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January 21, 2019  -  User Showcase Song - No One Can See

Imagine, if you will, Klaatu, The X-Files, and The Twilight Zone participating in a menage a trois. The resultant bast*rd offspring of this polyamory would be this song. I built this song around it’s opening line, which I wrote in a creative writing exercise 25 years ago. I worked on the music and lyrics in bits and pieces over the past year, putzing around on the piano. I juxtaposed the tone and mood of the music with the lyrics to belie the lyrical content, except at the bridge where they converge. That last sentence was a load of horse dung, wasn’t it?
For the sound montage prelude to the song, I used a bunch of loops. I haven’t decided if I am going to keep it.

In addition to the Real Tracks, I added synth parts. I’ve always liked the sound of an English horn, so I synthed that as the counterpoint in the first and second chorus, and for the closing melody line. I also did the George Martin trick where I wrote the melody backwards, played it , and reversed the “tape” for the instrumental solo after the bridge.

Real Tracks
2478 Bass, Acoustic, Held
2934 Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm FolkySync8thsFi
1275 Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm PopUpliftHeld
1267 Synth Pad, PopShining
1030 Guitar, 12-String Electric, Fingerpicking
2364 Synth, ElectroFlutes, Rhythm Pop
3197 Guitar, Electric, Soloist PopBalladMellowBrent
2578 Bass, Synth, RetroPop Ev16
2306 Synth, Rhythm BubblegumPopAccentSynth
2507 String Quartet, Rhythm PopEvenChamber
2973 Synth, Rhythm DancehallPercussive

Posted on January 21, 2019 12:52 PM

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