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September 02, 2021  -  User Showcase Song - Hoodoo Woman

Hoodoo Woman
© 2021 Trad Arr (Bessie Brown, 1923) J. Merritt, B. Merritt & P. Fulham

We thought we were knowledgeable about the public domain blues catalog until we discovered this song by Bessie Brown written nearly 100 years ago (originally as Louisiana Hoodoo Blues). Although she was a Bessie Smith contemporary we had not heard of her. A heckuva lyric in our opinion for the time (or any time) and we are thrilled to have found it. Thank you Ms Brown! And Peter and PG Music.
Listens and comments are appreciated. Lyrics on SC.


Hoodoo - not voodoo but a well defined spiritual belief system that was brought over during slavery times and survives to this day in parts of the South - in Louisiana in particular.
Dumplings - a notable southern US dough based dish but popular in many forms around the world.
Graveyard Dust or Goofer Dust - used to cast a harmful spell
Black Cat Bone - used for romantic success
Gris Gris - a packet of material to bring the wearer good luck
Conjure (noun) - a potent form of magic

Janice: vocal, melody & arrangement
Bud: very minor lyric tweaks, arrangement, progression, mix and Janice photo
Peter: guitar solos, fills, rhythm and arrangement

Bass: RealTrack 2435 NewOrleansShuffle Sw 130
Rendered DI > Logic Pro X bass amp/cabinet/mic > Waves Bass Rider

Piano: MidiSuperTrack 1800 Rhythm Texas Blues Rock Shuffle Sw 130
Logic Grand Steinway > Waves CLA Unplugged

Drums: RealDrums Blues Rock Shuffle > Waves CLA Drums
Snare double from from RD file sample > Waves CLA Drums
Kick double from RD file sample > Waves CLA Drums
Cymbal from RD file sample > Waves JJP Cymbals

Mastering: Ozone 9 EQ > Ozone 9 multi-band compressor > Ozone 9 Imager > Ozone 9 Maximizer > Ozone Tonal Balance 2 > Logic Pro Loudness Meter

Posted on September 2, 2021 12:59 PM

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