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Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: BB Mac 2022 - display error when inputting chord symbols...... by Blake - PG Music @ 1 minute 4 seconds ago

This is fixed in build 604 which can be downloaded here.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Nashville sound by swingbabymix @ 53 minutes 29 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: justanoldmusosbmix. re modern sound. thats daft imho. i get plenty modern sounds in bb. the KEY is combining elements of different real traks. imho you must spend the time delving into every single of the thousands of styles. thats the key imho. ie songs are loads of work way round it. old saying 'ya gotta dig deep sometimes to find treasure'. ive got country coming out my whatevers lol. to get the best out of bb spend a month doing the following.. 1. go thru ev
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Jump to new posts Re: I Hate A Man Like You by NigelSpiers @ Today at 06:39 PM

Hi Hans, Thanks for all your very interesting comments. I'm a bit opposite - I started out with Rock and Roll and ended up in my old age with Blues and Jazz. Best Regards Nigel
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Jump to new posts Re: Warriors by NigelSpiers @ Today at 06:33 PM

Hi Dan, Good song, excellent mix and vocals. Unusual placement of drums on the left but it works really well - worked for the Beatles also. Best Regards Nigel
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Jump to new posts Southern Cross - Cover Foxes & Fossils by Jim Fogle @ Today at 06:16 PM

+++ Southern Cross +++
Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
Jump to new posts Re: XPro PAK more visable in Style Picker by Ember - PG Music @ Today at 06:02 PM

We'll pass the suggestions along, thanks guys!
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Jump to new posts Re: A little Slower please (updated) by MarioD @ Today at 04:07 PM

Mike, you are a master of not only picking the right RTs for your songs but also blending them in absolute diamonds. Super guitar and piano swing jazz My kind of music
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Jump to new posts Re: Mixer in BIAB2022 by AudioTrack @ Today at 03:48 PM

Mario's suggestion is good, and one you should follow. You are correct to say that I'm not aware of why those changes were made. But I am only a user, just like you. Contact PG Music Support. After all, it's their program.
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Band-in-a-Box, in an actual box (Mac 2022 USB drive) by Mark Hayes @ Today at 01:45 PM

Received my Ultrapak via Fedex an hour ago. Microchords here I come.
Jump to new posts Re: How much RAM are you packing by sslechta @ Today at 01:20 PM

Thanks. Another consideration is that you can get adapters for ports too. For example you may see a card with a mix of HDMI/Display Port/DVI/VGA ports, you can usually get the correct adapter to make them all HDMI. Good luck on your continued search.
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Wow, what a live mood, nice message needs homely stadium jamming feel. Fun song going beyond expectation once again. Powerful vocals & the gospel choir sounds amazing. The solo guitarist sounds like Prince reborn. The mix is lush and spacious! Janne
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Jump to new posts Re: Viridian - Spirit Level - Scott C and Robert C by jannesan @ Today at 10:49 AM

Imaginative and original subject. Lovely percussions, the drum selection is also very good. The sitar creates very cool otherworldly mood. The melody is very strong and has my favorite Celtic vibe which is supported by Scott's guitar playing at its best. Enjoyed also Robert's warm vocal and the spacious mix. Janne
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Jump to new posts Re: Wet Summer by jannesan @ Today at 10:33 AM

Originally Posted By: RnAMJanne, That doubling of your voice works great. This fondly reminds us of Per Gessle's The Look. We think that's good Rob and Anne-Marie Thanks Rob and Anne-Marie for your nice comment Per Gessle, thanks for reference, I have listened to Roxette and even his earlier band Gyllene Tider, maybe I've got influenced Janne
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone experienced in m.2 ssd and pcie ? by justanoldmuso @ Today at 10:31 AM

Jim. re pcie 7. eek lol. what we need is cheaper intel high end processors to beat the very fine apple M series processors. btw if anyone is looking for a 2 mic pre usb interface... apparently cad have brought out the u connect 2. dunno how good it is. as always try and test out/rent before buying. its 70 bucks us apparently. see the link n i guess you tube/google for more info. and videos for intro and set up with pc or mac. om
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Jump to new posts Re: Umstieg auf Mac by ThorstenV @ Today at 10:12 AM

Joah, danke, Brille. Alles etwas unbefriedigend... Und wenn ich's recht überlege, bin ich nicht nunmehr einmal (mehr) bereit, auch "bloß" 65 Euro für das reine Programm auf den Tisch zu blättern, nachdem ich vor gerade mal einem halben Jahr nicht eben wenig Geld für ein Upgrade in die Hand genommen hatte. Bei der Irrsinnsinflation können viele, ud ich gehöre dazu, nicht "einfach so" 65 Euro ausgeben, und ich brauch ohnehin jeden Euro für das - ohnehin bereits nur gebr
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Jump to new posts What Makes Low Down High Up? by Bass Thumper @ Today at 09:48 AM

So I had one of my Pandora stations playing this morning and a song comes on I haven't heard in years. I have my opinion, but if you agree that this song is masterfully good, what makes it so good?
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Search for a Song with Particular Instrument by Noel96 @ Today at 08:59 AM

Hi Brad, BIAB has a "Find" function called "Song Finder" if you click on the lower half of Song Picker. I've never used this function before now. One of its options is to find text in song files but I cannot get it working tonight. Because I'm unfamiliar with this function, I've referred it to the development team to see if it needs fixing. In the meantime... I successfully used an unregistered version of "Sublime Text" to find a specific word in a BIAB file. Thi
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: Exporting a song to DAW by Chantelle - PG Music @ Today at 07:58 AM

RealBand is a Windows only application. But the same steps in the above video for drag/drop can be done with most DAWs. You can test this with Garageband on Mac computers, or drag the file from the drop station to your Desktop.
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Jump to new posts Re: Best way to learn Bass with BIAB? by Guitarhacker @ Today at 07:24 AM

Quote:I also am a guitarist whom also plays bass. A guitarist learning bass can be a very good thing or a very bad thing. While playing bass you MUST think like a bassist, ALWAYS in the pocket with the kick and snare, and not like a guitarist, who has liberties to do as he wishes when it come to timing and phrases. Unless you are in a Prog Rock band. Seriously though..... if you play guitar even reasonably well, you should have a basic understanding of the bass. It's simply one octave l
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Jump to new posts Re: Variation on a Bluetooth Theme by Guitarhacker @ Today at 07:14 AM

Sounds too complicated and problematic to me to use BT. As someone walking down the street, If I have to stop, pull out my phone, go to settings, connect to the BT signal, put in my ear buds.....all just to listen.... I'm probably just going to keep on walking. Wouldn't it be better to simply use a small speaker setup and let everyone hear the music? You're going to have a higher percentage stop and listen and maybe throw a few dollars in the hat that way. Unless of course, it's illegal to
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Jump to new posts Re: How to set patch for track with shortcut? by AudioTrack @ Today at 07:07 AM

Originally Posted By: AnatYes, You are right. I red manual and know this. But I am tolking about setting pathes. How do YOU change patch for a track using shortcuts? That may work with MIDI tracks, but you cannot do that in real-time with RealTracks.
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Jump to new posts Re: Realstyles in The Style of The Cars by Ron Hooper @ Today at 05:11 AM

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Originally Posted By: BabuMusicWOW! Great fun indeed!! You guys rock --so so well. Right from the feisty count-in, Janice sings so well, and, man, I love those harmonies. Peter, dude, you kill it every time. I really love your versatility --chops in every category. Bud, you are getting so good at these videos, and I, too, am grateful to Janice for putting up with your suggestions. Surely You see the reward in your tolerance, Janice. {Psst. I know your man is exaggerating }. You guys a
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Jump to new posts Re: Not alone, oh not anymore by Jona&friends by JONA @ Today at 01:31 AM

Really nice to hear that you like it Mario!! Jona
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Jump to new posts Re: Joe Walsh a story you may not know about by pisipisi @ Today at 12:29 AM

Great video. One of the better I saw lately.
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With the new Xtra Styles PAK 13, we're going to make the number thirteen lucky again! There are 200 new RealStyles for Rock/Pop, Jazz, Country, and Singer-Songwriter. Some examples of what's included: Mellow soundtrack rock, Americana country lullaby, western swing big band, coffee house jazz waltz, jazzy jump blues, songwriter gospel ballad, fast indie rock, vintage clav funk, country pop march, and much, much more!

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Band-in-a-Box® 2022 for Mac is here!

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Learn more about all the new features in Band-in-a-Box® 2022 for Mac.

How to: Opening Multiple Instances of Band-in-a-Box®

Did you know that you can have multiple instances of Band-in-a-Box® open on your computer? There was a conversation about this recently on our Forum, so we put together this video explaining how: Opening Multiple Instances of Band-in-a-Box®

Want to see a quick video tutorial that's not on our Tips & Tricks list? You can post your request to our I want a video that shows me how to .... forum.

How to: Replacing a MIDI Track with an Audio Track (RealBand)

Using RealBand and wondering how to replace a MIDI track with an audio track?

We show you how in our RealBand®: Replacing a MIDI Track with an Audio Track

How to: Setup and Record with a MIDI Keyboard in Band-in-a-Box® for Windows

Do you want to record your MIDI keyboard into Band-in-a-Box®, but aren't sure where to start? This quick video is what you've been looking for! How to Setup and Record with a MIDI Keyboard in Band-in-a-Box® for Windows.

User Guide: Working with MIDI

How to: Why Does My Song Keep Looping in Band-in-a-Box®?

Your Band-in-a-Box® song is looping, and you don't want it to - what do you do?

Fortunately, this is a program setting that can be adjusted - see how this is done: Band-in-a-Box®: Why Does My Song Keep Looping?

Want to see a quick video tutorial that's not on our Tips & Tricks list? You can post your request to our I want a video that shows me how to .... forum.

(Additional Song Preferences you might also find useful: Global Song Overrides)

How to: Copy Chords and Song Info from Band-in-a-Box® to a Document

Did you know that you can copy the chords and other details of your Band-in-a-Box song into a document? We show you how in this video: How to Copy Chords and Song Info from Band-in-a-Box® to a Document

Learn more about this feature: Online Manual - Copy/Paste Chords as Simple Text

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