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Jump to new posts NAMM Oral Interview Website by Jim Fogle @ 7 minutes 19 seconds ago

+++ Interviews +++ of the people that made the music industry.
Jump to new posts Jeff Baxter Interview (Web Article) by Jim Fogle @ 30 minutes 41 seconds ago

+++ HERE +++ is a vintage interview of Jeff Baxter. The article is a reprint from the Roland Users Group, Volume 1, Number 1 publication. Jeff Baxter was a musician with Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers and Spirit before becoming a defense consultant.
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Jump to new posts Re: Add a little Color Back To GUI by Ola @ 33 minutes 35 seconds ago

That instantly made me feel more comfortable. Great tip, thanks! I will do as you say and gradually try to get used to (and evaluate) the new interface.
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Jump to new posts Re: After You've Gone (Synthesizer V) by Will Josef @ Today at 04:54 PM

Hi David, I think you did well with this song. By listening to your track I got to think a lot about Synth V, Vocaloid and the other synthesized vocals out there. I think a part of the problem is that we are comparing with real un-modified human vocals. It will take years before we get there. I DO think synthesized modulated/modified vocals can be very useful for some kind of music where you only need a single line of lyrics or just chopped vocals. Think ambient, chill, funk, techno, house
Jump to new posts Bagpipes by eddie1261 @ Today at 04:43 PM

Did we not have a quick topic here recently about that annoying droning sound of bagpipes, sounding like a jar full of bumble bees on helium? Every time the Geico commercial runs where the couple says "We have a problem with a pipes making an awful noise" I laugh thinking about that thread. So far they had a Ratt problem with Ratt rehearsing in the basement, then it was "ants" with those annoying nosey aunts telling them what to do. Then clogging with the Irish dancers livi
Jump to new posts Re: Merging tracks in Real Band by rharv @ Today at 04:33 PM

Well 2015 is pretty old, the menu paths and options would be different than more current versions If you Hover the mouse over the Track icon, a popup should appear, in that popup, does the Events item show a number? If it is greater than zero, the track has data. As mentioned; erase the data and try again. Or, if comfortable simply 'Erase Track' (which should give you a new blank track). Or maybe try merging those tracks to a Wav file, and then importing the Wav file to a blank track, just a
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Jump to new posts Re: Copyright issues on Youtube by edshaw @ Today at 04:20 PM

Originally Posted By: etcjoeOriginally Posted By: Jim FogleBob, Google has a BIG footprint. And way too much power. True, but they have pushed both their luck and their mental illnesses, not to mention the law, which they are quick to both break and accuse others of breaking. At one time, they were the only game in town. I still honor the pioneers and what they were able to accomplish. The new breed? Welll....
Jump to new posts Re: Writing lyrics by edshaw @ Today at 04:16 PM

I found out by accident that I don't need a completed song to start playing it -- rough lyrics, a BIAB backing track, and a stab at a melody (NCH Crescendo is good for this - even free version) is enough for a lead sheet. I say "by accident" because I was wasting time trying to fit the melody to the chord changes. Without being enough of a theorist to know how that is done, I was finding my efforts "needed work," to put it politely. I started laying out the staffs in Crescen
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Jump to new posts Re: Exporting all but the mix by Noel96 @ Today at 03:52 PM

Hi Dan, Thanks for that. While I play around with the VST from time to time, my songwriting is mostly done in BIAB and so I'm much more familiar BIAB and not as familiar with the plugin. You've inspired me. For my next song, I'll write it entirely in BIAB's VST in Reaper just to force myself to cross whatever hurdles come up and learn a bit more about the VST. When I wanted to understand the depth of the latest new version of Realband recently, I worked entirely in RB for a couple of months. I
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Jump to new posts Love Chunks by Tommyc @ Today at 03:43 PM

Just having fun with 2021 BIAB and a 1080 video! Thanks, PG Music!
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Jump to new posts Re: Eel People of Mars by Tommyc @ Today at 03:40 PM

Thanks, Derochette!
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Jump to new posts Re: Inventing Wonderland by Tommyc @ Today at 03:39 PM

Thanks, Misha!
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Jump to new posts Re: Quiet first beat on the count in by Simon - PG Music @ Today at 03:34 PM

Hi Andy, when this happens again can you take a look at the Audio Edit window to see if it looks like the audio is cut off at the beginning? Most likely it'll be the drums that are cut off on the first beat of the count-in. If it is, can you freeze the song and email it to If not, it could be an audio driver thing. Try switching between WAS, MME, and/or ASIO in Options > Preferences > Audio.
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Jump to new posts Re: Can't export realdrum as midi by MusicStudent @ Today at 03:22 PM

How about this little nugget left from JP in the beta forum. Has this been resolved? 100% of RD have MIDI RCs NOT WORKING on anything other than initial Style generation
Great, now I want one ..... To circuit bend
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Jump to new posts Re: I'm Not Over Her by vicarn @ Today at 03:10 PM

Good big fat sound, Tom. Vic
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Jump to new posts Re: The Blues Is Nothing (Scott C, Rayc & Janice) by Scott C @ Today at 03:04 PM

Originally Posted By: animarorecordsrayc, Scott, Janice & Bud, What a wonderful collaboration. This collaboration is really unexpected. Quite different personalities of rayc, Scott and Janice are mixed with to create a complex sound. I found a special blues there that I hadn't even thought of. Enjoyed my listen a lot. Best regards. Shigeki Adachi Thank you Shigeki for checking out the song. Really appreciate your comments. Originally Posted By: BabuMusicMy usual approach to a Janice
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Jump to new posts Re: Everything Fades In The End by Scott C @ Today at 03:01 PM

Janne glad to hear from you. This is an excellent song. Super vocal loved the chord progressions. Well done..
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Jump to new posts Re: Is She Coming Back? by ROG @ Today at 02:48 PM

Originally Posted By: tommyadProf, you nailed this one into the ground. Great groove, super guitar work, excellent vocals, really nice outdo, big sound. What’s not to like. Good one, Tom Hi Tom, I always value your views and appreciate the listen and review. Many thanks for all the positive comments; you're very kind. Cheers, ROG.
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Jump to new posts Re: When You Coming Home by dcuny @ Today at 02:30 PM

Hi, Duane. Your songs are top of the line. Seriously good. Saying anything past that seems superfluous. But... I noticed that you have three songs on the front page today - two of which are new. Out of fairness to others on the forum, it's probably best to put stagger your songs, so it gives other people a chance to share the front page. I also noticed you've posted 15 different songs since you've joined. That's a lot of really good music. But... in all your posts, I've only seen two th
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Jump to new posts Re: This song is: For Emily by Birchwood @ Today at 02:27 PM

Hello Tom, Scott, David, Alan and Vic (and everyone else), At first I can tell you 'Emily' was very very pleased with this song. So I did something good there ;-) Thanks for you comments and compliments on this song. I appreciate it a lot. Originally Posted By: tommyadHans, there’s a lot to like in this one. The cold open with the guitar and kick is way cool. Very well sung and I enjoyed the production, Tom Tom, I was hesitating for a time starting the song this way. And I had to do a lot
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I experimented a bit today. -50db seems to be a good compromise. -60db is way too low and less reduction, till lik -40db doesn't do anything at all. So yeah, I can live with the -50db setting. Thanks for the workaround! Sandra
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Jump to new posts Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Windows - Intro Options! by Callie - PG Music @ Today at 02:16 PM

With Band-in-a-Box® 2021 there are additional options for generating an intro! Within Band-in-a-Box®, choose Song Form | Generate Intro to see all the different options available: All Instruments Drums onlyBass and DrumsNEW! Bass onlyNEW! Bass then Bass & DrumsNEW! Drums then Bass & DrumsNEW! Piano OnlyNEW! Guitar OnlyNEW! Strings OnlyNEW! Custom - you pick! Give it a try today!
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Jump to new posts Re: Nobody Knows You by Birchwood @ Today at 02:04 PM

Hi Marty, What a nice, cool performance of this old song! You did a very good job, although you had to deal with that horrific meltdown with your Daw! The vocals are so good. Made for blues! And I like that outro very much; still mumbling while everyone else stops playing... It's all very cool! Hans
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Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Windows - New Intro Options!

With Band-in-a-Box® 2021 there are additional options for generating an intro!

Within Band-in-a-Box, choose Song Form | Generate Intro to see all the different options available:
-All Instruments
-Drums only
-Bass and Drums
-NEW! Bass only
-NEW! Bass then Bass & Drums
-NEW! Drums then Bass & Drums
-NEW! Piano Only
-NEW! Guitar Only
-NEW! Strings Only
-NEW! Custom - you pick!

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