots of seemingly different things, which isn't for everyone.

I do this solely for fun but thought I'd go to the community for the first time to get feedback. If you like something more headbanging, skip to the last section!

This song is "High Frequency Tilt." If you play guitar, you might know this to be the effect you get when using a long cable from guitar to amp, resulting in the highs being reduced a bit. Most of the guitar parts are my Strat with Fishman Fluence pups, which has an HFT switch. I used that in parts of this song to tame the Stratty highs just a little. It sounds better than cutting a frequency with EQ (to me). I also used a Warmoth 7 string guitar I built with single coil pups routes that have Seymour Duncan Minihumbuckers.

All drums are SD3 and all leads are me, as is all the headbanging ending. While I used BiaB, I exported tracks I wanted to use as wav files so this song was done in my Daw.

I started with San Fran w/ Acoustic Piano as the style. I played some bass on my Fender 5 string and used some from Biab. The bass is #995. The first rhythm guitar is Biab, with a Fender Twin amp model added. The piano parts are #2460. I used several regenerations and picked complimentary parts and panned them R and L. The organ is 671 and the 12 string guitar is 1681.

Thanks - Doug

Posted on February 24, 2020 11:00 AM

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