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July 23, 2020  -  User Showcase Song - Stop Talking

It was my plan to release this song in august, but it was ready now. So I thought, why wait?
The title suggest some heavy stuff, but it is not. It is light Bluesy song with a nice chorus (I think).
I pictured myself driving a car on the highway, thinking about everything related to my (former) relation. And how to get rid of it, now that it's starting to look a bit like stalking. I hope you believe me, but all of this is fiction. No one ever stalked me...

I bet some part of you will swing (probably your feet)when listening to this song. If not, listen again(?)
Maybe this sounds a little too frivolous, but I had some setbacks producing it. Now I am very relieved I succed in finishing it. I do hope you like it.

Hans Berkhout (Birchwood)

The song:

The style and instruments:
RealTracks: 2260:Bas, Elektric, Funky Groove 60s Gel 100
RealTracks: 2157:Piano, Elektric Vintage, Funky Groove 60s John Gel 100
RealTracks: 2677:Guitar, Acoustic, Blues Gel 85
Loop: Dubstep\Dubstep - saviour_140_drum_loop_1_e_minor ev8.wav
RealTracks: 1706:Guitar, Elektric, Soloist Country Brent Gel 85
RealDrums:DrivingPop8ths^02-a:Kick, b:HiHat, QuarterKick

Keyboard1: Native Instr. Guitar, bowed strings
Keyboard 2: Native Instr. Guitar, muted strings


Posted on July 23, 2020 11:05 AM

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