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RealTracks Artist Bio: Brian Fullen

Brian Fullen's professional career as a drummer and percussionist began at age 15 in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Enroute to his position in the top rank of Nashville veterans he earned music degrees at Capital University and the University of Memphis while showing his remarkable versatility in Jazz ensembles, as a resident studio drummer, backing Rock 'n' Roll legend Carl Perkins, and with the Memphis, Jackson, and Tupelo symphony orchestras. He is also a noted music educator and clinician with two drum instruction books and numerous magazine articles to his credit. All while maintaining one of the busiest careers in the profession.

Brian Fullen's stage and studio credits include world tours with SheDaisy, Shania Twain, Bob Carlisle, Peter Frampton, the Allies, and The Imperials. Other artists who have engaged his many-faceted talents include Vince Gill, Sierra, Larry Carlton, Andy Griggs, Jamie Slocum, Lorrie Morgan, Paul Brandt, Pete Huttlinger, Bob Carlisle, Kathy Mattea, Mark Collie, hit record producer David Z., John Berry, Jamie Slocum, Aubrey Collins, legendary blues artist Tracy Nelson, Identical Strangers, Allies, The Nobody's, and many more. Other recording work includes movie soundtracks and regular television appearances.

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Brian Fullen plays these RealDrums:

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