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RealTracks Artist Bio: Kenny Sears

Classically trained violinist Kenny Sears has always been a fiddler at heart. From the age of 11, and even while he was earning his Masters degree in music and playing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, he was fiddling for the Big "D" Jamboree and playing at clubs and dances with top Texas band leaders like Billy Gray and Leon Rausch. During this stage of his career, it wasn′t unusual for Kenny to perform at a Classical concert and then finish out the night playing at a swinging nightspot. He also met, and played with, many of the touring stars of the Grand Ole Opry including Faron Young, Mel Tillis, Dottie West, and Jeannie Seely. When it came time to realize his dream of moving to Nashville, there was a job waiting for him with Faron Young′s Country Deputies. This was followed by a twelve-year association with Mel Tellis and the Statesiders, with an interlude in Ray Price′s band, The Cherokee Cowboys.

Kenny is now a regular on the Grand Ole Opry and a busy Nashville session musician. In addition to his substantial discography with other artists, he has released his own Classic Gospel Fiddle Playin′ CD. Kenny also performs on stage as a vocalist and fiddler with the all-star Nashville studio musicians′ Western Swing band, The Time Jumpers. This band also appears regularly at the Opry, and enjoys a loyal following among the top Country artists in Nashville.

There′s more about Kenny Sears at and in the Fiddler Magazine article "Kenny Sears: Premier Fiddler on the Grand Ole Opry" at Fiddler Magazine

Kenny Sears plays these RealTracks:

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