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March 14, 2024  -  User Showcase Song - Something Wrong, kind of Blues

Here is a new song I made, using two Styles from BiaB; Balk and Backlot. Both in a very slow tempo, 60 bpm. I think I never went that low before.

It's called: Something wrong, Something Wrong

I also made a video from it. It's on YouTube

This video starts as a concert.
I chose that point of view, because I used a 'life audience choir', by Jacob Collier, from Native Instruments (free).
So, if you have an audience, you also need a life performance...

The lyrics are on SoundCloud and in the video, so I skip them here.

One note: In the text I have used the word 'apps' where others prefer the word 'text'.
Google translate and ChatGPT made clear I made no mistake. My sister in Australia said I did.
So I left it as it is ;-)
Let me know what you think, what to improve (beside 'apps') or whatever comes up in your mind while listening/ watching to the song.

As I said I worked with two styles and here is the technical stuff:

Style is BALK.STY alternated by BACKLOT.STY
Tempo: 60 Bpm Key: E
RealTracks used in song:
3117:Bass, Acoustic, and 3546 Bass el.
3088:Piano, ElectricVintage
3909:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking and 3661 guit, ac rhythm
3792:Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm Cinematic128 Sw 050
4208:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModCountrySlow128PowerHeldPlus Sw 050
2876: Fiddle, background America Slow
RealDrums in style:AmericanaSlow128 and Modern Country Slow 128
Keyboard in Daw for playing life audience choir

Posted on March 14, 2024 01:09 PM

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