RealDrums Singles in MultiDrums Window

RealDrums Singles for Band-in-a-Box®

With many of our previously released RealTracks, there are options for RealDrums that include a variety of percussion instruments mixed in. For a selection of these RealDrums styles, you can now select RealDrums "singles," individual percussion parts that made up those larger styles. With the "multi-drums" feature in Band-ina-Box, you can mix-and-match these RealDrums “singles” with any other RealDrums you like! For example, you can take the Timbale Fills that are part of the "SkaSlowClassicWesPerc^" RealDrums style, but use it with a completely different RealDrums style, for example pairing it with "NashvilleEv8," to give your country-pop tune a Jamaican flair! This collection comes with 14 never-before-available RealDrums singles, with percussion instruments such as "BrakeDrum," "Daf," "Timbale," "Djembe" and more!

    RealDrums "singles" Set 1

  • PercUdoKeitaSw16[single]Listen
  • PercShakerScrapeKeitSw16[single]Listen
  • PercDafKeitSw16[single]Listen
  • PercDjembeBrushKeitSw16[single]Listen
  • SocaWesPercOnlyListen
  • CongaSoca16[single]Listen
  • BrakeDrumSoca16[single]Listen
  • ShakerSoca16[single]Listen
  • Island16thsWesPercOnlyListen
  • TimbaleFillsIsland16[single]Listen
  • CongaIsland16[single]Listen
  • BrakeDrumIsland16[single]Listen
  • ShakerIsland16[single]Listen
  • TimbaleFillsSka[single]Listen

Included in the 2021 49-PAK!
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