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Jump to new posts Re: Clear and Serene by Guitarhacker @ 6 minutes 15 seconds ago

Nice job on this. Co-writes are cool things. Yep, I can hear the NGDB in the vibe. I used to listen to NGDB quite a bit. Excellent work on the production end of things too. Thumbs up....!!
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Jump to new posts Re: Time, Tide and Tapestry (song) by Guitarhacker @ 9 minutes 28 seconds ago

nice tune. Mellow and well done. The mix is nice and clear. It's easy to listen to and hear everything nicely in it's place. Good clean job on the vocals too. I like it.
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Good news. Gotta be careful and double and triple check before you click send. Lesson learned...carry on.
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Jump to new posts Re: Weird problem with selecting tracks for custom MIDI patch by VideoTrack @ 20 minutes 48 seconds ago

So to add to this, IMHO it is not user workflow, it is not intentional program design, it is an unintended "programmatical issue". There, I never used that word. That word bugs me. Whooops...
FYI-I have both Kontakt 5 and 6 running on my system with no problems. It has been reported that Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 Player will coexist also.
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Jump to new posts Re: IS THIS THE WAY by beatmaster @ Today at 04:51 AM

Edshaw thanks for your comments amd tour time
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Jump to new posts Re: Video: Biab Plugin and Complexed Arrangements by nonchai @ Today at 04:43 AM

....... ... ... ... ............... But ..............I'm afraid just a little googling about this and perusing the data for developers on Propellerheads own developer website suggests to me that this is not the case see here: and here: Pipeline + PG: I am looking for a solution that saves everything in ONE main DAW project file. Not two. Maybe With reason a
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Top shelf, Greg, all around.
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Jump to new posts Re: ISABEL by edshaw @ Today at 04:18 AM

Don't know where I've been. Stumbled upon this while surfing your SC page, Torrey. Wonderful song.
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Jump to new posts Re: On Third Thought by BlueAttitude @ Today at 04:02 AM

Hey Tang, Not too jammy for me, probably because you chose a melodic soloist. Progression is pretty cool, I liked the way it moved. Good instrumental, I enjoyed it!
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Jump to new posts Re: Mehrere MIDI-Aufnahmen in BIAB by MartinB @ Today at 03:54 AM

Zu Frage 1: BiaB unterstützt insgesamt sieben Spuren, von denen in der Tat lediglich zwei via Midi bespielt werden können – Melodie- und Solospur. Es ist grundsätzlich möglich mehr als zwei Spuren aufzunehmen, indem man jeweils eine aufgenomme Melodiespur auf eine der für Arrangements reservierten Spuren (also etwa die Spuren B, P, D, G, S) kopiert und anschließend 'einfriert'. Eingefrorene Spuren werden nicht neu generiert bei einem Klick auf den Knopf 'Play' oder 'GenPlay'. Zu Frage
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Jump to new posts Re: First Post! Surrounded by You _ARVORES.STY by PeterF @ Today at 03:43 AM

Welcome. As others have posted a really engaging vocal and an excellent first post. Top quality song. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: 2019 BIAB UltraPAK+ Mac Failed by jacko_karel @ Today at 03:30 AM

I have the same problem
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Jump to new posts Re: DRAFT - Game None Play by PeterF @ Today at 03:27 AM

Ray Lots of potential there. Like the guitar sound and mix. Should be a really good one. Got the guitar out - really nice to solo over! Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: Letter (music video) by PeterF @ Today at 03:18 AM

Nice story telling to a pleasant accompaniment and video. Good work. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: Connecting to MIDI keyboard controller by TRYUK @ Today at 03:06 AM

I don't understand this either. Following your instructions above all I see is my USB Arturia keyboard and the IAC driver. Trying to connect a cable to IAC fails.
Woodshedding - Learning to Play!
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Jump to new posts IK Multimedia apps by TRYUK @ Yesterday at 11:50 PM

I notice that the IK Multimedia apps in BiaB 2019 are all 32 bit. So far I cannot find 64 bit versions on the IK web site. I noticed that some Real styles use Amplitube, will these styles cease to work if there is no update to 64 bit by IK Multimedia? Edit: Amplitube 4 is 64 bit, for some reason I thought it was a paid app, but its not. That works fine, Custom shop and the authorisation manager still show up as 32 bit though. Tim.
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Jump to new posts Re: Wherever You Go by bluage @ Yesterday at 10:29 PM

Mr. Jane... Only a Dad could've produced such a poignant pearl of a portrait of the vast and fathomless loving thoughts and feelings that parents have for their children. Wherever You Go sounds like a lullaby, really, with lyrics that are observant and nostalgic. And, oh, those Real Tracks !!! Like a musical bed of flowers with the lyrics painted on each one of their colorful petals. Your singing voice has always been expressive, and full-hearted, Mr. Jane, but here, in this song, you sounded
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Jump to new posts Re: Bitter Pill by PeterF @ Yesterday at 09:24 PM

Originally Posted By: CrossroadsHi Peter and Leon, well, I can only acceed to what the others wrote: a fabulous song, Leon's vocals are top-notch and your playing, Peter, is as superb as it always is. You're a fantastic team and there will be many more songs from you - no doubt about that! Regardsm Stefan Thanks Stefan much appreciated. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: Simplify melodist by Funkifized @ Yesterday at 08:25 PM

So, of course, the question still remains: can I have the Melodist create a melody that leaves out any 16th notes and limits the range of pitches? I'd like to generate sightreading examples for my students.
Well.... I thought I;d try out Sonar Platinum. Honestly, I've not been on a merry go round of failure as I have trying to install it. I get to the download window/(5) items takes forever to download. I click the 'install' button and it all just down loads again and no Cakewalk files are in my "download" folder. Yes...I'm on a 64 bit system and downloaded the current 'band-lab assistant' which didn't assist me at all. I'm so confused with the band lab site and how to navigate it I've
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Jump to new posts Re: Choose guitar symbol by Pipeline @ Yesterday at 07:29 PM

That is down the page a bit Guitar Chord Grids as you play along Also you can drag these in the DAW
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What version are you using ?
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Jump to new posts Re: Ode to a Minor by Will Josef @ Yesterday at 06:05 PM

Oh, I like that sound. It reminds me of some old Pink Floyd tunes. Really well done, Scott! Will
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