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August 29, 2022  -  User Showcase Song - Angel's Falling

Hi, all—

I spent a few weeks traveling in July and early August and came back thoroughly unmotivated with regards to music making. Here’s hoping this song (that I largely recorded this weekend) gets me kick-started a bit. A solo effort I penned recently (darker and different thematically than my usual fare), but it took a bit to find the right BIAB sound. This seems pretty close. Not sure I nailed the mix, so as always looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Hope you are all doing well—


Here's the song: Angel's Falling


And here’s the band:

RealTracks 2755: Bass, Electric, RockHeavy16thsDoug Ev16 090
RealTracks 3182: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm GrungeUnpluggedQuinn Ev16 090
RealTracks 703: Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Spirited Ev 085
RealTracks 3738: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm GrungeSlowCleanArp Ev 080
RealTracks 2688: Guitar, Electric, Soloist RockBrentSimple Ev 120
RealTracks 2748: Piano, Acoustic Rhythm Alt Hip Hop
RealTracks 2509: Cello, Background PopEven Ev 120 (1TrackStringQuartet)
RealTracks 1757: Accordion, Rhythm Pop8ths
RealDrums: RetroPop^05-a:Bass, SharpeSnare, b:Bass, Snare

Posted on August 29, 2022 01:14 PM

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