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RealTracks Artist Bio: Oliver Gannon

The son of Irish Jazz pianist Joe Gannon, Oliver took up Jazz guitar at the age of twenty, receiving a bachelor′s degree from the Berklee School of Music in Boston.
Back in Canada he settled in Vancouver, B.C., where he soon established himself as a first-call studio guitarist. He was a founding member of the all-star group Pacific Salt in 1970 and in 1975 began a relationship with tenor saxophonist Fraser MacPherson that resulted in a series of highly-regarded recordings, CBC broadcasts, and tours - including three to the Soviet Union and one to Europe. The talented pair shared a Juno for Best Jazz Album in 1982 for their album of duets on the Sackville label, "I Didn′t Know About You", and in 2002 Oliver Gannon received the National Jazz Award (Canada) for Guitarist of the Year.

Although known for his orchestral style of accompaniment with MacPherson, Gannon employs a hard, linear, bop-based style on his own, showing the admitted influence of Barney Kessel and Wes Montgomery.

A regular performer in Vancouver Jazz clubs and on the international Jazz festival circuit with The Oliver Gannon Quartet, The Oliver Gannon ⁄ Patty Hervey Quartet, The Ian McDougall Sextet, and the Oliver Gannon and Bill Coon Quartet, Gannon toured nationally with the trio RIO (with trombonist Ian McDougall and pianist Ron Johnston). Once again, in 2008 he toured Scandinavia with McDougall and Johnston as a member of the Ian McDougall Sextet.

In addition to his acclaimed recordings with Fraser MacPherson, Oliver′s discography includes live and studio albums with his own stellar quartet and releases with Ed Bickert, Don Clark, Bill Coon, Gary Guthman, Bob Hales, June Katz, Ian McDougall, Charles Mountford, RIO, George Robert, Campbell Ryga, Ross Taggart, the West Coast Jazz Orchestra and frequent appearances on the CBC network.

Oliver has been involved with his brother Peter in the development of Band-in-a-Box and PG Music since its inception. In addition to performing and producing musical content he has served as the executive producer of program content. That association continues with Oliver′s outstanding contribution of Jazz guitar RealTracks.

Oliver′s web site is at

Oliver Gannon has recorded some Artist Performances:

Oliver Gannon plays these RealTracks:

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