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March 04, 2021  -  User Showcase Song - 2 Minutes To Open The Door

I offer you a new atypical unpretentious soundtrack for themed film music. .It is short 2 minutes, time to try to open a door

I have been using Biab for several years. It’s my favorite tool. I start all my soundtracks with it. First, I research the range of chords for the theme I want to develop. Here, it's a movie music theme with a specific theme. Secondly, I am looking for melodies from realtracks which could enrich my development of composition from the theme .. Everything is introduced from the vst Biab. The prepared draft, I import it into my daw, studio one, via the vst biab. Then I extract the parts of the files and the midi lines that interest me.,
Finally, I put orchestral vsts with sound effects targeted according to the theme. There, it is a simple research work in the sounds offered by the orchestral banks. In this case, I used two banks of projectsam: symphobia 1 and 2

To mentally visualize the scene represented in music, I will give you some details. The theme is :
"Following a technical problem, astronauts locked in a space station must find a door to open, in two minutes, in order to be able to escape and survive. Time is running out. The atmosphere is scary, especially since they only have two minutes to find a solution. It ends well or badly for you to judge.If I succeeded in creating through music the anxiety to find a solution quickly, then I would have succeeded in my bet.

So here no melody, only a clear atmosphere according to a theme that I have set for myself.

If you are interested, thank you for your comments. This is particular, I know, I hesitated but here is a forum where you can learn about other styles than those usually offered and it allows you to discover Biab in different innovative aspects.

Posted on March 4, 2021 10:22 AM

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