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RealTracks Artist Bio: Josh Paul

An extraordinary bassist, Josh Paul is best known for his work as the founding member of the three time Grammy-nominated band Daughtry and subsequently his time with Suicidal Tendencies. While you might recognize Josh Paul as someone with a reputation for playing punk rock music, he also enjoys playing funk rock, soul, alternative rock, hard rock, and post-grunge music.

Raised in Los Angeles with parents who were gospel musicians and a grandfather that played in a Dixieland band, it comes as no surprise that Josh Paul’s love of music began to bloom at the age of 4, and he even played the drums in his grandfather’s band for a time. At the age of seven, Josh Paul appeared in a Don Henley music video for the song “The Boys of Summer” where he showcased his drumming skills. When he reached 10 years old, Josh Paul switched to the bass guitar due to his family moving into an apartment. The landlord was not overly fond of drums, but Josh Paul wouldn’t let his spark for music die and easily mastered a second instrument.

Josh Paul has also worked and toured with several other musicians such as Everlast, The Veronica’s, Kelly Osbourne, DJ Samantha Ronson, and Ashley Parker Angel either as a bassist or as a musical director. He has also volunteered in the past with VH1 Save The Music Foundation which focuses on keeping music instruction accessible to children.

You can find a list of many of Josh Paul’s musical credits here:

Josh Paul plays these RealTracks:

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