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November 22, 2021  -  User Showcase Song - X-RAYED

I wrote / we produced this song in late 2019 and for the first time I wrote a very detailed script for the video (thus causing cold sweat attacks with my family and friends when I told them what was coming up to them).

When I had all props ready we scheduled the video shooting for a certain day in early March 2020. Well, fiddlesticks - Covid-19 struck us, lockdown and all that crap. Meanwhile we’re facing the 4th wave and I really don’t see when the video will be even started.

So here’s the X-RAYED audio. The lyrics may be funny, but the issue is even more serious now than two years ago, I think.

X-RAYED (audio + lyrics)

Technical stuff

This is the only song left in our pipeline that has been eq-ed and mixed by Maha - we still don’t know if she will ever be able to do it again. But believe me: I do hope that so strongly!

Like almost always the song was designed im BIAB, and then transferred to RealBand where I worked on the arrangement, added the horns etc. After that Maha took over and polished and mixed it also in RealBand. I think at that time she only used some built-in plug-ins and mastered it using Ozone 8. Like always I really like what she did.

These are the absolutely fantastic musicians who had no chance to escape playing with me. I was especially happy to find these soloist RealTracks, which needed just a little editing to make them meet my needs.

On the X-Rayed page of my website you will find links to infos and musical examples of each of them.

Back Line:
Craig Scott, dr (BIAB RD HipHop)
Dow Tomlin, b (BIAB RT579)
Mike Durham, g (BIAB RT3442)
John Jarvis, p (BIAB RT 2157)

Awesome solos:
P. J. Perry, as (BIAB RT1333)
Brad Turner, tp (BIAB RT 1335?
Ian McDougall, tb (BIAB RT1334)

Vocals and BGV: Me

Add. MIDI:
Horns (tb, ts, tp): arr. & progr. by me -> Big Fish Vintage Horns

Posted on November 22, 2021 07:22 AM

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