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Jump to new posts Re: Looking Up by jptjptjpt @ 51 seconds ago

Outstanding work on guitar. If I had my choice to play any instrument any way, I'd be doing the electric guitar like that. Nice work.
Jump to new posts Re: Covid 19 Virus (Corona) by jazzmammal @ 1 minute 16 seconds ago

Here's a great tip I just found. Put a gallon of dishwashing soap and a gallon of bleach in your washing machine and run it for 10 minutes. It will disinfect your whole house...
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Jump to new posts Re: From Mexico with Love -in Blues- by jptjptjpt @ 8 minutes 36 seconds ago

Nice vibe to song. I love the Fx on the chorus. It really add depth to it. Good one.
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Jump to new posts Re: We're All Standin' on the Fire Line by jptjptjpt @ 15 minutes 45 seconds ago

Well written song. I don't know all the references but I'll be looking some up. I love the chorus melody, especially the first line about the Saints.
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Jump to new posts Re: Piano Roll Suggestion by Lloyd S @ 16 minutes 27 seconds ago

+1 here, thanks!
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Jump to new posts Re: AFTER THE APOCALYPSE_DAVID SNYDER IS ALIVE by Belladonna @ 36 minutes 35 seconds ago

Nice rockin' song. Nice to see you back.
Jump to new posts Re: TSS-1 issues AGAIN by eddie1261 @ 41 minutes 21 seconds ago

I linked to that post from the other forum.
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Jump to new posts Re: Got to Let You Go by Belladonna @ 48 minutes 37 seconds ago

Love your vocals and really cool write. The lyrics are bittersweet with an innocence about them.
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Jump to new posts Re: NEW Original Song "RoadTrippin" by Belladonna @ 52 minutes 20 seconds ago

Love the imagery lyrics of a road trip. So neat how it takes you along in the song. Good co-write.
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Jump to new posts Re: Let's Stay In - (A COVID-19 Song) by Ezekiel's Storm @ Today at 09:48 AM

This is a magnificent composition and production. I'd say this is my favorite that you've posted. The chorus really sets its hooks in you. As others have said, this is definitely hit material. Stay in, stay safe, and stay off the beaches.
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Jump to new posts Re: Quality Midi Sounds by goofeyfoot @ Today at 09:40 AM

That is so interesting. On this end, I just bought all the parts for a new AMD 3900 computer. My existing computer was getting towards the end of it’s life anyway. I think I built about 15 years ago. So it doesn’t owe me anything. Ultimately I think I’ll still use VST‘s for the moment. However I’m really curious about the hardware items. And being something of a hoarder, I expect I’ll have all of the above at some point! Thanks for the insight. I’m learning something every day. T
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Jump to new posts Re: Quantization? by MarioD @ Today at 09:36 AM

Originally Posted By: sslechtaI would agree if Notes quote was re-worded to something like "I think the three worst enemies of music (that can be overly used) are:". Used in the "right or limited" amounts they all can greatly enhance a project. Very good point!
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Jump to new posts Re: 12 Key transpose after each chorus? by Pete_V @ Today at 09:31 AM

Hi I highlighted this Mac/Windows functionality gap back in 2015. I use BIAB primarily for practice and would find the transpose function extremely useful. I've upgraded on an annual basis since then hoping that my loyalty and investment in the Mac version would be reciprocated through some alignment between Windows and Mac in this area, however so far no indication that this will ever be implemented.
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Jump to new posts Re: bend in a box 2015 by sixchannel @ Today at 09:29 AM

Yep, me too. When my 3rd drive crashed there was no opportunity to deactivate it so the new installation can't ge activated as it is 'seen' as No4. Support aware - waiting for an answer. Ian
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Jump to new posts Re: freeze part of a real track by MarioD @ Today at 09:25 AM

Originally Posted By: VideoTrackPartial track freeze has been longed for, for a long time. +1 Amen +1
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Jump to new posts Re: using midi controller keyboard with BIAB by MarioD @ Today at 09:23 AM

Originally Posted By: Rob HelmsIt sure would be nice. I presently use a Akai 25 key controller in Studio one. I really like what it can do. I am seriously considering upgrading to a native instruments controller with 49 keys. I find then25 key to be a bit restrictive when noodling around. Since I am not a keyboard player, but just us it to add little patterns and such I don’t need fancy. I bet it would be cool if BiaB had that. Ability. On a side note keep that Akai connected along with yo
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Jump to new posts Re: Get rid of that chat thingy on iPad by MarioD @ Today at 09:02 AM

I think that it is way to large on my desktop monitor. Maybe it can be made so it can be closed via a minus sign.
all i know is that in recording a click track it was impossible when the prerecorded audio slowed down to 'click' the last two bars. when i didn't the track demanded to be consolidated before it would align and then lost bout the last 20 bars no idea why
Originally Posted By: Don GaynorGraham, Absolutely no argument there. They are simply marvelous! I play them quite loudly and heard a nurse ask my neighbor "Is Donny playing too loud?" She answered: "Heck no, he's got my feet atappin'!" Mine are sore every night by the time they finish LOL
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Jump to new posts Re: Bar to Bar Regeneration by Matt Finley @ Today at 08:46 AM

Thanks. I'll have to reevaluate RealBand.
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Must get all the support possible, +1 That being said, it is still one hell of a job, but, being able, even just to tweak styles, is soooo important. Didn’t even know it was not possible for the Mac users, a shame, really.
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Jump to new posts Re: Amplitube presets [Resolved] by mkg50 (Mike G) @ Today at 07:17 AM

Originally Posted By: Bob CalverPG Music helped me get amplitube 3 working with the PG presets. i found amplitube 4 with lots of presets that needed me to pay for them was frusrating as all i wanted in the menu was presets i could use Thanks Bob. I have struck your problem about too many unusable presets. How exactly did PG Music get Amplitube 3 working with the PG presets? I believe I have the correct serial number, and an authorisation tab in Amplitube 3 tells me I have an authorised product
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Jump to new posts Singalong medley for cheering up folk by furry @ Today at 07:11 AM

Threw this medley together this morning as part of my tunes in the hoose series, songs are all well known oldies., you'll know them all all so here's the teccy bits RealTracks in song: 2907:Bass, Acoustic, RockabillySwingByron Sw 190 RealTracks in song: ~1615:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm DixielandFast Sw 165 ealTracks in song: 2727:Banjo, Tenor, Rhythm DixielandRazzmatazz Sw 165 RealTracks in song: ~1098:Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm JazzSwingFreddie Sw 190 RealDrums [in style:Dixieland^1-a:Trad LH Drag,
Jump to new posts Re: Accordion players might be interested in this by eddie1261 @ Today at 06:44 AM

Originally Posted By: VideoTrackWow Eddie, looks like a cool little unit. What's it like on 'Beer Barrel Polka' I can't even imagine what I could actually play given the range of the keyboard. And it's far too long ago to remember. Quote:I think you're gonna need a smaller hand. My hands now as an old man are very strange. Wide at the knuckles but very short fingers and extremely strong, so much so that when I play guitar it is hard to fret chords without pulling the strings out of tune. I c
Thanks for the grin Donny!
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Band-in-a-Box® for Mac Patch Updates Ready! (2019 & 2020)

We've JUST released FREE Updates for existing Band-in-a-Box® for Mac 2019 and 2020 program users!

Band-in-a-Box® 2020 Update - Build 407
Band-in-a-Box® 2019 Update - Build 323

What do these include?

Summary of changes for Band-in-a-Box® 2020 Update - Build 407: (get it here)
Fixed: RealDrums Quick List was empty if launched from main toolbar.
Improved: Bootup time is faster.
Fixed: It is not possible to type ^ (caret symbol for pushes) in chordsheet if using an Italian keyboard layout.
Fixed: Opening songs from older versions might misinterpret song title as ?.
Fixed: Buttons in Custom toolbar are not draggable.
Fixed: The time signature button on the main toolbar did not do anything.
Fixed: A maximum of 1990 MIDI events are loaded from a song file into the Melody or Soloist track.
Fixed: RealDrums Quick List menu item did not do anything.
Fixed: Find a Sub for RealDrums menu item did not do anything.
Fixed: Various problems with localized versions.
Fixed: Some style demos for the newest RealTracks would not play.
Fixed: Song title will be changed to ? when re-saving if it previously contained international characters like é or ©.

DAW Plugin 2.5.18
Fixed: "Open Recent" opened file chooser dialog
Fixed: Unfold feature not working with some songs
Fixed: Choruses not resetting when playback is stopped in DAW
Fixed: Chord superscripts
Fixed: Clicking zoom many times will crash standalone plugin
Fixed: Undo removes all chords after opening a song
Fixed: Buzzing sound in Studio One
Fixed: Plugin determining chord accidentals now matches main program
Fixed: Removed alert menu when sync playing tracks that are not up-to-date (generated).
Fixed: Cancelling generate made song lose "dirty" state
Fixed: All selected tracks should drag from the plugin
Fixed: Shortcut file feature not working always working. Support was also added for pgshortc.txt files
Fixed: Double clicking grey area in chord sheet started playback
Fixed: Bar highlighting skipped last chorus when the start bar is greater than 1
Fixed: Right-click on bar should first launch popup menu
Fixed: Double clicking anywhere on a track should open its picker
Added: About to File Menu
Added: "year" to plugin name
Fixed: remove sync tempo button if already synced
Fixed: improve 2 finger scroll (too fast)

Summary of changes for Band-in-a-Box® 2019 Update - Build 323: (get it here)
Fixed: Bootup time is faster.
Fixed: It is not possible to type ^ (caret symbol for pushes) in chordsheet if using an Italian keyboard layout.
Fixed: Opening songs from older versions might misinterpret song title as ?.
Fixed: The time signature button on the main toolbar did not do anything.
Fixed: A maximum of 1990 MIDI events are loaded from a song file into the Melody or Soloist track.
Fixed: Various problems with localized versions.

#TBT Band-in-a-Box® 2017

Three years ago we were just rounding up our BETA testers to help finish up the testing of our Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac!

With that version, we redesigned the main screen GUI, added support for popular .SFZ sound format as well as PG Music’s Hi-Q sounds (sforzando SFZ Synth.), added Natural Arrangements options and Hi-Q Guitar RealCharts, applied many, many, many enhancements to the existing powerful program features, and more! Read all about Band-in-a-Box® 2017 here.

Now, three years later, we're thrilled to say that we're already done BETA testing, and weeks into the newest Band-in-a-Box® 2020 for Mac release! Of course, that means we're having a SALE on Upgrade packages, but only until April 30th!

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Happy National Trombone Players Day!

To all the trombone players out there - this is a day to celebrate you (no joke...)! Not a trombone player? Good news - if you have the Band-in-a-Box® UltraPAK, UltraPAK+ or Audiophile Edition, you have a two AMAZING trombone players in your band already!

Dennis Esson:
RealTracks Set 144: Dixieland – Fast Soloists
RealTracks Set 178: Dixieland - Medium Soloists

Ian McDougall:
RealTracks Set 13: Older Jazz Swing Soloists
RealTracks Set 15: Mainstream Swing
RealTracks Set 17: Bossa
RealTracks Set 19: Jazz Ballad

Welcome to the Team David!

We are thrilled to say that we've added David to our Customer Service Team here at PG Music!

You may have already noticed him - he's already made his appearance here on the Forums, chiming in with assistance and User Showcase Song Feedback.

Welcome to the team David!

Updated Song Titles Browser in Band-in-a-Box® 2020!

If you're looking for a Band-in-a-Box® Style in the feel of a familiar/popular song title, then the Song Titles Browser option in the Band-in-a-Box® StylePicker is the perfect feature for you!

With Band-in-a-Box® 2020, we’ve added 3,400 more song titles including requests from users, so there are now 14,000 titles to search from!

Just type in a familiar song title or artist name - once you have found the song, press the [OK - Find Matching Styles] button. This will take you to the StylePicker window with styles that best match the tempo, feel, and genre of the selected song title.

Didn't find the song you were searching for? Post your title request to our Wishlist forum: Songs to add to Band-in-a-Box Titles database - we think that the 3,400 new titles added with Version 2020 is proof that we're paying attention!

Learn more about the different features of the Band-in-a-Box® StylePicker here.

SongPicker Enhancements in Band-in-a-Box® 2020 for Mac!

The Band-in-a-Box® SongPicker has been enhanced with our newest 2020 version!

The SongPicker now builds faster for large song lists (>30K and up to 60,000 songs). The [Song] button (or the [Open] button) now has 3 additional menu items to launch the SongPicker.

- Open SongPicker in Current Folder: This opens the SongPicker in the current folder of the last loaded song.
- Open SongPicker in Home Folder: This opens the SongPicker in the home folder, which is Applications/Band-in-a-Box/MySongs or as set in the SongPicker.
- Open SongPicker in Favorite Folder: This launches the Favorite Folder dialog which allows you to choose any previously used folder where a song was loaded from, and then open the SongPicker in that folder.

In the SongPicker, there is a new “Open in Home” option. If this is enabled, the SongPicker will always open in the home folder instead of the current folder when you press the default [Song] button to open the SongPicker.

Searching for songs matching a chord progression or melody has been enhanced. There are three new checkboxes: "Key must match exactly," "Chord Extension must match exactly", and "Time Signature must match."

Click here to jump to the SongPicker subject in our New Features video to learn more. (32:11)

(read more about this feature in our Band-in-a-Box 2020 for Mac Online Upgrade Manual.)

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