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December 30, 2022  -  User Showcase Song - Two Left Feet

A co-write with Brett Jones.

Two Left Feet

This one almost got there.
It was put on hold by Clay Walker (or his "people", really) the day it was demoed.
They kept the hold (for the "Hypnotize The Moon" album) for 3 months
(A "hold" is a verbal agreement, basically saying "we're considering recording this, so do not let anyone else have it".
Quite often holds don't last more than a week or two, while they make up their minds).
The producer (James Stroud) didn't like it, so they finally dropped it.
It was immediately put on hold by Jeff Carson.
They had it on hold for 11 months.
That entire time, they insisted they were going to record it (for the "Butterfly Kisses" album).
And... they did record it.
Unfortunately, when the record was released, it had been dropped.
No cigar.

Lyrics on the web page.

This might be the least amount of BIAB tracks I've ever used...
3513 Bass, Americana16thsSteve Ev16 075

-I created a drum kit by loading samples into Impact - the Studio One drum synth.
-I then programmed the drum track
-I played the piano parts.
-I programmed the main acoustic guitar using Ample Sound Martin Lite (free). Emulating the way I play.
-There are 2 (very subtle) acoustic guitar tracks from NI Picked Acoustic (patterns)
-There are 2 electric guitar tracks (also, subtle) from NI Electric Vintage (patterns)
-There is a 3rd e. guitar track (all the fills) using the Melody Instrument portion of NI Electric Vintage that I played/programmed.

Posted on December 30, 2022 01:56 PM

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