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April 27, 2021  -  User Showcase Song - I'll Keep Singing My Song

I finally had a few hours to write a song, so here it is!

I didn't want to write a sad song, so this one is pretty upbeat. I have one of my computers here with me at the hotel in Phoenix (we will be here until sometime in July at minimum), and used BIAB for all the instruments. I recorded all the vocals here with one of my lesser mics I brought along with me. Didn't want to bring all my UAD interface equipment along so I have my old trusty Focusrite 2i2. This one was done all in Logic Pro X, without all my familiar UAD plugins, and an old set of headphones I brought along. I think the mix turned out okay. I'm glad they didn't throw me out of the hotel for singing too loud! smile I hope you enjoy this one. Your comments are welcome...

RealTracks in song: 3551:Bass, Electric, AmericanaShuffleSteveB Sw 120
RealTracks in song: 3689:Guitar, Lap Steel, Soloist Funky70s Ev 100
RealTracks in song: 3609:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm NashvilleRadioShuffleDanny Sw 110
RealTracks in song: ~~951:Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm CountryBoogieMuted Sw 110
RealTracks in song: 2729:Organ, Rhythm BluesShuffleMike Sw 130
RealTracks in song: 3441:Guitar, Electric, Soloist BritPsycRockMarch Ev 110
RealDrums [in Song:RockHardShuffle^01-a:Closed Hat, Snare, b:Open Hat, Snare

Posted on April 27, 2021 08:28 AM

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