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RealTracks Artist Bio: Ramon Stagnaro

Originally from Lima, Peru, Ramon took up the guitar under the inspiration of great Jazz artists like Jim Hall, Pat Martino, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery and George Benson. He started playing Pop and Rock music in bands in Lima, becoming the representative "youth" band in the city. By the 1970s Ramon was playing for recording sessions, and had engagements with Limas leading dance orchestras. The crowning achievement of his career in Peru was his Jazz band "Lima Contemporanea." The success of this band led Ramon to look abroad for new opportunities.

On moving to the USA in 1981, Ramon spent a year in Boston before settling in Los Angeles. Before long his talents were in demand in the Latin music community, especially after working with Alex Acuna, and over the years he was discovered by producers like David Foster, Humberto Gatica, KC Porter, Mark Portman, Jorge Calandrelli, Juan Carlos Calderon, Trevor Horn, Randy Jackson, and Walter Affanasief who used him for sessions with top recording artists including Gino Vanelli, Seal, Celine Dion, Al Jarreau, Andrea Bocelli, Roberto Carlos, Diana Ross, Ricky Martin, Neil Diamond, Paul Anka, Enrique Iglesias, Placido Domingo, Vikky Carr, Josh Groban, Alejandro Sanz, Kenny G, Patti LaBelle, Shakira, Nelly Furtado, Cristina Aguilera, Boyz II Men, The Manhattan Transfer, Michael Bublé, Johnny Mathis, Yanni, Carole King, and many others. Ramon is also on many movie soundtracks like "Legend of Zorro", "Contact",and "Sex and the City" to name a few. In addition to his outstanding talents on acoustic and electric guitars, Ramon has mastered the South American Charango, Mexican Bajo-Sexto and Vihuela, Mandolin, Cuban Tres, Russian Balalaika, Puerto Rican Cuatro, and Mexican Requinto.

When he has time away from the recording studio, Ramon has been on the guitar faculty at Hollywood's Musician's Institute of Music and he has toured with Yanni, Diane Reeves, Herb Alpert, Vikky Carr, Andrea Bocelli, and Alex Acuna and the Unknowns.

Visit Ramon's web site to see his full discography and get the latest news,, and

Ramon Stagnaro plays these RealTracks:

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