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February 19, 2021  -  User Showcase Song - The Blues Is Nothing

The Blues Is Nothing was born from Scott jamming during his daily playing. The song bed was modeled after a ZZ Top basic 12 bar blues but slowed way down. He thought the song needed a lyric so he contacted his Spirit Level mates and Ray developed a lyric that J&B feel is excellent lending itself to multiple interpretations. Scott felt the guitar solo would work best with a female vocalist so Ray suggested Janice and contacted us. Ray and I (Bud) have previously chatted about mixes and bass playing so when I heard from him regarding the vocal we were on familiar grounds. And the outcome was this collaboration. Those guys exposed the ethereal side of Janice!

We all four thank you for listening and welcome your comments and thanks to PG Music for BiaB and this community.

Scott Collingwood: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, arrangement & mix
Ray Cochrane: lyric, melody, bass, rhythm guitar, arrangement & mix
Janice Merritt: lead vocals, harmony vocals and melody Lyrics
Bud Merritt: vocal engineering, mastering & SC photo

Piano: RT 3088,ElectricVintage, Rhythm AmericanaSlow128Mike Sw 040
Guitar: RT 565 Electric, Rhythm Blues Monday Sw 065
Guitar: RT 3356 Baritone Electric, Rhythm Moody128Brent Sw 060
Organ: RT 675 B3, Background Blues Monday Sw 065
Drums: MIDI 41 Brushes Kit (41)

Scott’s guitar – Gretsch duojet
Amp – Fender DLX Clone (Purdy)
Guitar Delay Effect - Eventide H9.

Mixed in Studio One 5 and mastered with Logic Pro X and Izotope plug-ins.

The Blues Is Nothing
© 2021 S. Collingwood, R. Cochrane & J. Merritt

Posted on February 19, 2021 12:15 PM

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