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RealTracks Artist Bio: Quinn Bachand

Multi-talented Quinn Bachand of Victoria, Canada has been praised by Cape Breton fiddling sensation Ashley MacIsaac as "one of the best Celtic guitar accompanists in the world." Quinn performed with MacIsaac at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and across Canada at many music events and festivals such as the Edmonton Folk Festival, Celtic Colours International Festival, Mariposa Folk Festival, Cavendish Music Festival and more. He's had the privilege of accompanying or opening for such noted musicians and recording artists as Lunasa, Buddy MacMaster, Liz Carroll, John Doyle, Daniel Lapp, Mark Sullivan, Pierre Schryer, Andrea Beaton, Robin Nolan, Marc Atkinson, The Sultans of Swing and many more. An impressive resume for a teenager!

Quinn also performs and tours regularly with his sister Qristina, a talented fiddler, at concerts and festivals including Vancouver Island Music Fest, Islands Folk Festival, Vancouver Celticfest, Celtic Colours International Festival, Kansas City Irish Fest, Northwest Folklife, Feakle (Ireland) and Speyfest (Scotland). Qristina and Quinn's 2008 debut CD, "Relative Minors" was nominated for the 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Quinn began his musical training through Suzuki violin lessons at the age of 5. He continues his classical violin studies, and also loves to play Jazz guitar, especially Gypsy Jazz. He's an outstanding performer on fiddle and banjo too!

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Quinn Bachand has recorded some Artist Performances:

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