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RealTracks Artist Bio: Kenneth Blevins

Kenneth Blevins is the long-time drummer for blues singer/songwriter John Hiatt. He has also played and recorded with C.C. Adcock, Bruce Daigrepont, Michael Doucet, Sonny Landreth, Lucy Kaplansky, Earl King, Ron Levy, Kevin McKendree, Allison Moorer, Jonell Mosser, Anders Osborne, John PHillips, Jumpin' Johnny Sansone, Marlo Thomas, Greg Trooper, Tiny Town, and Don Williams among others.

While Ken has a special passion for what he calls the "real R&B," he is known for his pure South Louisiana/New Orleans style. When a song needs a New Orleans drummer, chances are that Kevin will get the call. He actually left New Orleans for New York to find work as a session drummer, and then moved on to Nashville. There he has compiled a lengthy discography, including many Cajun and New Orleans style releases, while playing with John Hiatt since 1988. He also has a long history of playing with bands such as The Percolators, Tiny Town, Continental Drifters, Sonny Landreth, and still prefers playing original music and being part of the creative process. This carries over to his recent recording projects, where he tends to choose sessions that allow for some creative input.

Kenneth Blevins' discography can be seen at Blues Rock Review published a profile in its February 2012 issue at

Kenneth Blevins plays these RealDrums & RealTracks:

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