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RealTracks Artist Bio: Mike Stern

Mike Stern is known as one of the great jazz guitarists of his generation. His style is reminiscent of Jim Hall, Wes Montgomery, and Jimi Hendrix. After the release of his 1993 Atlantic release, Standards (And Other Songs), he was named Best Jazz Guitarist Of The Year by the readers and critics of Guitar Player magazine. “Stern is not only a magician of the fretboard but a heartfelt and mature composer of great depth.” (Jon Chappell of Guitar magazine).

Mike earned the Orville W. Gibson Award for Best Jazz Guitarist (1997). He is also muti-Grammy nominee for “Is What It Is” (1994), “Between The Lines” (1996), “Lifecycle” (2008), and “Big Neighborhood” (2009).

In 2007, Mike earned the Miles Davis Award at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. This award recognizes internationally acclaimed jazz artists whose body of work contributes significantly to the renewal of the genre. In 2012 he also was awarded the Certified Legend Award from Guitar Player Magazine.

In 2016 Mike injured his picking hand which endangered his career, but after surgeries and physical therapy he made a triumphant comeback with the album "Trip" (2017). Then, Mikes latest Concord Jazz album, "Eleven," surpasses his previous performances. For this album he collaborated with Grammy-winning keyboardist-composer-producer (and PG Music artist!) Jeff Lorber, and co-produced by bassist Jimmy Haslip.

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Mike Stern plays these RealTracks:

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