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May 2014

May 30, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Miles Black - Performing Sunday!

This Sunday, June 1st, you can check out Miles Black as he performs with Mike Allen at the Jansen Art Center in Lynden, WA!
Even info....

They will be performing music from Mike Allen's recently released Album, The Feel of Life.

Posted at 01:09 PM

May 30, 2014 Frequently Asked Questions...

Looking for an answer to your Band-in-a-Box question? Chances are someone else has asked it before - try searching our FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered:

As always, you can also contact us directly for assistance! How to Contact PG Music

Posted at 01:05 PM

May 30, 2014 User Showcase Song - Seventh Skin

I have remixed and given "February Snow" it's original title back - "Seventh Skin".

I rerecorded the vocal with my new toy, a Sure SM7b. I love this mic!!!

I added drums, changed the ending, and remixed the whole thing.

If you have heard it already and care to take a second listen comments are welcome.

If you have not heard it I hope you like it.

Posted at 01:03 PM

May 29, 2014 Get the Most Out of Band-in-a-Box with Add-ons!

We offer a huge selection of Add-ons to help you get the most out of Band-in-a-Box!

On top of RealTracks and RealDrums, we offer sets of MIDI SuperTracks, Styles, Soloists, Melodists, Essential Phrases & Riffs, Fakebooks, Video Tutorials and more!

Choose your OS to learn about all the Add-ons available:
Band-in-a-Box for Windows Add-ons
Band-in-a-Box for Mac Add-ons

Posted at 11:28 AM

May 29, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Ron Carter - Performing this Weekend!

Catch RealTracks Artist Ron Carter as he performs until the 31st at the Jazz at Lincoln venue in New York!

Ron Carter Schedule

Posted at 11:23 AM

May 29, 2014 Band-in-a-Box - Import Midi and Wav tracks into a BIAB song

Is there anyone who can tell me how to import a midi file or a wave file as an additional track (maybe into melody or soloist or I don't know where) into an existing BIAB song.
What I find in the menu is the option to open a midi file but it creates a new song.
I just want to add an instrument that I've got recorded as midi or a vocal recorded as wave to a song that I've got opened in BIAB.

Posted at 11:20 AM

May 28, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artists Jodi Proznick - Upcoming Performance!

RealTracks Artist Jodi Proznick will be closing out the Rose Gellert Hall Concerts Café Classico’s season, performing with Alisia Lyne, Jillian Lebeck and Jimmy D. Lane.
If you find yourself in Langley, BC, head to Rose Gellert Hall on May 30th to take in an evening of great music!
Event Information

Posted at 10:00 AM

May 28, 2014 Video - Using the ASIO Multi-Client Application

We have a video that explains how to run Band-in-a-Box and RealBand simultaneously with both programs using ASIO drivers: YouTube Video: Using the ASIO Multi-client application

Posted at 09:49 AM

May 28, 2014 Band-in-a-Box - Using BIAB Live With My New Toy

I've recently purchased a Digitech JamMan XT Solo looper pedal, and plan to use it at my next gig on Sunday to play my BIAB backing tracks. Using the JamManager software that is included, I was able to copy all my recorded BIAB tracks (Wav files) onto the pedal. Using a FS3X footwitch I'm able to scroll through the songs quite quickly. I'm excited about using it because I'm now completely hands free at my gigs, plus I've eliminated a mike stand rig with a tray where I used to place my CD player. I like the fact that after every song I'm no longer having to focus on pushing bottoms on a CD player. I'd be interested in anyone else who may have tried this approach?

Posted at 09:48 AM

May 27, 2014 Video - Making a Video of Your Band-in-a-Box Song

Did you know that you can use screen capturing software to make a video of your Band-in-a-Box song?
Watch this video to see how to make your very own video of Band-in-a-Box!

Posted at 01:18 PM

May 27, 2014 click here.&page=1">We Offer Styles PAKs for Songsmith!

Songsmith is a Microsoft Research program that generates musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice. Just choose a musical style, sing into your PC’s microphone, and Songsmith will create backing music for you!

Expand the set of styles you can work with in Songsmith by purchasing our Styles PAKs which contains a huge collection of new styles. Learn more about these PAKs here.

Posted at 08:26 AM

May 27, 2014 User Showcase Song - The Wire

There's been a lot of talk in a bunch of threads about "the way things used to be".
Or what they are.
Or what they should be.

So here's a song about... stuff...

...regrets? ...maybe....maybe not....

Posted at 08:25 AM

May 26, 2014 click here.&page=1">Video - Using the Forte DXi with Band-in-a-Box

If you're interested in seeing how the The Coyote ForteDXi DirectX (DXi) plug-in works with Band-in-a-Box for Windows, watch this Video: Using the ForteDXi in Band-in-a-Box .

Posted at 01:39 PM

May 26, 2014 HERE. Purchase the Weekly Special for Mac HERE.&page=1">Weekly Special! The Blues Pianist... Starting at $19!

This week you'll save up to $20 when you purchase The Blues Pianist! The Blues Pianist is available in 2 volumes, each containing over 50 great down-home Blues piano stylings by top professionals. Volume 1 has all of the older Blues "classics," while Volume 2 gives you the newer sounds of contemporary Blues at its finest!

Posted at 09:05 AM

May 26, 2014 User Showcase Song - 3 Minute Waltz

This is our third contribution. The song is called 3 Minute Waltz. It is loosely based on Chopin's Minute Waltz.
We used two different styles and doubled some of the realtracks.

3 Minute Waltz

Used realtracks:
Piano Rythm Country Waltz
522 Guitar Acoustic Fingerpicking
String Quartet, Rhythm PopChamber Ev 085
528 Guitar Acoustic Fingerpicking Hank

Used Styles:
34 BG SlowSty. 3/4 BluegrassSlowWaltz
POPNOS.Sty Poppiano 12-8 Ballad

Posted at 09:03 AM

May 23, 2014 here.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Jeff Lorber - Texas Performances!

If you're interested in taking in a Jeff Lorber performance, he'll be in San Antonio, Dallas and Austin Texas for the next few days! A full list of upcoming performances is available here:

Posted at 10:11 AM

May 23, 2014 User Showcase Song - Swamp People

Okay, I toyed with harmony, but am torn about that. This version is void of any. To get the musical feel I wanted, I used RT's at half-tempo. I hope it worked. Thanks for listening.

518:Bass, Electric, Pop HalfNotes Ev 085
578:Harmonica, Background Blues BB Ev 085
382:Guitar, Slide, Background Blues Ev 085

Posted at 10:10 AM

May 23, 2014 Band-in-a-Box for Mac - BETA TESTERS WANTED

We're currently seeking Band-in-a-Box 2013 for Mac users to to help us test some of our latest features.

If you're interested, please review and fill out the form on our Mac Beta Testers Wanted page.

Posted at 10:05 AM

May 22, 2014 Bio page, where you can also listed to Audio Demos of his RealTracks!&page=1">RealTracks Artist Kenny Sears - Upcoming Performance!

Head to Dollywood this weekend to see The Time Jumpers featuring Vince Gill, Dawn Sears, Kenny Sears and Ranger Doug Green perform! You'll find them on stage May 24-25th - Click here for complete event information.

Posted at 01:20 PM

May 22, 2014 Support page for a full list.&page=1">Tutorials & How-To's - A Great Resource!

Visit our page for an extensive selection of Tutorials & How-to's for getting the most out of your Band-in-a-Box!

Posted at 01:14 PM

May 22, 2014 User Showcase Song - Heavenly Hoedown.

Thank you PG Music for such a great program!

RealTracks in style: 1268:Bass, Electric, PopUplift Ev16 120
RealTracks in style: 1277:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm PopUpliftA-B Ev16 120
RealTracks in style: 1272:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm PopUpliftSyncA-B Ev16 120
RealTracks in style: 1278:Synth Pad, PopUplift Ev 120
RealTracks in song: 1948:Mandolin, Rhythm PopUpliftingAndy Ev16 120
RealTracks in song: ~~591:Banjo, Bluegrass Doc Ev 100 (Soloist)
RealTracks in song: 1273:Guitar, Electric, Soloist PopUplift Ev16 120
RealDrums in style: PraiseWorshipUptempo16^5-a:Snare, HiHat, Kick , b:Snare, HiHat

Posted at 01:13 PM

May 21, 2014 Woodshedding - Using BIAB to learn to play some jazz blues guitar

I've been using BIAB to help learn to play some jazz blues guitar using a book called "Jazzin' The Blues". The book lessons include a rhythm part and a single 12 bar lead part. I've put them together in a video, using BIAB to make the drum and bass part. These have been well-recieved on the Blues You Can Use forum, and I think I've sold a couple of people on Band In A Box. Thought I'd post here for anyone looking for ways to use BIAB to learn something new musically. Any comments or suggestions appreciated.

Posted at 07:39 AM

May 21, 2014 PG Music's Other Software Purchase Options

On top of Band-in-a-Box, we offer a huge variety of other programs! Browse through our Other Software pages and you'll find games, Video Guitar Lessons, the Master Class Series, Pianist Performance Programs and more!

Posted at 07:35 AM

May 20, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio: James Danderfer&page=1">RealTracks artist James Danderfer - Upcoming Performance!

Coming soon - an evening of jazz in the Victorian parlour room at the Roedde House Museum with the James Danderfer Trio: James Danderfer, Chris Gestrin, and Joe Poole!
If you find yourself in Vancouver, BC on June 12th be sure to check it out!
Click here for event information.

Posted at 08:26 AM

May 20, 2014 Weekly Special - The Blues Guitarist... only $29!

This week you can purchase The Blues Guitarist for only $29 - that's a $20 savings!!!! Learn more here...

Posted at 08:24 AM

May 20, 2014 Video - Downloading songs from a Mac to your iPhone

Watch this video to learn more about downloading songs to an iPhone from your desktop Mac over a WiFi connection.
Video: Downloading songs from a Mac to your iPhone

Posted at 08:22 AM

May 20, 2014 User Showcase Song - Gabrielle

Haven't been able to listen to much here lately - busy flogging covers for the punters.

Just a little song.
All BIAB, except for some strings.

Posted at 08:21 AM

May 16, 2014 Other Software pages on our website.&page=1">Watch Videos for Our Other Software Products!

For us Band-in-a-Box was just the beginning! Check out our "Other Products" Playlist on YouTube to watch videos of the other great products we have to offer... Playlist - Other Products.

Posted at 12:15 PM

May 16, 2014 Dare to Compare - MIDI Synths and RealTracks

Interested in comparing various MIDI software and hardware synths with each other, and with RealTracks? Check out our Dare to Compare page! Here you can listen to the differences between the Coyote WT, Roland VSC, Cakewalk TTS, Coyote Forte, Roland SD-20, Roland SC-155 and the Ketron SD2 Orchestral Wizard!

Posted at 12:08 PM

May 16, 2014 User Showcase Song - Widower's Blues

I felt I had to try a blues even if I know I don´t have
the voice of a real blues singer, but nonetheless, I still
miss my dear old Beni so it felt easy to write this song
out of my own experiences !:))

Posted at 12:05 PM

May 15, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio Page to listen to audio demos of his RealTracks!&page=1">RealTracks Artist Stuart Duncan - FREE CONCERT!

RealTracks Artist Stuart Duncan will be performing in Fairdale, KY with banjoist Noam Pikelny!

This free event will take place from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday at Jefferson Memorial Forest. Click here for event information.

Posted at 12:57 PM

May 15, 2014 User Showcase Song - Real Country

Just for fun... and to go along with the discussion that has been going on..

As has been mentioned, the current crop of songs by the guys in Country music all talk about the same things...
My truck..hey, girl..drinking beer...going down to the river...drinking beer...she loves my tractor...drinking beer...let's do it in my truck...
The girls ALL wear "painted on jeans".
Everyone's waiting for quitting time - so they can drink some beer...(or moonshine)

Michael LeBlanc had posted a lyric pointing out that those songs don't really reflect real life in the country.
Mike has a knack for original ideas and raw honesty in his lyrics...
I asked him if I could re-work it some and put it to music.
He graciously agreed... so after a re-write and re-title, we have...

Posted at 12:56 PM

May 15, 2014 Windows and Mac. ALL of the RealDrums we offer come with the Band-in-a-Box UltraPlusPAK, EverythingPAK & Audiophile Edition!&page=1">Making Your Own RealDrums - Video

RealDrums are an exciting way to add an exciting element to your song! We offer RealDrums as an Add-on for Band-in-a-Box, but you can also make your own!

YouTube Video - RealDrums Stylemaking Part 1
YouTube Video - RealDrums Stylemaking Part 2

We even have a written tutorial: How to make RealDrums Styles

Posted at 12:47 PM

May 14, 2014 Windows packages Mac packages &page=1">Band-in-a-Box & Finale Bundles

Band-in-a-Box can be purchased on its own, or bundle it with another software program! For instance, you can purchase Band-in-a-Box bundled with Finale for as little as $469! We even offer the Finale Academic option bundled with Band-in-a-Box for as little as $269!

Posted at 11:46 AM

May 14, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Phil Woods - Upcoming Performances

Jazz Pollwinners RealTracks Artist Phil Woods will be performing this July in Pennsylvania!
Click here for more information.

Posted at 11:37 AM

May 14, 2014 Band-in-a-Box for Windows - A new melody and lyrics

Hi, glad to be back from BiaB hiatus. I got side tracked and lost my momentum with my projects for a while. But I am glad I finally started working on it again. I already found some great chord progressions and styles to put together. And wow the tracks sound very good even without doing anything to them. They sound very good to me. I am astonished really at what BiaB can do for me...

Posted at 11:36 AM

May 13, 2014 The OmniPAK - There′s Something for Every Music Lover!

Our OmniPAK will transform your PC into a music production powerhouse in a matter of minutes!
This exciting package includes over 40 popular music software titles - Band-in-a-Box, RealBand, PowerTracks Pro Audio, the entire Pianist Series, the entire Multimedia Performance Series, and much, much more - complete with every software Add-on, bonus, and accessory - all of this is pre-installed on portable USB hard drive.

Watch the video PG Music: The OmniPAK to see more about the OmniPAK.

Posted at 02:28 PM

May 13, 2014 Windows Purchase for Mac Garritan Jazz & Big Band Purchase for Windows Purchase for Mac&page=1">Bundle Band-in-a-Box with Garritan Products and SAVE!

You can purchase Band-in-a-Box packages bundled with Garritan Personal Orchestra or Garritan Jazz & Big Band and SAVE! Plus, you can download your order and get started right away! In fact, you don't need to have the order shipped to you - if you choose the download-only option, you will save an additional $20!

Posted at 02:23 PM

May 13, 2014 User Showcase Song - Be My Medicine Man (Tom Adams Collab)

I recently wrote a lyric built roughly around the age old theme of lost love with a twist as the lady is influenced by Native American spirituality. Janice and I wanted the arrangement to reflect the NA feeling but I was stuck trying to develop it. I had first thought about a blues feel (home turf) but I contacted Tom to see what he thought about suggesting an arrangement (of course I was hoping he might be interested in playing guitar on it).

Posted at 02:22 PM

May 12, 2014 Band-in-a-Box Tutorial Videos!

You don't need to go to our YouTube channel to watch tutorial videos for Band-in-a-Box... we also offer all of these videos on our Support page!
All of our videos are designed to showcase our various products, provide program tutorials, and answer commonly asked technical support questions!

Posted at 08:07 AM

May 12, 2014 User Showcase Song - Where Are You Willie - Fishing tale.

RD - Rock modern waltz
Bass - RT1189
Guitars - RT860
RT 854
Midi tubular bells
Seagull wave.

Posted at 08:06 AM

May 12, 2014 Weekly Special - GuitarStar Volume 1: Rockin' Riffs!

Learn how to play killer guitar solos with a rhythm section to back you up by using GuitarStar! This week purchase Volume 1 and SAVE $20!!!

Posted at 08:04 AM

May 09, 2014 Layering files onto Real Tracks

I am new to Real Tracks and I sure like them, but I would like to add to them. In particular, strings or the like. My question is: what is the best way to facilitate this? I know I can dump these audio files into Cubase and then put a midi track onto this. I really haven't done this, but I think I am technically adept enough to pull that off. What I am hoping is that there is a way to add strings to the real track ensembles that have been programmed already within BIAB. This would be, I presume, an easier way to do this thing quickly. Is this doable?

Posted at 07:50 AM

May 09, 2014 Share your Band-in-a-Box Songs with SoundCloud!

Sharing your Band-in-a-Box song is easy with SoundCloud!
The integration of SoundCloud within Band-in-a-Box lets you upload your compositions easily to the service. is a popular web service (unaffiliated with PG Music) that lets users upload their original songs for others to hear
Click here to learn more about SoundCloud.

Posted at 07:44 AM

May 09, 2014 click here.&page=1">Video - PowerTracks: Generating RealDrums

You can generate RealDrums with PowerTracks! RealDrums will follow the tempo of your song, play drum fills where ever you place a part marker, and can also play pushes. To learn more, watch this video which goes over how to add RealDrums to your project: PowerTracks: Generating RealDrums

Posted at 07:31 AM

May 08, 2014 User Showcase Song - Tears don't lie

Hi Y'all;
Here is a tune written by my wife Cindy, many years ago
she finally decided to record it.
It was done the same way I do all my recordings.Without B.I.A.B,and Real band I would be lost.
Some Adobe,and Izotope plugins,and we have it.
Here is the site.All comments welcome.

Posted at 12:17 PM

May 08, 2014 RealTracks Artist Miles Black - Upcoming Performances!

Miles Black will be performing May 10th in Victoria, BC with the Kelby MacNayr Trio! Head to for a complete list of his upcoming performances.

To listen to demos of RealTracks for Miles Black, check out his RealTracks Artist Bio page!

Posted at 12:12 PM

May 08, 2014 PowerTracks Pro Audio Playlist. Click here to learn more about PowerTracks Pro Audio 2014.&page=1">Video - PowerTracks Pro Audio 2014 New Features

The recently released PowerTracks 2014 offers some great new features including node based volume automation, an improved drag-and-drop station, guitar tablature customizing, and a whole new GUI! Watch the video to learn more - Watch now

Posted at 11:54 AM

May 07, 2014 Band-in-a-Box for Windows. Band-in-a-Box for Mac.&page=1">Order Band-in-a-Box Pre-installed on a Portable Hard Drive!

The Band-in-a-Box UltraPlusPAK, EverythingPAK & Audiophile Editions all ship pre-installed and ready to use on a high-speed USB 2.0 hard drive! Plus, you can choose to download your UltraPlusPAK or EverythingPAK and start working with the program right away!
The Pro and MegaPAK packages are also available for download or DVD delivery!

Posted at 11:16 AM

May 07, 2014 You'll find Gonzalo's RealTracks in Sets 109, 110, 128 & 129. Click here for his RealTracks Artist Bio page, where you can listen to audio demos of these RealTracks.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Gonzalo Bergara - Upcoming Performances!

Harmonious Wail and Gonzalo Bergara Quartet are holding a Spontaneous Concert at 7 pm! If you find yourself in Madison, WI, be sure to head to The Brink Lounge and take this event in! Click here for event information.

Posted at 11:09 AM

May 07, 2014 User Showcase Song - Come Across The River Border

Hi All,

Here's something new from me and Josie (Sundance). This is called Come Across The River Border.

All BIAB/RTs - Mixed in GarageBand.

We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening!


Posted at 11:08 AM

May 06, 2014 Click here for a full list of performances. Read more about Troy MacGillivray on his RealTracks Artist Bio page here, where you can also listen to audio demos of his RealTracks available in Set 4!&page=1">RealTracks Artist Troy MacGillivray - Upcoming Performances!

Troy MacGillivray takes the stage with flautist Nuala Kennedy at the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness on Wednesday night! It's not your only chance to see him though, as he's performing throughout Scotland (and a bit of England too!) until May 25th!
Click here for event information.

Posted at 02:05 PM

May 06, 2014 User Showcase Song - Fall Back In Love

SO... this is a new song just written.... another one that most likely, ends up as a throw away.... another wayside on the journey to wherever on this songwriting path.

Nash-town will say it's not contemporary enough.... too slow, too old fashioned..... whatever.... right?

So, have a listen.
I'm doing a few things in here to pay attention to.

Posted at 08:00 AM

May 05, 2014 here for Windows. Click here fore Mac.&page=1">Weekly Special - The New Age Pianist

The music in the New Age Pianist collection represents the collaborative of Vancouver producer/composer Oliver Gannon and Miles Black, the pianist who performed and wrote most of the compositions. This program helps you learn all about New Age piano music, where it came from, and how it's played. A full range of piano techniques are presented, from the ambient music style of George Winston to the New Age-Jazz styles of Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett!

Posted at 01:15 PM

May 05, 2014 Rockabilly

first hi to all members as i am new to the site
i am thinking of getting biab every thing pak but would like some advise before i lay out the money.

my music genre is rockabilly jive and swing ( 50s )
the artists and material i like are

stray cats
Darrel higham
big joe turner
gene vincent
and many more with this style and sounding music

are there any members who could give some input as to biab will be able to generate this sounding music.
are there any rockabilly members who use biab for writting there own jam tracks etc

Posted at 01:11 PM

May 02, 2014 People LOVE Band-in-a-Box!

Here's what they're saying:
"I just wanted to leave a quick note to tell you guys how awesome the new GUI, the user interface, is in the new 2014 BIAB! Wow. Everything is so much easier now. If this was the only update in BIAB 2014, it would still be worth it. Thanks!!"..."Your program is more than an accompanying program , it is a musical education."..."As usual you have surpassed the quality of this program. Keep up the good work"..."Thank you for great service!"..."This software is awesome! It really helps me improve my musical abilities. I love Band-in-a-Box."..."Top of the line in it's class ,there is nothing that comes close to it for pure musicale genius.Each upgrade is like getting a new car;exciting and so full of usefull and fun additions . Thanks PG Music."..."I used to split the gig money 5 ways. Now BIAB is my band, and I get to keep ALL the money! Using the cash I would have paid the band, BIAB paid for itself in only one gig! Not to mention that BIAB never makes mistakes, never plays out of tune, never misses band practice, and never quits the band!"..."Discovered BIAB only two years ago and it has transformed my song writing hobby. Instead of patchy guitar accompaniments to vocals, it is great to have a full band at my beck and call. And a rich source of inspiration for melodies. BIAB is amazing, and worth every modest dollar you ask for it!"..."Having used BIAB for over 10 years I have to say how helpful it has proved when teaching new tunes ... the ability to create a simple (or complex!) accompanyment is powerful; the ability to then tweak these to suit differnt performers (especially younger children) is invaluable."..."The BIAB really is a revolution... each issue is even better!"..."The product is great for producing backing tracks. It's also a great practice tool, allowing you to mute tracks and play along. Customer service is second to none, too!"..."If BandInABox was made by Apple or the companies that make Reason, Cubase, etc., they would charge $2,000 just for the basic program alone. It's so advanced it belongs in the Smithsonian -- seriously. It's easily the best musical investment I've ever made. Thanks for making this great software."..."Compared to all the other music creation software I've tried, BIAB is so innovative it should be called BAND OUTSIDE THE BOX! Whether you want to learn, practice, perform, compose or record there's LOTS here for you. Its easily the most fun-to-use software I have ever used!!"..."I am retired and have been playing the piano on and off all my life, strictly for my own amusement. I discovered BIAB about 13 years ago and it immediately gave me a new interest in playing. I am only surprised you don't hear of more solitary "home players" like me who have discovered BIAB."..."BIAB helped me learn the Guitar along with how to write your own songs. It is a truly remarkable program and well worth trying out."..."Thanks SO much. I really need practice and Biab helps me a lot. You and your team are doing a great service."..."You have produced a fine and inspirational music application which is a joy to use. Thank you all!"..."Everyone who likes music should get this program"..."I have never come across a product or service better than I have received from your company. PGMUSIC is simply the best."..."Can't believe I didn't discover this sooner. Two full songs arranged and recorded, from scratch, in a weekend. You guys just hit my "I love" list, right up there with Beer, Girls and Rock-and-Roll! Nice!"

Posted at 01:47 PM

May 02, 2014 Clikc here to read Keith Horne's RealTracks Artist bio and listen to demos of his RealTracks.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Keith Horne - Upcoming Performance!

The Sounds of Summer concert series begins this Sunday in Hopewell, VA. This free event includes the music of Keith Horne with Sports Bar Rock Star.

Click here for event information.

Posted at 01:25 PM

May 02, 2014 User Showcase Song - I Don't Care If The Moon Comes Out Tonight

Everyone needs a Carolina Girl song, eh, Bob?
But, once she's gone there's a whole lot ya don't need...

Posted at 08:47 AM

May 01, 2014 Click here for more information about John's workshops. &page=1">Upcoming FREE Band-in-a-Box Seminar by John Kuzmich, Jr.

Join John Kuzmich for a free Band-in-a-Box workshop on August 5th from 8 am – 4 pm!
Click here for a description of this workshop.
Registration information

Posted at 01:43 PM

May 01, 2014 Video - Making Notation for Guitar in Band-in-a-Box

If you play guitar you may prefer writing a melody using the fretboard, without having to think about notation. Our newest support video shows how to do that within Band-in-a-Box, and also shows how to write notation and have Band-in-a-Box make it work with the fretboard.

Click here to watch this new video.

Posted at 01:34 PM

May 01, 2014 User Showcase - New Album: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

My new album was released today--Something Borrowed, Something Blue. There are ten songs, nine of which I wrote. Every track was arranged in BIAB, using the 2013 Mac version. I used RealTracks for bass, piano, and organ parts as well as RealDrums. On the song Sweet Marianne, I used a Dixieland RealStyle for the entire instrumental backing track: tuba, guitar, banjo, piano, and drums. For the rest of the songs I played acoustic and resonator guitars, and resonator mandolin. Dan Lippert played harmonica on all ten songs.

Posted at 01:32 PM

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