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February 12, 2020  -  User Showcase Song - Magpie

...I’m going to post something a bit different from my usual stuff today - here’s the back story:

Last summer my brother sent me an mp3 file with just a melody he had sung, some funny German lyrics, no harmonies, just some very raw singing. He wanted to give this song as a birthday present to his girl friend and asked me if I could make an arrangement / backing track for it.

Well, of course I was excited to do this, we had a nice collab, recorded his vocal, and the birthday present was a huge success.

Magpie - the song

Style is _GRVYPNO.STY (Groovy Piano Pop )

RealTracks in style: ~684:Bass, Electric, PopHalfNotesSync Ev 120
RealTracks in style: 2046:Piano, Acoustic, Solo-Accompaniment CountryPopJohn Ev 120
RealTracks in style: 691:Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming AcRockBright Ev 120
RealTracks in style: ~686:Organ, B3, Background Pop Ev 120
RealDrums in style: JazzFunkGroovin^1-a:HHSdStk, b:HHSnr
Added: RealTrack ~143:7Piano, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkGroovin Ev16 110

Added: RT2534:Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, HeldChords
Added: RT408:Guitar, Resonator, Background Allis Ev 120
Added: RT669:Guitar, Slide, Background EasySouthern Ev 120

Unfortunately I can’t trace which alto sax soloist track I used for the sax parts - sorry.

I used BIAB and RealBand for the backing track, Maha did all the sound work using RealBand with PGMusic dynamics, PGMusic reverb and the EasyQ parametric EQ pluig-in. Mastered it in Ozone 8.

Posted on February 12, 2020 10:49 AM

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