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October 18, 2023  -  User Showcase Song - Seven Years (with Synthesizer V’s Kevin on vocals)

Just a couple of weeks ago I bought Synthesizer V from Dreamtronics along with voices Kevin and Natalie. It's pretty exciting because this purchase will now allow me to finish off a few songs I've got sitting in my ‘waiting to be processed’ folder.

♫ Seven Years (lyrics are on Soundcloud)

“Seven Years” was written over the course of two to three months as I travelled to and fro from work a couple of years ago. This vocal synth is incredible. “Seven Years” is my first effort with it and quite honestly, I’m amazed at what it can do.

I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to comment in any way on any aspect of the production or song. I'm still very much a novice when it comes to using vocal synths.

Base Style: _FLYHIGH Demo - Fly High Ethereal Country Ballad
Bass: RT 366 Bass, Electric, Country Ev 065
Piano: RT 1542 Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm PopBelieve Ev16 06
Guitar: RT 3344 Guitar, Electric, Rhythm HazyBallad ev16 070
Guitar Solo: RT 3196 Guitar, Electric, Soloist PopBalladBrent Ev 065
Drums: RealDrums NashvilleEven16^2-SideStck,Hhat
Vocals: Kevin and Synthesizer V

Vocals: Nectar 3 (VST3)
Bass: processed with Renaissance Bass (VST3)
Piano: processed with Chris Lord-Alge Unplugged (VST3)
Guitar: processed with Chris Lord-Alge Guitars (VST3)
Mastering: Ozone 10

Posted on October 18, 2023 08:32 AM

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