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August 09, 2022 User Showcase Song - New World

"He went out for a pack of cigarettes, and never came back"

New World

I remember someone saying that, way back in my youth.
It sounded bizarre...

Once again I used Brent's Dreamy Soloist. The most versatile soloist (but then again all Brent Mason RTs are top-notch).

Comments encouraged!


RealTracks in song: 1162:Bass, Acoustic, CelticReel Ev16 110
RealTracks in style: 887:Piano, Acoustic, Solo-Accompaniment FolkPopPrairie Ev 100
RealTracks in style: ~896:Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm FolkRock Ev 100
RealTracks in style: 1903:Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm Bolero Ev 090
RealTracks in song: 1681:Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev 120
RealTracks in song: 2449:Guitar, Electric, Background, PopDreamyBrent Ev 085 (CustomFX)
RealDrums [in style:BrushesPop8thsSwirl: a: Swirl Tap b: BrushesPop8thsSwirl


Posted at 09:25 AM

August 08, 2022 User Showcase Song - What If... (Walk On Water)

Follow your dream...
but have a strong partner along to keep you on track.

Walk On Water

Lyrics on song page.

RealTracks in style: 521:Bass, Electric, Pop Syncopated Ev 136
RealTracks in song: ~~365:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev 085
RealTracks in style: 2021:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm CountryBalladJohn Ev 120
RealTracks in song: 1564:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm IslandJohn Ev 110
MIDI SuperTracks in song: 1888:Piano, Solo-Accompaniment CountryPopJohn Ev 120
RealTracks in song: 1856:Cello, Background PopCountry Ev 085
MIDI SuperTracks in song: 2060:Strings, Rhythm PopCountry Ev 120
RealDrums in style: NashvilleEven8^2-a:Sidestick, HiHat , b:Snare, HiHat

I played an acoustic guitar track.

Comments of any kind welcome.
Thanks for listening.

Posted at 01:19 PM

August 08, 2022 How to: Select Styles, RealTracks, and MIDI SuperTracks in Band-in-a-Box®

Here's a brief overview video explaining how Styles, RealTracks, MIDI tracks, and MIDI SuperTracks function in Band-in-a-Box®, and how to select them in your project. Please let us know if you have any questions!

How to Select Styles, RealTracks, and MIDI SuperTracks in Band-in-a-Box®

Posted at 01:16 PM

August 04, 2022 User Showcase Song - Blue Moon You

Here's another one of those "in the draw" songs that I have revisited over the years for lyric changes, etc. Happy to have finally and properly recorded it.

This is called Blue Moon You.

BIAB Tracks:
2474: Bass, Acoustic, Held Ev 085
1765: Guitar, High-Strung Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev16 085
1856: Cello, Background PopCountry Ev 085
378: Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming DoubleTime Ev 088
796: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm, ModernCountrySync Ev 100
RealDrums: NashTrainEv16 Blastix 16th
Loop: House-Techno-Trance/House 120 Drums

Thanks for listening!

Posted at 01:52 PM

August 03, 2022 How to: Associating Song Files with Band-in-a-Box® for Mac

Our Tips & Tricks videos are great for quickly learning a feature within Band-in-a-Box®!

Did you know you can you can associate song files so that they open up directly in Band-in-a-Box®? Chantelle explains how in one of our latest videos, Associating Song Files with Band-in-a-Box® for Mac

Posted at 02:00 PM

August 03, 2022 User Showcase Song - Handyman (feat. Peter on guitar)

A little happy ditty.


Janice sings and plays the percussion (no drums on the tune - all her on cajon and shaker). Bud played acoustic bass and our music partner Peter played all the guitars (acoustic, electric and slide).

The shaker is a gourd that Bud’s mother used to darn (repair) socks on years ago.

Comments are welcomed and thanks to Peter and PG Music.

vocals > Rodes NT1 > Nectar 2
cajon & shaker > MXL mic > Waves JJP Percussion

Bud: acoustic bass > Wave Bass Rider > Neutron 3

Peter: guitar solos — acoustic & electric & slide

Piano fills: MIDI SuperTrack 1800 TexasBluesRockShuffle > Logic Grand Steinway > Waves Unplugged

Piano rhythm: RT 1591 TexasBluesRockShuffle > Waves Unplugged

Harmonica: RT 2855 CountrySwing > Logic ChromaVerb

Mastering Ozone Dynamic EQ > Ozone Vintage EQ > Ozone Imager > Ozone Limiter > Ozone Tonal Balance > Logic Loudness Meter

© 2022 J. Merritt, B. Merritt & P. Fulham
Bud: progression & lyric / Janice: melody

Posted at 01:57 PM

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