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October 24, 2022  -  User Showcase Song - Rhymes and Reasons

You're looking for rhymes and I'm looking for reasons

Rhymes and Reasons

We’ve been Lucinda Williams fans for decades and this is an attempt to write and produce to the best of our ability a song in her style which often (but certainly not always) consists of basic chord progressions, somewhat repetitive chorus lyrics and an overall gritty feel with a big drum sound. We thank our friend and music partner Peter and, of course, PG Music. Comments are welcomed and we appreciate your time. Lyrics are on SC. Caveat: Thematically her lyrics are MUCH better smile

Janice: lead/harmony vocals, melody, progression and arr.
Peter: guitar solos/fills/rhythm and arr.
Bud: lyric, arr., tech stuff and photos

Vocals: Rodes NT1 > Scarlett 212 > Logic Pro X > Nectar

Bass: RealTrack 3585: Electric, NashvilleRadio8thsA Ev 100 > Waves Bass Rider > Neutron 3

Harmonica: RealTrack 3967: BackgroundSoloist BluesFunkyPat Ev 120 > Logic Pro X Overdrive > Logic Pro X Chromaverb

Guitar Rhythm: RealTrack 834:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AltCountryMoody Ev 075 (B:arp) DI > Logic Pro X amp/speakers/mic

Drums: RealDrums RockRootsEv8^6-a:Snare, HiHat
Snare: doubled from the RD audio file
Cymbals: doubled from the RD audio file
Tag: built with kick, snare, cymbal from RD Audio File
FX for all above via Neutron 3, Ozone Impact and Waves CLA Drums

Mastering: Ozone 10 Adv Dynamic EQ > O 10 Vintage EQ > O 10 Imager > O 10 Maximizer > Tonal Balance 2 > Logic Pro X Loudness Meter

Posted on October 24, 2022 01:27 PM

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