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September 22, 2020  -  User Showcase Song - Nobody's Business

Something I've been working on for a few days. Another one for which Di gave me an idea for a title. She was speaking with someone on the phone and commented, "Well, that's nobody's business.". I picked that from her conversation and used it for the title of this song. I'm terrible with titles for my acoustic creations crazy

It's all acoustic, but a somewhat full band this time. I used the style and replaced the drums, dropped one of the rhythm guitars and replaced it with a mandolin, dropped the resonator guitar and replaced it with a fiddle. Then I added the loop which gives a slight emphasis on the choruses. It has elements of Blues, Gypsy Jazz, Western Swing, and Acoustic Country. Yeah, a real genre mash-up! But I think it works.

Hope you enjoy... thanks in advance!

PS: The acoustic guitar is a bit loud in a couple of place. I put as much compression on it as I could without losing significant sound quality. This is the best I could tame it.

Key=C , Tempo 180, Length (m:s)=3:19
Song is saved with Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Bank0,
Song is saved with bar changes for Volume Changes,
Style is _BGSWRGS.STY (Acoustic Blues w/ Resonator Guit)
BassCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
DrumsCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
PianoCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
GuitarCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
StringsCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
MelodyCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
RealTracks in style: ~537:Bass, Acoustic, Pop Sw 165
RealTracks in song: 3215:Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm RagtimeBluesColin Sw 190 (Bluesy)
RealTracks in song: ~1544:Fiddle, Background WesternSwing Sw 190
RealTracks in song: ~1715:Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist DixielandFast Sw 165 (Bluesy)
RealTracks in style: 616:Mandolin, Rhythm Bouncy Sw 165
Loop in Song: Drums\AmericanaLooseShuffleFred
Loop in Song: AcousticDrumSingle\Jazz - swing120_brush_sn1 sw8.wav

Posted on September 22, 2020 11:34 AM

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