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RealTracks Artist Bio: Jeff Lorber

Philidelphia native Jeff Lorber started playing the piano at age four and began his musical career in his teens, playing with local R&B bands. He enrolled in the Berklee College of Music where his Jazz studies merged with his R&B background and elements of funk, rock, and electric jazz in the formation of the Jeff Lorber Fusion. This pioneering group enjoyed great success in the 70s and 80s, touring nonstop and earning a Best R&B Instrumental Grammy nomination for their hit Pacific Coast Highway.

Lorber then turned to studio and production work with artists like Kenny G, Karyn White, Dave Koz, Art Porter, and Michael Franks before releasing a string of successful solo albums on the Verve, Zebra, Narada, and Blue Note labels, starting with 1991′s Worth Waiting For. His 2007 release, He Had A Hat, earned another Grammy nomination.

Jeff Lorber is acknowledged as a founder of the progressive Jazz formats, such as New Adult Contemporary, that evolved into today′s Smooth Jazz genre, with many of his songs featured on The Weather Channel′s Smooth Jazz compilation albums. He continues to work with the leading artists in the Smooth Jazz field as well as his own releases, and has just released Heard That on Peak Records.

For the full story of Jeff Lorber′s remarkable career and a full discography go to his web site, He's also on

Jeff Lorber plays these RealTracks:

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