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Jump to new posts Re: Learn to Live Again by NigelSpiers @ 8 minutes 6 seconds ago

Hi Deej, De-essing - I have had little success with De-essing plugins over the years because they always seem to adversely affect the vocals no matter what settings I try. I now edit all vocals manually to remove any sibilance. If you blow up the vocal line in your DAW you can easily see the sibilance as little bumps before the words. I use a 5-7Db cut to get rid of them. Best Regards Nigel
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Jump to new posts Re: Love's New Frontier by BabuMusic @ 17 minutes 46 seconds ago

Wow. You most definitely achieved the high road of talent, Torrey. This is extreme, man. So many interesting pieces in there including (but not limited to) the harmonica and whistle. Every instrument masterfully played with such care for the ensemble. I agree with Ray that the harmonica sounds like Little Stevie, and you most assuredly have his older Wonder in there too. Well played, and you know I'm a huge fan of you vocals and your extended range.
Jump to new posts Re: Biab 2021 by eddie1261 @ 18 minutes 25 seconds ago

Can we back up a few steps here and address my initial question? Is there a button on Real Band that will take that compiled drum track that Real Band generated and split every part onto its own track? Let's just address that one question for right now. Check these pics out. Here's the track screen. I click track 1 and then ctl A to select the data on the track. From there the logical choice is MIDI and then SPLIT MIDI DRUMS. Which gives me this result. And then this after I
Jump to new posts Re: Odd Time Signatures with David Bennett by VideoTrack @ 28 minutes 25 seconds ago

I'm hoping that one day soon the chord chart will correctly support the number of beats required, just like music notation, and music manuscript does. If the bar is 5/4 or 6/4 or 7/4, then the chord chart should allow that without having to use multiple bars to achieve this. Regarding: Quote:"It's a way to get around the BiaB's non-support of various time signatures". I really think that we shouldn't still need to do that. Well before now the program should be able to handle this nati
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Jump to new posts Re: STINGING EYES by Pygmy Beat Extended featuring Katya by BabuMusic @ 28 minutes 47 seconds ago

"A little ditty" is it? "Cow Punk." You got it!! The only thing I'd change is the title to Smoke Rings. Ha! Katya and the others was the perfect choice. There's so much to hear in there that I'm now on my 3rd spin. Love that bass. Cool harmony phrases. I like the melody you created. I'd like to hear the vocals better but that would maybe lose the feel a bit. I know you spent a lot of time on the mix, and I totally respect your decisions. This one seems like a blas
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Jump to new posts Re: Blue Tonight by rsdean @ 38 minutes 29 seconds ago

David, Thank you! Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: Windows Emergency/Repair Disk Reminder by VideoTrack @ 40 minutes 32 seconds ago

Everyone should have a recovery system available. That includes a way to boot if the system disk is lost, and a recovery (usually by means of a "regularly updated" image backup).
Jump to new posts Re: More BiaB created songs licensed by Notes Norton @ 54 minutes 48 seconds ago

Congrats. I do a similar thing with my photographs. I upload them to AdobeStock and Shutterstock. I'm not making a killing, but I have the shots anyway, it doesn't cost anything to upload them or to be a member, and anything I sell is like applause for a song well done. So how much is the monthly fee for Songtradr? I might be interested. Notes
Jump to new posts Re: alternative country by RoyReddy @ 58 minutes 42 seconds ago

I have worked on a Lucinda song for a while. Kiss Like Your Kiss I really liked the melody and the lyrical message. Also I thought it would let me sing with a raspy sound in my voice.
Jump to new posts “Watch The Sound” A new series on digital recording by Janice & Bud @ Today at 04:45 AM

We watched the first episode of this Apple TV series and it was fascinating. The episode covered the history of Auto-Tune. While the music focus was light years from our preferences it did not diminish the great presentation of the subject - pros and cons. Bud PS OK, please no hating on this Apple guy. Thank you.
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For RB error recovery, try looking in RBERROR.LOG file in your Realband (or Realband_X64) folder
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Jump to new posts Re: Angelic Dreams by rayc @ Today at 02:19 AM

Nice work mario. I don't do midi and only occasionally do orchestral parts. I do watch/listen & learn form this chap though: I don't take his courses - I just filter through & watch the stuff that I like which seems to relate to your suggestion request...
I love this kind of historical material. It's important to keep perspective that what we have today came about because of the great studios, adventurous people, skilled musicians, and engineers that pushed boundaries. Fantastic.
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Jump to new posts Re: Soloist says it's a RealTrack but imports as MIDI by VideoTrack @ Today at 12:26 AM

Originally Posted By: Old HippiePS: I know how to upload but not sure how to upload an MGU file. I don't think you can upload an MGU or SGU file (any longer?). Many users upload to Dropbox or similar and then provide a link to download from.
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Jump to new posts Re: Swedish Music by Pipeline @ Yesterday at 11:36 PM

Here's some Swedish Folk midi there was also a site Swedish House Mafia MIDI Files • Nonstop2k
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Jump to new posts Re: Some Days Are Diamonds by PeterF @ Yesterday at 10:28 PM

Originally Posted By: Will JosefSome songs are diamonds Some songs make you reach the stars Masterpiece! Will Too kind. Peter
Jump to new posts Re: Realband Won't Play MIDI Songs by Noel96 @ Yesterday at 09:27 PM

I've found that sometimes when the sound starts playing up, it's better to reboot the computer. This completely clears and resets the soundcard.
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Jump to new posts Keyboard input Chords erased or changed by HunterGatherer @ Yesterday at 08:48 PM

Hi, New user. It took me awhile to find the key signature setting. Found it. But when inputting chords on a new song, in Fmajor, many of the chords in the tune are automatically deleted or changed. Chords needed are Ma7, mi7, Dom9, 7b5, 7b9. A bit jazzy. Using Windows 10. Basic level of BiaB. Can't figure out what is happening and how to correct. It's happened in other songs using simpler 3 note chords, too. Only workaround I've found is to input with the Chord Builder. But find it get
Jump to new posts Re: RealBand erases mono takes -- !? by Noel96 @ Yesterday at 08:38 PM

Peter, What track did you try to record your guitar on? When an MGU/SGU file is opened, the first 13 tracks (in RB 2021) are set aside for the MGU/SGU file. Track 14 is the first that allows for user input. With this in mind, you might also get a solution by using "Edit | Track | Make all BB tracks regular tracks". One other point is that the SEQ format is the only way to save non-BIAB information. So if your recording is on the right track yet the save-format is still SGU/MGU, the
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Jump to new posts Re: My FIRST ALL LOOP SONG : by rayc @ Yesterday at 06:23 PM

Vocal loops? It does say ALL loops. Are the loops from BIAB or elsewhere? Yes, a nice up tempo country rock song with twang in the vocal to match the Tele licks.
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exactly the same, i am glad i am not alone with this issue, it's so annoying, because i need to work fast and everytime i double clicked it does not do anything, i need to press play on the style picker. I moved two folders only Real Tracks and Drums, and it is showing this also, please it's corrupt when it generates it will stop on certain bars and some instruments were not playing properly
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Jump to new posts Re: MOONLIGHT DANCES IN HER EYES by beatmaster @ Yesterday at 05:31 PM

Well when I joined this forum, you where a stand out Artist and I said so as you do..!! So now are still a stand out artist !. The song was a quaint write as in the late 70s ! , Just my era it took me back to then . Sooo !! That was Goooood ! and pro stuff Girl !!
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Jump to new posts Re: Doubt's Shadow (feat. Peter on guitars) by Ezekiel's Storm @ Yesterday at 04:41 PM

Haunting and melancholic. Well done in all aspects. Whatever the genre this is, it is something different and intriguing. A masterful composition.
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Jump to new posts Re: HOPE BEYOND THE GRAVE by Ezekiel's Storm @ Yesterday at 04:14 PM

A very lush and tasteful production. Excellent vocal. I think all the superlatives have already been expressed, so I will second them.
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Jump to new posts Re: NEW SONG. "MY GRANDAD"... by Ghostgum @ Yesterday at 04:00 PM

A good, honest story-song. Plenty of emotion there without too much saccharine. The fade-out works well. Thanks for sharing
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