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RealTracks Artist Bio: Steve Nelson

Pittsburgh-born vibraphonist and composer Steve Nelson started playing piano and vibes as a teenager. Milt Jackson was a major influence on Nelson, who developed a straight ahead playing style that earned him a one year engagement with legendary Jazz guitarist Grant Green at a young age. This was followed by playing and recording with his Rutgers professors James Spaulding and Kenny Barron, on the way to graduating with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Music. He then joined David "Fathead" Newman's quintet, and by the 1980s Nelson was the vibist of choice in a wide circle of leading Jazz artists. Other great musicians he has performed and recorded with include Bobby Watson, Curtis Lundy, James Williams, Donald Brown, Geoffrey Keezer, Lewis Nash, Johnny Griffin, Jackie McLean, and Mulgrew Miller.

Steve Nelson's recordings as a leader include Communications (Criss Cross, 1987), Live At Acireale (Red Records, 1989), Full Nelson (Sunnyside, 1989), New Beginnings (TCB, 1999), Fuller Nelson (Sunny Side, 2004) and Sound Effect (High Note, 2007). He appears at concerts and festivals worldwide, and has taught music at Princeton University.

Steve is currently a member of Dave Holland's Band and Quintet, the Lewis Nash Trio, and Mulgrew Miller's Wingspan.

Read more about Steve Nelson's song credits at, and on his Wikipedia page

Steve Nelson plays these RealTracks:

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