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Band-in-a-Box for Windows
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Originally Posted By: DeaconBlues09Originally Posted By: fiddler2007create some variations or changing note lengths; with midi through DAW and maybe reimporting them ... Gotcha, TBH, I would personally import the basic tracks into Reaper and then use the built in piano roll and/or the stock sequencer (ReaSamplomatic5000) from that point out. If you want only a basic track then in BiaB have a measure or two of C7 or any other chord. MIDI transfer that to Reaper. If you want an entire son
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Jump to new posts Re: Freezing up, other programs working by Matt Finley @ 56 minutes 59 seconds ago

Rule out the simple explanation: static electricity. Then check your RAM overnight with Memtest.
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Jump to new posts Re: Giglio tune by furry @ 58 minutes 38 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Al-DavidHi Graham, You have such a wonderful touch on the keys. This is just so pretty. The piano has somewhat of a Baroque styling. I like Baroque over most other classical subgenres as it is generally more melodious and light. You tryly shined on this. Take a bow, mate! Alan Thanks Al, I prefer the more melodious classical music & opera myself. Hope Di's ok ?
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Jump to new posts Re: Truce by floyd jane @ Today at 06:40 AM

A big WOW, Kenny. Stellar write. "Found an old Mustang at a junkyard They’re just selling it off for parts And they don’t see it the same as I do When I see American art Cause I can hammer out the fenders Make it nearly good as new Get that engine back to purring Yeah these are things that I can do" Worth a quote, for sure. (Actually the whole song is). The backing carries the song perfectly. Nicely mixed. A great vocal. (I thought the vocal could have been "tucked in&qu
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Jump to new posts Re: The Way Of The World (Life's Carousel) by floyd jane @ Today at 06:28 AM

Noel, This is a delight. A strong write. Perhaps your best, (in my opinion). The first verse paints a picture of a moment in time which leads perfectly to the "philosophy" of the chorus. The chorus then states its purpose succinctly, simply, unequivocally... (the began/dance rhyme is nice, fresh). The second verse presents a nice expanded view, again with nicely painted pictures. The bridge expands out further. Nice. All leading back to the chorus as they should. The tag lines are a
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Jump to new posts Re: Love Gone by 90 dB @ Today at 06:26 AM

Ember, John and Eric, Thanks for the listen and kind words. Regards, Bob
Jump to new posts Re: Quality vs creative Variety question. by Rustyspoon# @ Today at 05:48 AM

Tangmo, thanks! Surely an interesting take on things! Ok, the quality part is... When share my tunes with close friends, I ask of them to give me a honest opinion. In most cases they share a valid complaint...They are having difficulty understanding lyrics because they say: It sounds like you are in barrel.. Why? Now I know..FeQueNcY only took me 20+ years to understand the correlation Another aspect what I consider a "quality" is adding parts / sounds / vocal elem
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Future of Biab / RB? by MountainSide @ Today at 05:45 AM

2bSolo - My base computer is a Dell Special Edition XPS. The Intel 7700K processor has been over-clocked a bit to a constant 4.6MHz. My over clock speed is limited by thermal issues and without going to water cooling or more, I cannot run it stable past the current speed...although there seems to be quite a noticeable performance increase at 4.7Ghz, I just can't hold it steady there. With 4 RAM slots the computer can handle 64Gb but I think that the 32 that I have is more than needed. The
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Jump to new posts Re: Black Widow (Feat: PeterF on guitar) by Tano Music @ Today at 05:42 AM

Great execution of the blues! all the pieces were right-on! vocal, excellent...guitar solo, excellent...choice of the BIAB elements, perfect...couldn’t think of anything to improve on this...thanks for the great listen, And I’ll be super careful when I’m walking in the woods from now on!
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Jump to new posts Re: Old Tiger by Tano Music @ Today at 05:26 AM

Misha… The soup is ready to be served! What an interesting, creative song! As I’ve said before, your particular life-view presents such interesting word combinations and choices, ones that I don’t think are normally heard in song lyrics. I thought the whole concept was great, and the execution is very well done. I especially liked the wordless singing that you added at the end, and the sound effects are perfect additions. Thanks for sharing your creative work!
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Jump to new posts Re: Realband delay by Brille @ Today at 05:17 AM

Hall Guen. Alyssa von PGMusic hat das Rücksetzen von RealBand jetzt in einem Thread im enlischen RealBand-Forum beschrieben:
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Jump to new posts Re: Recently Loaded Songs by Dave @ Today at 04:12 AM

I use this function frequently but I find my files using the FILE command from the top ribbon (File, Edit, Options etc) The last 'used' files show up at he bottom of the drop down menu.
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Jump to new posts Re: Band in a Box to Reaper: The Basics by DeaconBlues09 @ Today at 03:06 AM

Thanks again Pipeline. Tbh, trying to get all these workarounds in BiaB/RB is way too time-consuming and frustrating--especially with the decreasingly marginal payoffs given that everything goes a lot more smoothly once I import the raw data into Reaper. That said, please do keep it up the amazing work you do here, Pipeline!
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Try using ReaStream set the identifier the same for the corresponding REAPER track, put a gain control after the ReaStream vst in BB so BB makes no sound only REAPER , then chain up the FX in REAPER: EDIT: if you need to run multiple ASIO
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Jump to new posts Re: MiniHost Demo 32/64WIN/MAC by Pipeline @ Today at 02:04 AM

Crash Crash 48 Crash ! It's a shame they can't bring BB RB into the modern age 64 bit crossplatform programing so they are released at the same time, same features. I gave up on RealBand because of the relentless crashing and try to get the tracks out of BB and straight into REAPER where you can load the 64 bit DAW up with pjugins. They were going to have ReWire in BB but that didn't eventuate. The ReWire plugin don't work right in BB only RB. Try using ReaStream
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Jump to new posts Re: Mixing for Soundcloud by Teunis @ Today at 02:02 AM

Here is an Izotope view on master for streaming services. Tony
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Jump to new posts Re: Mastering for SoundCloud by Teunis @ Today at 02:00 AM

Here is an Izotope view on mastering for Soundcloud et al. Tony
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[Cross-posted from the BiaB forum, as this is probably a more appropriate location for this post] Hey guys, Since this comes up fairly often here on the forums, I made a quick video to demonstrate how to install, locate, and load third-party VSTs and Plugins into Band-in-a-Box/Realband. Hope this helps some of you :-)
Jump to new posts Monthly or Bi-Monthly Collabs, Anyone? by DeaconBlues09 @ Today at 12:40 AM

Hey folks, I originally posted this in the Off-Topic forum, and, pursuant to Guitarhacker's suggestion, I'm reposting it here with a little extra information. Guitarhacker also had a lot of great input which can be viewed at the original thread here: So I am active in a lot of Reddit music and music production-related subreddits, and a fair amount of them have "battle of the bands"
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Jump to new posts Re: Love Goes by Al-David @ Yesterday at 11:21 PM

Hi Deej, Very pretty song. Lots of emotion in both the lyric and vocal delivery. I didn't hear before you made a few adjustments, so I can comment only on this version. I think it's pretty strong. I think the drums could come up yet some more. And when the strings came in, the song really soared. perhaps bring them in a but earlier? Regardless, I really enjoyed it. Nice all around work. Wishing you the very best. Alan
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Keyboard Shortcuts by Noel96 @ Yesterday at 11:17 PM

Also, BIAB does allow users to create shortcuts for chord entry. Callie from PG Music made a post regarding these just recently. Quote:The below is taken from BIAB's pdf user manual. Add your own chord shortcuts. Have you found a chord that Band-in-a-Box doesn’t recognize? If so, add it to your chord shortcuts file, and Band-in-a-Box will allow you to type in that chord in the future. This also lets you define chord “shortcuts,” one-letter abbreviations for longer chord names (“J
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Jump to new posts Re: Mercy by gruverider @ Yesterday at 08:27 PM

So much power and heart! Good write as well! much enjoyed!!!
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Chord List & Shortcuts (Online Manual Resource) by Matt Finley @ Yesterday at 07:35 PM

Callie, very helpful info. Thanks. If you are interested, we could have a discussion about the suggestions I’ve made over the years about the user shortcut file.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Hi Jim, OK, I can pass that along. Cheers Kent PG Music
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Band-in-a-Box® for Windows Online Manual - Chord List & Shortcuts

Visit the Chord List of our Online Manual, and you'll see all the chords that can be used within the program! The list includes a few Tricky Chords and Shortcut Chords that you may find useful too!

Tricky Chords:
C5b This is "C flat 5." It is spelled this way to avoid confusion.
C2, C5, C4, C69, C7alt, Cm7#5
You can type C-7 for Cm7 (i.e. use the minus sign) or C7-9 for C7b9.

Shortcut Chords
If you enter a lot of songs, you will appreciate these shortcut keys.
J = Maj7
H = m7b5 (H stands for Half diminished)
D = dim
S = 7sus

There's even information on how to add your own chord shortcuts - check it out!

Video Request Answered - Creating Intros, Bridges, and Endings in Band-in-a-Box®

Check out the newest support video created by Kent that explains how to create intros, bridges, and endings in Band-in-a-Box®! Click here to view...

The Band-in-a-Box® SongPicker Feature

If you have a folder of songs that you'd always like easy access to within Band-in-a-Box, make sure you familiarize yourself with The SongPicker feature, which access the folder that you choose and lock it to!

Access the SongPicker by clicking on the [Song] button next to the title of the song within the main screen of Band-in-a-Box. The first time the SongPicker is opened, you can choose the folder to use to create the list by selecting [Change] and navigating to your preferred directory. Once chosen, select [OK - Make Song List], and Band-in-a-Box does the rest... the next time you click on [Song], you'll be taken directly to your preferred folder!

Learn even more about this feature within Chapter 5 of our Online Manual, here.

Just Launched - The FAQ and Knowledge Base Forum!

If you have a question (or questions!) about Band-in-a-Box®, PowerTracks, RealBand®, or any other PG Music Inc. product - whether it be technical support or pre-sales, there's now an easy one-stop spot to find the answer - our FAQ and Knowledge Base Forum!

Don't want to read through the 600+ posts? Use the Search FAQ option, and you can choose your key search terms to locate the topic and answer you're looking for!

Common pre-sales questions about our products, ordering, and delivery:

Technical support & troubleshooting by product:
Band-in-a-Box® for Windows
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RealBand® for Windows
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Other Products

There's even a Request New FAQs forum, if you didn't see your question answered anywhere!

Over 190 Saxophone RealTracks for Band-in-a-Box®!

Today's the day we say "Happy Birthday" to Adolphe Sax, the creator of the Saxophone!
(Adolphe was born November 6, 1814 - 32 years later he patended his saxophone creation!)

We have more than 190 Saxophone RealTracks available for Band-in-a-Box with the following RealTracks Sets - review the complete list here.

Check our our Saxophonist programs for Windows:
The Jazz Saxophonist
The Rock Saxophonist

Customers LOVE Band-in-a-Box®!

Here's some of the amazing feedback we've received lately, from program users just like you!

Arthritic fingers means I find it very difficult to play anything. This program is amazing - and it does use real musicians!
-Bob E.

The power of this program is just unbelievable! It's been a best kept secret for a couple of decades now. A song writer's dream!
-Mike D

This band can practice any time of day ...LOL
-William G

Band-in-a-Box works so simple you could teach a child to do it within minutes - the RealTracks are amazing. Doing an album as we speak. I challenge you to give it a try. I am 60 years old and even though I've played 50 years, I am no engineer. But as a song writer I needed some effective tools to create quality production of my work. This is IT! It's as easy as typing and filling in the blanks. The instructional videos allow you to change settings while watching the pro. I myself purchased every "RealTrack" I could get... Take it from me, don't let this overwhelm you. It is absolutely a writer and solo artist dream!
-John S

Best part of Band-in-a-Box is that it saves me having to program drums, the Real Drummer part of the software is brilliant and natural sounding. I then layer real instruments with guys from my band. As a songwriter, Band-in-a-Box has saved me so much time it's ridiculous.
-Andy B

Incredible Software. Great for ignorance and experts and for anyone who wants to deal with music. If you do not have a hobby and want to have one "Band-in-a-Box" is the best choice. Simple, but if you want to be an expert on it, you need to make an effort to master it perfectly for perfect use. The only disadvantage is if you do not want to become a musician, and use it, you will become a perfect musician. Therefore, be cautious. It's not a toy. ;)
-Ilija B.

Been a BIAB man since '92, such a comprehensive source for music making! So much more to offer than "loops", it allows actual music composition to be realized. Evolve from harmonic ignorance and find out what REAL music is made of!
-Don D.

A must for any musician who wants to improve on his own, or to share his musical ideas in a professional high quality rendition.. You just play with the best musicians and that's great ♪ :)
-Jean-Marie D.

I use Band in a Box all the time. I couldn't be more pleased. It's easy to use and it sounds super-big time!
-Max R.

An excellent tool for generating backing tracks. Saves me hours of MIDI programming. Combines the best of MIDI and live audio samples.
-Steve A.

Video Help - My Band-in-a-Box® Won't Open!

Our NEW I want a video that shows me how to .... forum is off to a GREAT start! We've answered the common question/issue of "My program won't open!" with the following video: How To: Return to Factory Settings outside Band-in-a-Box (Win).

Want to see a video about a particular issue your having with the program? Post your request here, we're happy to help!!

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