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RealTracks Artist Bio: Chris West

Horn player extraordinare Chris West began playing music at a very young age, experimenting with guitars and keys before settling on his true calling: saxophone. In 1998 he earned his Bachelors degree in Commercial music composition/performance at Belmont University, and later earned his Masters in Jazz Studies at Middle Tennessee State University, before becoming a teacher himself at Western Kentucky University, as well as several high schools in the Nashville area.

Chris travelled the USA with the “Guy Smiley Blues Exchange,” a 7-piece avant guarde funk/jazz band, and was nominated for a Nashville Music Award for a song he wrote with this group. He also toured the world with many very famous acts such as Melissa Etheridge, Robert Randolf, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Brian Setzer, Little Big Town, and many more!

Chris has also written music for several TV shows, including including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Black-ish, Monsterland, and more. In 2006 Chris released his first solo album, “Jazzmanic” and in 2011 he released a three disc set entitled the “The Surprise Trilogy.”

Currently, Chris leads a 9-11 piece funky jazz ensemble called “The JunkYard Horns”. He also co-leads a New Orleans style Brass Band called “Halfbrass,” in addition to performing under his own name in the Nashville area.

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Chris West plays these RealTracks:

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