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June 30, 2022  -  User Showcase Song - On A Dime

A new video and, hey, it’s short!

On A Dime

We thought it might be fun to show Janice in situations where you, well, can’t turn on a dime. smile The photos span 25 years (video clips are current) and yep, at nearly 65 she’s still hammering it! Thanks to PG Music, to Janice for tolerating Bud’s video idea (and this write up) and to our friend Peter for the guitar and arrangement.
Comments are always welcomed.

The tech side:
A complete remix/mastering of the audio version posted three years ago.

Janice: arrangement, melody, lead and background vocals / Rode NT1 > Scarlett 212 > Logic Pro X > Nectar 3
Peter: solo guitar/rhythm guitar tracks, arrangement and mix
Bud: lyric, arrangement, mix, mastering, videography & photos
Bass: RT 1012: BluesRock > Waves CLA Bass Rider > Neutron 3

Piano RT 1591: BluesRock > Waves CLA Unplugged (comped from multiple regens)

Rhythm Guitar RT 1585: TexasBluesRockShuffle

Drum Kit: RD BluesRockShuffle / Waves CLA Drums
Additional RD bits (kick and cymbal) tracks: Waves CLA Drums

Snare: Ludwig 600 sample / Neutron 3 eq module / Waves CLA Drums / Thanks to Hear To Learn

Mix: Logic Pro X
Mastering: Logic Channel EQ > Waves LinMB > Ozone Imager > Waves L3 Maximizer > Izotope Tonal Balance > Logic Pro Loudness Meter

Posted on June 30, 2022 11:44 AM

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