Band-in-a-Box® RealCombos Booster PAK


This PAK expands the collection of RealTracks included in the Band-in-a-Box® 2022 Pro and MegaPAK packages with a whopping 110 RealTracks! And, to put all of these RealTracks to use, we've created 38 brand new RealStyles that include every single RealTrack that we've added. These include a visceral piano pop ballad, gentle indie folk pop, '70s soul with horns, a ukulele folk jig, quarter-comp fast jazz, multiple jazz waltzes, 6/8 jazz, cowboy country swing with brushes, several classic country styles, and much more! Since these 38 new RealStyles are compatible with EVERY Band-in-a-Box® 2022 package, UltraPAK, UltraPAK+, and Audiophile customers can use them too!
Included in the 2022 Free Bonus PAK!

    38 New RealStyles!

  • Piano Lane Visceral Pop Ballad Listen
    A slow and visceral pop piano ballad with two alternating eighth-note pianos. Electric bass, synth pad, and three-layered MultiDrums are also used.

  • Dream Up Retro Pop Piano Ballad Listen
    This pop style harkens back to the 80s with a retro sound. Piano is joined by sub bass, two clean electric guitars, and retro pop drums.

  • Blue Ink Slow Songwriter Strum Listen
    A songwriter style with acoustic and electric guitar strumming. Electric piano, electric bass, and Nashville brushes are also in the mix.

  • Bulwark Gentle Indie Folk Pop Listen
    This indie folk pop style includes a total of four instruments, including pulsing electric guitar, songwriter acoustic guitar strumming, pop electric bass, and swirling pop brushes.

  • Rickety Fingerpicking Indie Folk Listen
    A slow indie folk style with fingerpicking acoustic guitar, strumming acoustic guitar, electric bass, and MultiDrums that include two types of brushes.

  • Ardor Simple Soul Funk Listen
    This is a style has a stripped-down sound that combines funk and soul genres. Electric bass, two electric guitars, acoustic piano, and funk drums are used.

  • Gusto Busy Soul Funk Listen
    A busy soul funk style with the busier substyles from many soul RealTracks, including acoustic piano, electric guitar, and electric bass. Funk organ and soul drums join in.

  • Vehement 70s Soul with Horns Listen
    This medium-tempo soul style uses many of the 70's soul A-B instruments, including acoustic piano, electric guitar, and electric bass. A horn section and soul drums are also used.

  • Light Air 60s Soul and Funk Bass Listen
    A combination of funky slap bass and 60s soul instruments is used in this style. Acoustic piano, electric guitar, and 60s soul drums are used.

  • Spotter Cheerful Modern Soul Pop Listen
    This modern and soulful pop style has a cheerful sound and uses four instruments: electric bass, acoustic piano, electric guitar, and pep squad drums.

  • Bad Side Roadhouse Blues Listen
    A roadhouse blues style with a slightly funkier drum beat than usual. Electric bass, rotary organ, and two electric guitars are also included.

  • Latin Percussion Roadhouse Blues Listen
    This roadhouse blues style includes MultiDrums that combines blues drum kit with Latin percussion. Electric bass and two rhythm electric guitars join in.

  • Fabulous Days Uplifting Pop Listen
    A medium-tempo even-eighths uplifting pop style with MultiDrums. Instruments include electric bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Nashville drum kit, and soft brushes.

  • Latin-Beat Piano Duet Pop Listen
    This medium-tempo pop style combines Latin percussion with a regular pop drum beat. Two matching pianos are panned for a duet effect. Electric bass and acoustic guitar join in.

  • Empower Fast Uplifting Pop Listen
    A fast and uplifting pop style with a total of four instruments, including Brit invasion electric bass, acoustic guitar strumming, gritty electric guitar, and modern pop drums.

  • Bumpy Road Pop Rock Waltz Listen
    This pop rock waltz has an even-eighths feel and includes two panned and muted electric guitars, along with a third strumming electric guitar. Electric bass and waltz brushes join in.

  • Giddy Swing-16 Folkie Pop Listen
    A light folk pop style with a swung-sixteenths feel and five instruments. These include electric bass, electric piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and Nashville drums.

  • Wronged Funky Blues Swing Listen
    This funky blues style has a swing feel and four instruments, including half-time smooth jazz acoustic piano, blues electric guitar, soul funk electric bass, and funk swing drums.

  • Furasta Simple Ukulele Folk Jig Listen
    A simple folk jig with ukulele, acoustic guitar, bodhran, and held acoustic bass.

  • Be Cool Soulful Smooth Cool Jazz Listen
    This slow and soulful and cool smooth jazz style uses a bossa piano with two jazz funk electric guitars, jazz funk bass, and soul drums.

  • Sparkles Disco Jazz Funk Listen
    A fast jazz funk style with an infectious rhythm that consists of a house loop and disco RealDrums. Jazz funk electric piano, electric piano, and electric guitars are also used.

  • Sybarite Sw-16 Smooth Cool Jazz Listen
    This slow smooth jazz style has a swung-sixteenths feel and a total of five instruments. These are electric bass, electric piano, two electric guitars, and smooth jazz drums.

  • Brevity Quarter-Comp Fast JazzListen
    A faster jazz swing style with a quarter-comp feel provided by two western-swing electric guitars and older jazz brushes. Acoustic bass and piano comp along.

  • Nemesia Flower Jazz Swing Waltz Listen
    This jazz swing waltz has a trio of acoustic bass, jazz acoustic piano comping, and Nashville waltz drums in their quieter variation.

  • Vervain Classic Feel Jazz Waltz Listen
    A jazz waltz RealStyle with a classic swing feel with accents on beats two and three. The instruments include acoustic bass, acoustic piano, and Nashville brushes.

  • Girasol 6-8 Jazz Swing Listen
    This jazz style has a 6/8 feel thanks to the folk drums that are used. Acoustic bass, triple-time jazz-comping acoustic piano, and tremolo electric guitar join in.

  • Sacred Modern Country Worship Listen
    This modern country praise and worship style has a soft 16th-note pedal steel in the background. Two electric guitars, electric bass, and Americana drums are also utilized.

  • Engine Four Train-Beat Ctry Folk Listen
    A train-beat country folk style with a total of five instruments, including acoustic guitar, mandolin, electric bass, pedal steel, and drums.

  • Holy Praise and Worship BandListen
    This praise and worship style has a thumping quarter-note kick at A. Instruments include acoustic piano, two electric guitars, electric bass, and praise and worship drums.

  • Bay Shore Country Pop 16ths Listen
    A country pop groove with a sixteenth-note feel. Electric bass, acoustic piano, two rhythm electric guitars, and Nashville drums are used.

  • Reckless Sw16 Ac Gtr Ctry Rock Listen
    This slow swung-sixteenths country rock style has a softer sound due to the two acoustic guitars. Electric bass, pedal steel, and rock drums are also in the mix.

  • Quirley Cowboy 12-8 Country BalListen
    A slow cowboy country ballad with a 12/8 feel. Instruments include three acoustic guitars, electric bass, and Nashville drums.

  • Higgle Brushes Cowboy Ctry SwingListen
    This slow cowboy country swing style features an intricate country piano that is joined by fingerstyle and strumming acoustic guitars, electric bass, and soft brushes.

  • Bad Egg Classic Country Shuffle Listen
    A medium-tempo country shuffle style with Hawaiian pedal steel. Electric bass, acoustic guitar strumming, ukulele strumming, and Nashville drums join in.

  • Ambush Brush Classic Ctry SwingListen
    This classic country swing style uses brushes for its shuffle drum beat. Electric bass, acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, and ukulele are also used.

  • Argufy Fast Classic Ctry SwingListen
    A fast and classic country swing style with a total of three guitars, including electric guitar chops, fingerstyle acoustic guitar, and strumming acoustic guitar. Electric bass and Nashville drums join in.

  • Back Home Basic Ctry Swing Waltz Listen
    This basic country waltz style has a swing feel and uses four instruments: acoustic bass, acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, and Nashville drums.

  • Ravine Fast Ev-8 Folk Waltz Listen
    A fast folk waltz with an even-eighths feel and a total of five instruments, including electric bass, mandolin, strumming and fingerstyle acoustic guitars, and pop waltz drums.
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