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January 06, 2022  -  User Showcase Song - (Who's Going To Pay) The Price

This is an original song written early 1990s by myself and life-long friend, Steve Furmanski. We wrote it in response to Linda McCartney wanting to put out an album about how we're all messing up the planet. She was going to give the proceeds to one of those appropriate charities. Needless to say, we never expected to get her attention, and we weren't disappointed. Still, we had much fun making it. The version we did then was much faster, and it was written at a time when Sting was more relevant. Steve has since passed, and I wish he could hear this version.

The Price on Soundcloud
The Price on YouTube

Dave Bell once again agreed to legitimize this version by adding 3 guitar tracks, including the acoustic solo, even though he claims it's out of his comfort zone, Ha! In my experience Dave is comfortable in any zone as long as he's holding a guitar.

Style is _TEA.STY (Tea House Acoustic Indie)

RealTracks in style: 2762:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm 70sBritPopMike Ev 110
RealTracks in style: 2932:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking SongwriterAlternating8thsQuinn Ev 110
RealTracks in song: ~~1030:Guitar, 12-String Electric, Fingerpicking Ev 120
MIDI SuperTracks in song: 2984:Accordion, Rhythm PopRockCory Ev 120
RealDrums [in style:BossaBrushes: a: Sidestick Brushes b: Sidestick, Ride
Utility Track in song: 896 12-string acoustic
Dave Bell (Blue Attitude) played 3 guitar tracks incl

Posted on January 6, 2022 11:24 AM

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