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February 13, 2023  -  User Showcase Song - Bottomland (with floyd jane on guitar)

Yep, floyd is playing lead guitar! This is a current mix with different drums, new fx and new mastering of the eight year old original.


We’ve done 101 (really) collabs with floyd over the last 11 years and this is the only one with him soloing. We originally sent it to him for an opinion on the mix and back it comes with a solo! He did a great job supporting the stark arrangement and dark mood of the lyric and Janice’s vocal. So thank you Sticky Fingers - the blues name we gave him at the time. smile And thank y’all for the time to hopefully listen and comment. Oh, and, yes, we know the tune does not resolve on the root chord smile - we felt it added to the unresolved theme of the lyric.

Vocal: Rodes NT1 mic > Blue Icicle interface > Izotope Nectar > Logic Pro
Solo Guitar: Fender Stratocaster DI > Scarlett interface > Waves GTR3
Bass: RealTrack 564 Bass, Electric, Blues Monday Sw 065 > Waves Bass Rider > Neutron 3
Drums: RealDrums BluesRock128 > Waves CLA Drums
Guitar Rhythm: RealTrack 565: Electric, Rhythm Blues Monday Sw 065 > 140 EMT Plate Reverb sim
Mastering: Ozone Dynamic EQ > Ozone Vintage EQ > Ozone imager > Ozone Maximizer > Ozone Tonal Balance > Logic Prox X Loudness Meter

Bottom Land
© 2014-2023 Janice & Bud Merritt

Posted on February 13, 2023 11:51 AM

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