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January 22, 2018  -  User Showcase Song - Never Gonna Be That Guy

I just recently started working with a talented lyricist I met on Facebook named Skipper Laman. He was looking for someone who does country music to transform his lyrics into songs. He sent me these lyrics and let me have a go at it. I'll be releasing this later in the week as a single.

Never Gonna Be That Guy:

Tempo: 114bpm

Real Tracks...
2578: Bass, Synth, Retro Pop
2670: Pedal Steel, Background Hippy Train
2635: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Country Rock High
2634: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Country Blues Rock
1170: Guitar, Electric, Soloist Rock Medium Brent
Real Drums: Driving Pop 8ths

This song uses all real tracks from BIAB 2018. I Exported each track to Cubase 9 for editing and mixing. There was a fair amount of compression added to all of the guitar tracks (Including pedal steel.) For the drum I used a trick that David Snyder posted in the forums. I tripled the drum track then isolated the kick on one track and the snare on another using EQ. Then I mixed them with the original drum track to give it a little extra kick and snap. The solo was made from 2 different renderings of the Brent Mason solo real track. More song information & lyrics...


Posted on January 22, 2018 10:06 AM

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