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StylePicker does not see my styles and RealTracks, or they are showing as N/A.

StylePicker does not see my styles and RealTracks, or they are showing as N/A.
It is important for the plugin to know the correct location of your Band-in-a-Box folder, or else it won't work properly. Press the [File] button and select Preferences. Scroll down to the Folder Locations section. Usually the plugin can determine the correct folders automatically, however there are exceptions. For example perhaps you have the basic Band-in-a-Box program installed on your C: drive, but you normally use a Band-in-a-Box UltraPAK hard drive with all the available RealTracks and styles. You will want to make sure that the plugin is pointing to the drive letter of your UltraPAK.

If you have Band-in-a-Box installed on your C: drive, the "Path for Band-in-a-Box" will usually be "C:\bb". In addition, the Paths for RealTracks and Drums will usually be C:\bb\RealTracks\ and C:\bb\Drums\ respectively, unless you are using a custom location for RealTracks and Drums. If the folder path text is red, then that tells you instantly that there is a problem, for example Band-in-a-Box hasn't been found in the selected folder.

Once you have set the folder paths correctly, the plugin should see the exact same number of Styles as the full Band-in-a-Box program.

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