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December 20, 2021  -  User Showcase Song - Let's Stay Home

December: cold, rainy, stormy. And Delta and Omikron lurking behind every single corner... Wanna go out? To Bud’s bar? Or the racetrack? Nah... How about that instead:

Let's Stay Home (website with lyrics and German translation)
Let's Stay Home (Soundcloud with lyrics)

This one is quite different from my other songs and it was a bit complicated to put together, because I started with the bass and the drums (both MIDI) and sought for appropriate RealTracks later. Which means that I did not take into account what BIAB can do and what it can’t. Maybe you will notice that there are some triplet pushes in the song - although it seems to be able to do the most wondrous things that’s something BIAB doesn’t support (yet), I think (please correct me, if I’m wrong!).

So I had to literally cut out small parts of the guitar and organ tracks to make them fit which luckily worked out better than I had feared.

Maybe you will notice that the whole thing doesn’t sound as good as my former tunes - no wonder: Maha is still ‘out of office’ and I had to do the whole sound thing almost all on my own. And I admit that I’m a complete mixidiot (and I'm afraid I cannot blame my tinnitus alone). When

I played the result to Maha, she advised me to slightly tweak the voice and bass EQ. What the heck - I tried my best and all I can do (for a million reasons) is hope so much that Maha will be on board again soon !!!

There's no video yet and to be honest: I don't know if there will ever be one.

I'd be glad if you enjoyed the listen - take care everybody - stay sage and safe,



This is the band:
Gene Rabbal, B3 org (RT 671)
Mark Lettieri, g (R T3251)
Miichale Thompson, g (RT 1435)

The wonderful solos were played by:
Mike LeDonne, org (RT 1493)
Ian McDougall tb (RT 1334)
Eric Marienthal,ts (RT 1776)

Additiona MIDI

Drums: MTPowerDrums 2
Bass: Native Instruments Factory Selection
Horns (tb, tp): Big Fish Vintage Horns

Me: vocals Lyrics

I used BIAB, Reaper and the BIAB VST plug-in (great stuff !), Neutron 3, Nectar 3, Ozone 9 advanced and Tonal Balance.

Posted on December 20, 2021 12:02 PM

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