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February 07, 2022  -  User Showcase Song - Flying High

I'm a HUGE fan of Tower of Power so after listening to some of their tracks I was inspired to write what I thought would be the type of song you would hear from them. I based the song off of the "Feel" (I'm a huge fan of capturing the "Feel" of a song) from the old soul track "Backfield in Motion". One of my favorites.

Flying High (on a Thing Called Love)

I really had to focus on the "Chord Push" feature in BIAB and the overlapping horn arrangements. Doing horn phrases of this type require a fair amount of manual manipulation. This is not MultiRiff stuff but listening, and cutting and pasting phrases in the DAW that I thought fit. That was the purpose of me creating the tutorial "How I create SOLOs) on my channel. Anyway I think the song came off pretty well. Back in the TOP heyday their lead singer was Lenny Williams (So Very Hard To Go). Hell I ain't no Lenny but I also thought the vocals came across OK. :-) This was just me playing around. It will not be released. It'll go in the can so no point suggesting I remix. I'm done with this one and on to the next. Still constructive comments always welcome.

Style: Monday.STY Slow Swing 8th Blues (of course speeded up almost double the time)

Bass: Electric Blues
Organ: B3
Guitar 1: Acoustic Rhythm
Guitar 2: Resonator Rhythm Blues Muddy
Horns 1: Rhythm Blues Shuffle
Horn 2: Background Blues Shuffle
Piano 1: Acoustic Piano
Drums: Nashville 128
Synth Pad 1: Pop Believe
Synth 2: Rhythm Pep Squad Horns

Equipment: Usual stuff, Shure PG-42, Sonar Producer, Focusrite USB
Vocal Stuff: Antares, iZotope Nectar, AVOX Suite, CLA Vocals

Posted on February 7, 2022 11:43 AM

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