2021 Bonus PAKs

Band-in-a-Box® 2021 49-PAK

With the release of version 2021 of Band-in-a-Box® for Mac, we've loaded our 49-PAK with amazing Add-ons!
Purchase Band-in-a-Box® 2021 49-PAK, and you'll receive 40 Bonus Unreleased RealTracks, MultiStyles PAK 1, Artist Performance Set 10: More Celtic Flute with Geoff Kelly, Instrumental Studies 14: Country Rock Blues Shuffle Soloing, MIDI SuperTracks Set 33: More Bass, Look Ma! More MIDI 5, Look Ma! More MIDI 6, 14 Bonus RealDrums "Singles," 4 new styles with our Rediscovered RealTracks Styles, as well as Instrumental Studies 15: Minor Jazz Blues Guitar Soloing, MIDI SuperTracks Set 32: Jazz, New Age and Gospel Keys, and over 300 RealCharts for all existing and new RealDrums.

Purchasing the Band-in-a-Box® 2021 UltraPAK, UltraPAK+, or Audiophile Edition? These items will be included with your order!

*With the purchase of Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Mac

Band-in-a-Box® 2021 Video: Bonus 49-PAK Overview
Bonus PAK Overview

2021 49-PAK Contents - $49

  • 40 Unreleased RealTracks

    There are 40 amazing bonus RealTracks available with our 2021 49-PAK! This includes more great bluesy Americana baritone electric and modern-pop 12-string electric guitar styles from the amazing Brent Mason (7). We have a RealTracks first, tin whistle (2) from Geoffrey Kelly, with Celtic-influenced RealTrack pop grooves! There are exciting new New Orleans piano styles from Kevin McKendree (2), and another RealTracks first, pop vibes (2), whereas previously we only had jazz vibes RealTracks to choose from. We have new Funk guitar styles (5) from Nashville guitarist Mike Durham, and "Vintage Pop & Rock n Roll" electric guitars (5) from Quinn Bachand. There are new electronic RealTracks (7) featuring two groups: "ElecHipHopMinimal", and "ElectroNeonFloor", both with RealDrums as well as synth bass and synth pads RealTracks. There are also new RealDrums from top Nashville studio musician Wes Little, with cajon styles (4) as well as another RealDrums first, mallets (4)! These RealDrums are played on a typical drum kit, but with mallets instead of stick, to give it an understated "indie-rock" flavour, very common in modern rock, pop, and country. Learn more about RealTracks.

    • ElecHipHopMinimal^ Listen
    • Bass, Synth, MinimalHipHopHeld 095 Listen
    • Synth, Rhythm MinimalHipHopGhostPads 095 Listen
    • Synth, Background MinimalHipHopDistVoice Ev 095 Listen
    • ElectroNeonFloor^ Listen
    • Bass, Synth, ElectroNeonFloorSync Ev 130 Listen
    • Synth, Rhythm ElectroNeonFloorQuarterPulse 130 Listen
    • Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm CinematicMelancholy Sw16 060 Listen
    • Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm Cinematic128 Sw 050 Listen
    • Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm NewOrleansFunky Ev16 095 Listen
    • Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm NewOrleansGospel128 Sw 065 Listen
    • Vibes, Rhythm PopBallad Ev 085 Listen
    • Vibes, Rhythm PopSwing Sw 110 Listen
    • MalletsFolkPop8ths Listen
    • Mallets128Slow Listen
    • MalletsSw16Slow Listen
    • JMalletsFolkSlow8ths Listen
    • CajonFolkSlow8ths Listen
    • CajonFolkPop8ths Listen
    • Cajon128Slow Listen
    • CajonSw16Slow Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm PopWaltzBrentDelayPhase Ev 140 Listen
    • Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm MoodySlowGrittyBrent Ev16 075 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MoodyArpRotaryBrent Ev16 075 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm PopAutoswellBrent Ev 110 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Soloist PopFunkySoulBrent Ev16 095 Listen
    • Guitar, 12-String Electric, Rhythm ModernPopBrent Ev 120 Listen
    • Guitar, 12-String Electric, Rhythm Pop16thsBrent Ev 090 Listen
    • Tin Whistle, Low, BackgroundSoloist Folk8thsGeoff Ev 110 Listen
    • Tin Whistle, Low, Background Folky16thsGeoff Ev 085 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm FunkyGroove60s Ev16 095 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Background FunkyGroove60sSoulRiff Ev16 095 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm FunkDanceLowSteady Ev16 110 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm FunkDanceHiChop Ev16 110 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Background FunkDanceSingleRiff Ev16 110 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm VintagePopArp Ev 085 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm VintagePopArpSlow128 Sw 060 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ClassicLatinPop Ev 140 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm RockNRollSweep Sw 120 Listen
    • Guitar, Electric, Rhythm RockNRollTremoloHeld 120 Listen
  • MultiStyles PAK 1

    Due to popular demand, we've made an entire collection of MultiStyles just for you! Each MultiStyle has a total of 8 substyles for your nuanced arrangements! These styles come in three different genres: Country, Rock-Pop, and Jazz. Each genre has 10 MultiStyles. Plus, you also get their component styles. This gives you many more song demos and allows you to easily view RealTracks/RealDrums lists for all substyles from the StylePicker. Including the component styles, each genre PAK contains 50 styles. MultiStyles PAK 1 has a total of 30 new MultiStyles and 120 component styles. That makes a grand total of 150 styles! So what exactly did we dream up this time? Our jazz greats MultiStyle allows you to switch between piano and guitar comping, or select from two different solos. Our Jamaican groove selecta allows you to switch from ska at one section to reggae, island groove, or reggae with sax solo at another. A Tex-Mex country MultiStyle allows you to switch between a regular-time and double-time feel. And that's just the beginning. There's so much more in store! Once you dive into these professionally-mixed MultiStyles, you'll wonder how you ever made due with only two substyles per song! Use one substyle for a softer intro, another one for a restrained breakdown, then throw in a different and energetic middle-eight, or change it up with a solo. The possibilities are endless! Learn more about MultiStyles.

    • _1ROUND+ One Round Country Boogie Listen
    • _ASHES+ Ashes Campfire Ctry Swing Listen
    • _BESOT+ Besot Radio Country Folk Listen
    • _DALLAS+ Dallas 12-8 Ctry Blues Listen
    • _DELRIO+ Del Rio Tex-Mex Ctry Listen
    • _DUSTY+ Dusty Even-8 Country Rock Listen
    • _EARTH+ Earth Bluegrass Waltz Listen
    • _GRANGE+ Grange Old-Time Country Listen
    • _HADLEY+ Hadley Nashville Swing Listen
    • _NOKOTA+ Nokota Fast Cowboy Ctry Listen
    • _52NDST+ 52nd St Jazz Bebop Listen
    • _AUROUS+ Aurous Saturday Jazz Funk Listen
    • _CHARM+ Charm Slow Jazz Ballad Listen
    • _DIMLY+ Dimly Mod Jazz Pop Ballad Listen
    • _GENIAL+ Genial Sw16 Smooth Jazz Listen
    • _GREATS+ Jazz Swing Greats Listen
    • _HIWIRE+ Highwire Jazz Sw Waltz Listen
    • _MANTRA+ Mantra Upbeat Jazz Rock Listen
    • _SNAZZY+ Snazzy 30s Stride Ballad Listen
    • _SPIFFY+ Spiffy Jazz Funk Groove Listen
    • _ANGSTY+ Angsty Youthful Pop Listen
    • _BLUFNK+ Slow Even-8 Funky Blues Listen
    • _CARNAL+ Carnal Radio Pop Funk Listen
    • _COMFY+ Comfy Soft Soul Pop Listen
    • _DRURY+ Drury Irish Alt Rock Listen
    • _ELATED+ Elated Bubblegum Pop Listen
    • _JADED+ Jaded Pop Rock Ballad Listen
    • _MOTOR+ Motor Town Classic RnB Listen
    • _OMENS+ Omens Electro Trip Hop Listen
    • _SELECT+ Jamaican Groove Selecta Listen
  • Artist Performance Set 10: More Celtic Flute with Geoff Kelly

    Artist Performance Set 10 features more celtic flute and tin whistle from the very talented Geoff Kelly. In this set, Geoff plays a variety of flutes and whistles, and in each case the track indicates what specific instrument is played (ie, flute, low-D-whistle). In addition, on several tunes Geoff is joined in the tunes with previously released performances by Daniel Lapp on fiddle, and Quinn Bachand on tenor banjo and guitar. The set features a combination of traditional Celtic tunes, along with compositions by the great 17th-century harpist and composer Turlough O'Carolan, an important element in the Celtic musician's repertoire. With each artist performance track you also get notation showing exactly what is played and using Band-in-a-Box 2020 or later you can view 6/8 notation for tracks in that time signature. The superb talent and quality of each artist performance, combined with the Band-in-a-Box rhythm section, makes each of these traditional, timeless tunes come alive for you to enjoy! Learn more about Artist Performance Sets.

    • Butterfly (trad, slipjig) Listen
    • Carolan's Draught (O'Carolan, slow reel) Listen
    • Carolan's Welcome (O'Carolan, waltz) Listen
    • Give Me Your Hand (O'Carolan, waltz) Listen
    • Kesh Jig (trad, jig) Listen
    • Maids of Michellstown (trad, slow reel) Listen
    • Plantxy Irwin (O'Carolan, slow jig) Listen
    • Planxty Fanny Power (O'Carolan, slow jig) Listen
    • Rakes of Kildare (trad, jig) Listen
    • Scatter the Mud (trad, jig) Listen
    • The Dunmore Lasses (trad, slow reel) Listen
    • The Eavesdropper Jig (trad, jig) Listen
    • The Fermoy Lasses (trad, reel) Listen
    • The Silver Spear (trad, reel) Listen
    • The Wind That Shakes the Barley (trad, reel gypsy) Listen
    • Three Little Drummers (trad, jig) Listen
    • Tobin's Favorite (trad, jig) Listen
  • Instrumental Studies 14: Country Rock Blues Shuffle Soloing

    With a prolific stock of howling guitar riffs, Instruments Studies 15 provides a chance to hear, see and learn an amazing collection of Blues Shuffle Soloing. The heavy guitar tone, which is saturated with gain, generates the power that is captured in each song in this set. There are 5 songs in this set in the keys of A, C, D, E and G and each has its own unique performance. The solos have been analyzed and transcribed so you get all of the style and nuances visible in notation or in tablature. You can also follow along with the playing on the guitar fretboard in the guitar window. The slides, bends, hammer on and pull offs and other techniques available in this Instrumental Studies are available for you now! Learn more about Instrumental Studies.

    • Blues Shuffle - A Listen
    • Blues Shuffle - C Listen
    • Blues Shuffle - D Listen
    • Blues Shuffle - E Listen
    • Blues Shuffle - GListen
  • MIDI SuperTracks Set 33: More Bass

    This collection of 9 bass SuperTracks never misses a beat, covering an extremely broad range of styles, such as Latin, Gospel, Funk, Nashville shuffle, and Reggae. The extremely tight syncopation on synth bass SuperTrack's "FunkJeff" and "SmoothJazzCoolJeff" are irresistibly groovy, while "Raggae16th" and "DancehallClassic" lays back with an effortless sound. For something different, "PartidoAlto" gives you the fantastic Latin feel your bass repertoire may currently lack. Learn more about MIDI SuperTracks.

    • Bass, GospelShoutAB Ev16 150 Listen
    • Bass, Synth, PopFunkJeff Ev 080 Listen
    • Bass, Synth, SmoothJazzCoolJeff Sw16 075 Listen
    • Bass, Synth, FunkJeff Ev 110 Listen
    • Bass, PartidoAltoAB Ev16 100 Listen
    • Bass, Reggae16thsAB Ev16 065 Listen
    • Bass, DancehallClassicAB Ev16 090 Listen
    • Bass, NashvilleRadioCoolAB Sw16 090 Listen
    • Bass, NashvilleRadioShuffleAB Sw 110 Listen
  • Look Ma! More MIDI 5

    This special collection of jazz MIDI styles cannot be missed! In "Look Ma! More MIDI 5", we've created a cornucopia of modern jazz sounds, including a modern jazz waltz, disco jazz fusion, jazz rock, rumba fusion, and much, much more! We've also included some classics like a Dixieland quintet, multiple jazz blues styles, and fast jazz with trumpet. Don't let these original MIDI jazz arrangements go unnoticed! Learn more about MIDI Styles Sets.

    • ACONITUM Aconitum MIDI Held Mod Jazz Wltz Listen
    • BLUECLUB Blue Club MIDI Jazz Blues Balla Listen
    • BYEBELL Bye Bell MIDI Trumpet Fast Jazz Listen
    • DEEPWATR Deep Water All-MIDI Fast Fusion Listen
    • DOWNNOUT Down n Out MIDI Jazz Blues Listen
    • FASTBAL Faster MIDI Jazz Ballad Quintet Listen
    • FEVEROUS Feverous MIDI Disco Jazz Fusion Listen
    • HOTJAZZ Hot Jazz MIDI Dixieland Quintet Listen
    • LASVEGAS Las Vegas MIDI Slow Funk Fusion Listen
    • MATANZAS Matanzas MIDI Rumba Fusion Listen
    • MONARCH Monarch All-MIDI Jazz Rock Listen
    • NEWTIDE New Tide MIDI Changes Jazz Solo Listen
    • PALOMA Paloma All-MIDI Lounge Funk Listen
    • TUFTIMES Tough Times MIDI Jazz Blues Solo Listen
    • TURNAWAY Turn Away MIDI Changes Jazz Listen
  • Look Ma! More MIDI 6

    We've brought modern arrangements and yesterday's favorites to the MIDI world with "Look Ma! More MIDI 6". This diverse collection will boost the sonic possibilities in your pop, rock, and country songs. Dance-floor funk with a synthesizer solo, New Orleans boogie, ska punk, an Americana ballad - these are just some of the great new styles that await you. Don't miss out! Learn more about MIDI Styles Sets.

    • BUSTAMOV Classic Funk Listen
    • CABILDO New Orleans Boogie Listen
    • CHECKER Ska Punk Listen
    • CONFLICT Slow MIDI Rock w Organ Listen
    • CRYSTALS Ostinato New Age Listen
    • DANCEFLR Funk Synth Solo Listen
    • FARMSKY Country Folk Waltz Listen
    • HOME4EVR Country Ballad Listen
    • LONGDRIV Country Ballad Listen
    • MAJESTIC 80s Soul w Flute Listen
    • PURELY Swing-16 Piano Gospel Listen
    • SOBSTORY Nashville MIDI Ballad Listen
    • SOFTHART RnB Synth Pop Listen
    • TALLGRAS Americana Ballad Listen
    • WILDRIDE Snare Beat MIDI Blues Listen
  • 14 Bonus RealDrums "Singles"

    With many of our previously released RealTracks, there are options for RealDrums that include a variety of percussion instruments mixed in. For a selection of these RealDrums styles, you can now select RealDrums "singles", individual percussion parts that made up those larger styles. With the "multi-drums" feature in Band-in-a-Box, you can mix-and-match these RealDrums "singles" with any other RealDrums you like! For example, you can take the Timbale Fills that are part of the "SkaSlowClassicWesPerc^" RealDrums style, but use it with a completely different RealDrums style, for example pairing it with "NashvilleEv8", to give your country-pop tune a Jamaican flair! This collection comes with 14 never-before-available RealDrums singles, with percussion instruments such as "BrakeDrum", "Daf", "Timbale", "Djembe" and more! Learn more about RealDrums.

    • PercUdoKeitaSw16[single]Listen
    • PercShakerScrapeKeitSw16[single]Listen
    • PercDafKeitSw16[single]Listen
    • PercDjembeBrushKeitSw16[single]Listen
    • SocaWesPercOnlyListen
    • CongaSoca16[single]Listen
    • BrakeDrumSoca16[single]Listen
    • ShakerSoca16[single]Listen
    • Island16thsWesPercOnlyListen
    • TimbaleFillsIsland16[single]Listen
    • CongaIsland16[single]Listen
    • BrakeDrumIsland16[single]Listen
    • ShakerIsland16[single]Listen
    • TimbaleFillsSka[single]Listen
  • Rediscovered RealTracks Styles

    With version 2021 of Band-in-a-Box®, we've included 64 new styles that feature 72 rediscovered RealTracks, MIDI SuperTracks, and RealDrums. This will help ensure that there is a style and an SGU demo available for every RealTrack, RealDrum, and MIDI SuperTrack. Of the 72 rediscovered instruments, 1 is a principal RealTrack, 11 of them are A- or B-only variation RealTracks, 4 are bluesy variation RealTracks, 19 are 1-track RealTracks (derived from multi-part RealTracks), 11 are either half-time or double-time variation RealTracks, 1 is a MIDI SuperTrack, 4 are thickened RealTracks, and 21 are RealDrums. Learn more about Rediscovered RealTracks Styles.

    • =KLEZMER Klezmer Quartet w MST Accordion Listen
    • _9-8_JIG 9-8 Trad Bodhran Celtic Slip Jig Listen
    • _AMHERST Amherst Canadian Jig with Cello Listen
    • _ANARBOR Ann Arbor Motor Town Funk Swing Listen
    • _APOSTLE Apostle Tenor Mmms Gospel Listen
    • _ASCENT Ascent Train Folk Harmonica Solo Listen
    • _BALANCE Balance Smooth Ballad EP Solo Listen
    • _BIGTIME Big Time Alto Sax Jazz Crooner Listen
    • _BIVOUAC Bivouac Vocal Folky Soul Pop Listen
    • _BLUEPOP Swing-16 Blues Pop w Slide Solo Listen
    • _BUSTLE Bustle Fast Piano n Guitar Bebop Listen
    • _CHERUB Cherub Piano n Vocal Mmms Gospel Listen
    • _CLARITY Clarity Cool Jazz Clarinet Solo Listen
    • _CORDOBA Cordoba Rumba Flamenca Gtr Solo Listen
    • _DASFEST Das Fest Polka with Clarinet Listen
    • _DNTFRET Don't Fret Lounge Funk Gtr Solo Listen
    • _DWNTIME Downtime Sw16 Bongos Smooth Jazz Listen
    • _ENCAMP Encamp Vocal Campfire Soul Pop Listen
    • _EQUITY Equity Gospel Soul Vocal Solo Listen
    • _EVNKEEL Even Keel Lite Nashville Flk Pop Listen
    • _EXALT Exalt Thick Vox Acoustic Gospel Listen
    • _EXTOL Extol 12-8 Campfire Gospel Folk Listen
    • _FAMED Famed Trumpet n Bari Sax Crooner Listen
    • _FASTJIG Fast Jaw Harp n Spoon Celtic Jig Listen
    • _FATAL Fatal Fast Three-Guitar Metal Listen
    • _FEIER Feier Clarinet Old World Waltz Listen
    • _FLYING Flying Ac Gtr n Bongo Fast Funk Listen
    • _FORBIDN Forbidden Thick Vocals Ctry Pop Listen
    • _GENTIAN Gentian Blue Jazz Ext Sax Solo Listen
    • _HANGOUT Hangout Laid-Back Swing-16 Folk Listen
    • _HEIFER Heifer Blues Rock with Cowbell Listen
    • _IWASYNG I Was Young Americana Fid Waltz Listen
    • _JALOPY Jalopy Simple Dixie Clarinet Solo Listen
    • _LETHAL Lethal Fast Metal w Guitar Solo Listen
    • _LNGNITE Long Night RnB w Thick Strings Listen
    • _MOVE_ON Move On Fast Ctry Rock Gtr Solo Listen
    • _MUDBANK Mud Bank New Orleans Folk Swing Listen
    • _NITEOUT Night Out Party Time Surf Rock Listen
    • _NONSTOP Nonstop Blues Train Pickin' Solo Listen
    • _NORCROS Norcross Acoustic Georgia Funk Listen
    • _NO_HOPE No Hope Half-Time Metal Listen
    • _NUEVO Nuevo Mod Latin Jazz Ac Gtr Solo Listen
    • _ONLYONE Only One Thick Horns RnB Ballad Listen
    • _ONSHORE Onshore Surf Rock with Vocals Listen
    • _PARABLE Parable Slow Gospel Folk Ballad Listen
    • _PERPLEX Perplex Smooth Jazz w Piano Solo Listen
    • _PLEA Plea Southern Soul Ballad Listen
    • _RAINY Rainy Reflective Alt Country Listen
    • _RALEIGH Raleigh Americana Southern Rock Listen
    • _RAPTURE Rapture Gospel Mmms Folk Ballad Listen
    • _RECALL Recall Grungy Soft Rock Groove Listen
    • _RIDE_ON Ride On Fast Ev8 Country PS Solo Listen
    • _SLACKER Slacker 90s Quarter-Pulse Rock Listen
    • _SOLA Sola Outer Space Soundtrack Listen
    • _STORIES Stories Guitar n Piano Folk Pop Listen
    • _SUBDUED Subdued Light Songwriter Pop Listen
    • _SUNDAE Sundae Surfin' Rock 'n' Roll Listen
    • _SUNRIDJ Sun Ridge Happy Fingerstyle Folk Listen
    • _SWAY Sway Upbeat Funk Groove Listen
    • _TRISTE Triste Brazil Bossa Bluesy Solo Listen
    • _UNLUCKY Unlucky Blues w Resonator Solo Listen
    • _VARMINT Varmint Americana w Bass Mmms Listen
    • _WHISKY Whisky Slo Sw16 Blues Slide Solo Listen
    • _YOUNG Young Gritty Crossover Pop PListen
  • Instrumental Studies 15: Minor Jazz Blues Guitar Soloing

    Along with "rhythm changes" and "jazz blues", Minor Jazz Blues is one of the most common progressions in jazz, and is one that most teachers will agree is very important to master for a jazz student. With Instrumental Studies 15, you can study guitar solos by master guitarist Oliver Gannon, playing minor blues progressions in 5 common keys: Am, Cm, Dm, Em and Gm. With well articulated and dynamic phrases, each different key is a unique performance. Each track has high quality notation and tablature showing all of the slides, hammer on and pull offs and other techniques needed to learn this style of music. As each phrase flows fluently from one chord to the next, adjust the tempo up or down to suit your playing ability and learn at your own speed. Learning minor jazz blues guitar soloing has never been easier and it has never sounded this good! Learn more about Instrumental Studies.

    • Minor Blues - A minor Listen
    • Minor Blues - C minor Listen
    • Minor Blues - D minor Listen
    • Minor Blues - E minor Listen
    • Minor Blues - G minor Listen
  • MIDI SuperTracks Set 32: Jazz, New Age and Gospel Keys

    This collection of MIDI SuperTracks provides a tasteful array of keyboard playing, ranging from the flavour of New Orleans styles, to the crunchy voicings of modern jazz piano, to the more open and consonant sounds of New Age and Gospel style piano playing. The range of these piano styles, coupled with the versatility and utility of SuperTracks, makes this set a must have for the keyboard enthusiast. Learn more about MIDI SuperTracks.

    • Piano, Rhythm GospelShoutMike Ev16 150 Listen
    • Piano, Rhythm NewAgeArp16 Ev16 090 Listen
    • Piano, Rhythm NewAgeHalfNoteChords Ev 085 Listen
    • Piano, Rhythm NewAgeFastWaltzArpSync Ev 150 Listen
    • Piano, Rhythm NewAgeSlowBluesy Sw 060 Listen
    • Piano, Rhythm NewAgeDriving8ths Ev 110 Listen
    • Piano, Rhythm ModernJazzWaltzJeff Ev 110 Listen
    • Piano, Rhythm ModernJazzJeff Ev 110 Listen
    • Piano, Rhythm NewOrleansFunky Ev16 095 Listen
    • Piano, Rhythm NewOrleansGospel128 Sw 065 Listen
  • RealCharts for all existing and new RealDrums


    There are over 300 additional RealChart (transcriptions) for RealDrums with Drum Notation. This means that now ALL RealDrums in Band-in-a-Box have accompanying RealCharts! In addition, the MIDI that makes up these RealCharts can actually be used as the basis for MIDI drum parts. In Band-in-a-Box, the MIDI that makes up the RealCharts can be copied to a "utility" track, where it can trigger a MIDI drum patch. In the DAW plugin version of Band-in-a-Box, the MIDI can be dragged right from the plugin into a track in the DAW, where you can then also apply a MIDI drum patch. Learn more about RealCharts.

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