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Last updated:  Thursday, 13 June 2019

About the Download Manager

The purpose of the Download Manager is to automatically download and install all of the Band-in-a-Box content. The majority of the content is RealTracks files; these are quite large and so they aren't included in the base Band-in-a-Box program installation. The Download Manager can work in the background and you can continue to use Band-in-a-Box while it is downloading the additional content. The Download Manager .exe is located in the Data subfolder of your Band-in-a-Box folder (e.g. C:\bb\Data\DownloadManager), and can be launched from inside the Band-in-a-Box program by selecting the Help | Utilities | Run Download/Install Manager menu item. Note that in order to use it, Band-in-a-Box must already be activated.

Running the Download Manager

You will first see a message that asks you where you want to store the downloaded installer files. Choose the location and press OK. If you get a User Account Control prompt, answer Yes to allow DownloadManager.EXE to make changes to your computer.

You will then see the PG Music Download Manager window. It will show you a list of files available for download based on the package that you own (e.g. Pro, MegaPAK, EverythingPAK). It determines what files needs to be downloaded to complete your installation, and selects those files for download.

Download Settings

Before you start the download, check your download folder location where the installers will be downloaded to. If you want to change the location, click on the [Change Download Folder] button. The "Download at most X files at a time" setting allows you to choose the number of files to download simultaneously. Default is 4. Increasing this number will usually reduce the total download time if you have a reliable internet connection, but will degrade internet performance for other programs.

Install Settings

You should also check the Install folder locations. If you are installing an upgrade, the locations should match your existing installation. There are three install locations, since you are allowed to have the larger RealTracks and Drums audio content in a different location than the rest of the Band-in-a-Box files. The default Band-in-a-Box folder is C:\bb. Typically, RealTracks and Drums folder locations are also C:\bb. If you want to change these locations, click on the [Change install folders] button.

If "Install automatically" is checked, the files will be automatically installed after all downloads are complete. To avoid any conflicts which may result in a failed install, it is best to close Band-in-a-Box while the installation is taking place.

Download/Install Selected Files

You can start the download by pressing the [Download/Install Selected Files] button. The Download Manager will then begin downloading all the selected files in sequence.

Once the download starts, you will see the status in the progress bar and the estimated elapsed/remaining time in the status indicator. You can pause the download at any time, and resume it later. If you close the program while it's doing work, it will minimize to your system tray and continue running in the background.

Downloading individual files

An individual file can be downloaded or RE-downloaded, by pressing the [Download] button for that file.

When all selected files have been downloaded and installed, you can check the status of each file download. They should all say "Downloaded 100%" in the progress bar, and "Installed" in the install status indicator to the right. However, some might show a "Failed Download" or "Failed Install" if there was a problem with them. You can retry the files by using the individual download button. If a file still gives an error, delete the file from your download folder before downloading it again.

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