PowerTracks Pro Audio 2024 Features

PowerTracks Pro Audio is a full-featured, multi-track music sequencing and digital audio recording program. PowerTracks Pro Audio includes powerful and unique features such as: The Audio Chord Wizard, which automatically and accurately figures out the chords from MP3/WMA/WAV audio files, RealDrums which allow you to instantly generate audio drum tracks that are real recordings of drummers - not single drum hit samples but full recordings lasting 1 to 8 bars, and more!


New Features in PowerTracks Pro Audio 2019

The new PowerTracks Pro Audio 2019 includes many new features and enhancements!

A new toolbar background color and icon set is available. You can select Classic, Modern 1, or Modern 2 icon set from the menu Options | Icon Set.

Notation Window Enhancements

  • Pressing the space bar plays the song from the current location.
  • Double-clicking on the Standard mode (or on the time line in Editable or Staff Roll mode) plays the song from the current time location.
  • The right-click menu in the Editable or Staff Roll mode has an option to change the current beat resolution. Previously, the only way to do this was to right-click on the time line.
  • Clicking close to a stave line will put a note on the stave line instead of between stave lines. Previously, you had to click extremely close to a stave line to insert a note on the line.
  • In the Notation Windows Options dialog, the clefs split point asterisk indicates that C5* is middle C.
  • The clefs split point can be set by the spin controls.
  • You can easily enter forced accidentals from the Notation window right-click menu.
  • There's a keystroke entry mode - the "N" mode, which lets you enter a melody entirely using keystrokes.

Tracks Window Enhancements

  • Holding the Ctrl key while using a mouse scroll wheel, or holding the Ctrl key while pressing the +/- buttons on the Tracks Window tool bar zooms in/out the window vertically.
  • Vertical grid lines are drawn on the track overview.
  • Snap button now snaps to grid lines (if present) instead of beats.

Vertical grid lines are drawn on the Audio Edit Window.

Options | Reset to default settings will reboot the program with default settings.

Drum Notation Support. When the track type is set to Drums with the combo box on the Notation window tool bar, drum notation will display. Drum notation can be entered by a user.

In Mixer window, holding down the Ctrl key while moving the volume slider with the mouse will increase/decrease the value by 1 instead of greater amount.

Chords window's right-click menu now has copy, cut, and paste commands.

Event List Window supports shift-click to extend the start (From) or end (Thru) of the selected area.

And more!

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