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Last updated:  Wednesday, 23 August 2023

1. How can I order your products?

Place your order online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, or Wire Transfer. After you place your order, you will receive an email with your product serial number and a link to the download page for your purchase.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact one of our customer service representatives by email at, via our Live Online Chat, or by phone at 250-475-2874 (direct), 1-800-268-6272 or 1-888-PGMUSIC (toll-free in the USA and Canada), or 800-4746-8742* (toll-free outside of the USA and Canada). *Where Universal International Freephone service is available. View International Access Codes..

2. Is it true that you offer a 30-day money back guarantee on your products?

Yes! We offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased directly from us. If for any reason you decide that the product is not for you, we will refund you the purchase price of the item.

3. What is the Coyote WT?

The Coyote WT is a DXi softsynth included with Band-in-a-Box and RealBand and is compatible with 64-bit operating systems.

4. What shipping methods do you offer? Is there a download-only option?

We do offer shipping for Band-in-a-Box packages. If you would like to receive a backup copy of your Band-in-a-Box, be sure to add the physical backup copy to your order on checkout. All other products are download only.

5. Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship Band-in-a-Box products anywhere in the world that is served by an international carrier.

6. Are all of your products available for download (electronic delivery)?

Yes, PG Music software is available for immediate download when you order online, and you will also have the option of a physical shipment for the backup copy of your Band-in-a-Box purchase. Note: If you ordered the Audiophile Edition, you can download the compressed RealTracks and RealDrums. The uncompressed files will be shipped on the hard drive.

7. If I choose to download the program, will I still get shipped a backup copy of the software?

We do offer shipping for Band-in-a-Box packages. If you would like to receive a backup copy of your Band-in-a-Box, be sure to add the physical backup copy to your order on checkout. All other products are download only.

8. What are the recommended system requirements for your products?


Most of our programs run on Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 and require a Pentium class (or better) processor with a minimum of 128MB of available RAM. Please see the individual product pages for the specific requirements of each product.

Band-in-a-Box runs on Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (32 or 64-bit) and require at least a 1.0 GHz processor (2GHz+ multicore recommended). Basic MIDI features require a less powerful computer than the latest RealTracks features. For best performance, we recommend a fairly up-to-date computer with Windows 10 or higher, a fast processor, and at least 2GB RAM. Without RealDrums or RealTracks, you need a minimum of about 1GB of free hard disk space (15GB recommended). More hard disk space is required for the RealTracks and RealDrums, roughly 100-400MB per Set. A full install of the PRO version (including RealTracks/Drums) requires about 30GB. A full install of the MEGAPAK version requires about 40GB. The UltraPAK is about 120GB (another ~100GB is required for the installation files when downloading the UltraPAK or UltraPAK+). You have the option of either downloading, or shipping "pre-installed" on a USB hard drive. You can run the program directly from the hard drive or install on your computer.

A MIDI sound source is required. This could be a sound card, a MIDI keyboard, MIDI sound module, or software synthesizer. We include a software synthesizer with Band-in-a-Box.


Our most recent version of Band-in-a-Box is designed for Intel-based computers, which should all exceed the minimum requirements. We also have older versions of the program available for PowerPC based OSX systems, and even OS9 systems. The system requirements for the latest version of Band-in-a-Box are:

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 to 13.x (Ventura) inclusive.
  • Intel or ARM-based Apple Silicon processor with 64-bit support.
  • Minimum 2GB RAM
  • At least 2 GB recommended for the main Band-in-a-Box® program. More space is required for RealTracks, depending on which package you buy...
  • RealTracks & RealDrums: ~100-400 MB per set.
  • Pro RealCombos: ~40 GB
  • MegaPAK RealCombos: ~50 GB
  • Full UltraPAK/UltraPAK+ when installed to internal hard drive: ~190 GB (another ~190 GB is required for the installation files when downloading the UltraPAK or UltraPAK+).
  • Screen Resolution: 1024x768 or higher.
  • Hard Drive versions of the UltraPAK or UltraPAK+ do not require any hard disk space when run directly from the external hard drive they are shipped on.
  • USB port for the USB Flash Drive version of the Pro, MegaPAK or PlusPAK.
  • Available USB port for the USB Hard Drive version of the UltraPAK, UltraPAK+, or Audiophile Edition.
  • Internet connection recommended for program activation and updates.

There are a few older legacy programs such as the Pianist series and Master Solos that only run in Classic (OS 9 or earlier). Please see the individual product pages for the specific requirements.

9. Do you offer technical support after I purchase the program?

Yes. We offer extensive technical support for all PG Music Inc. products. All technical support is free and unlimited for registered customers. You can e-mail us, use our Live Online Chat, or phone us toll-free (from most countries). Please visit our Support Page for more details and contact information.

10. Why is the price of your products so low?

Peter Gannon, the president and founder of PG Music Inc., states that he set out " create software that I would want to purchase and use myself." To this end, we strive to create quality software that is affordable and fun to use, while performing at a professional level. One of our goals is to give you, the customer, more than you ever expected when you purchased the program.

11. Are your prices in US dollars?

Yes, all of our prices are shown in US dollars.

12. Do I need to be a musician to use your products?

No! Our products can be used by anyone, regardless of their musical ability. Although we have many satisfied customers who are professional or amateur musicians and educators, you don't have to be a musician to use or enjoy our products.

13. Do you offer special academic pricing for school systems?

There are Site License and LabPAK purchase options available to schools and other educational institutions who are interested in purchasing 5 or more copies of Band-in-a-Box for one location (like a computer or music lab). We also offer custom pricing for school-wide, district-wide, and even state, provincial, or national licensing. For more information please visit the Educators Page or contact

At this time, we do not offer an academic/educational discount on individual purchases of our software.

14. Is it safe to use a credit card over the internet?

Every modern browser comes with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. This allows information that you pass to our servers to be encrypted during transmission, without you having to set up anything special. We also have installed a digital security certificate on our servers, which certifies that we are who we say we are when you're connected.

15. Are your products available from any local dealers?

Yes, Band-in-a-Box is represented by dealers worldwide. Here is a complete list of our distributors.

16. How can I register my software?

We have an Online Registration Form. Note: If you purchased your software directly from us, you are automatically registered.

17. I placed an order, but didn't receive an email confirmation.

The email confirmation is sent out the moment your order is processed. First, check your email program's "spam" or "junk" folder; the email could have been sent there. If not, you may have entered an incorrect email address into the order form, or (rarely) your ISP has blocked the email. Please contact us if you can't find the email.

18. Do any of your products convert audio files to midi?

PowerTracks Pro Audio comes equipped with a Pitch to MIDI conversion tool, and this will convert monophonic .wav files into MIDI. A trumpet, saxophone, or single human voice would be a good candidate for this type of process, whereas a guitar chord (multiple notes) would not. For polyphonic audio files (more than one instrument) the technology needed to convert an audio file to MIDI note-for-note is not available. However, the latest versions of both PowerTracks Pro Audio and Band-in-a-Box do include a new Audio Chord Wizard, which will automatically figure out the chords from any MP3, WAV, or WMA (Windows Media) audio file and display them!

19. I just placed an order, but I am unable to download the software. What should I do? (Windows products)

All PG Music software is available for immediate download.

After placing your order, you will receive your order confirmation email. This email contains the link(s) to access your Downloads page, and the Band-in-a-Box Serial Number if you ordered a Band-in-a-Box package.

Click on the link(s) in your order confirmation email to go directly to your Downloads page for each product. If the Install Manager is available for the product, there will be a link to download it at the top of your download page list. Complete instructions and troubleshooting tips for the Install Manager ("One-click installer") are available:

Or, watch the "One-click Install" video:

If you have created an account on, you can also access your downloads by logging into your account and clicking the "My Products" page. This page lists all your recently purchased serial numbers and downloads. If you do not see your recently purchased product on your My Products page, it may not have been connected with that account. This could happen if you used a different email address when you ordered, or were not logged into the account. Contact us if you need help with this.

If you did not get an order confirmation email:

  • You may have typed in the wrong email address when you placed the order. If so, please contact us to correct this and we can resend the email.
  • Your email program may have a utility that filters out possible junk emails and puts them in a separate mailbox. Check to see if you have a 'Spam' or 'Junk' folder, for example.

Additional product download troubleshooting and tips

  • The Install Manager will only work for orders placed on March 2021 or later. For any order (including orders placed prior to that), you can still access the downloads on your 'My Products' page by logging into your account at
  • Files can either be downloaded using the "Install Manager" or via individual download links. On the download page, check the box "Show all downloads", and this will allow you to download the individual installer files using your web browser. For the large Band-in-a-Box packages that consist of many installers, the Install Manager should normally be used since it greatly simplifies the download and install process.
  • If when you click on a link, you get a 404 page, error message, "page cannot be displayed", or something similar (but other web pages work fine for you), the problem is likely at our end. Please contact us ASAP so that we can fix this.
  • Download speed varies considerably based on many factors including your available bandwidth, geographical location, our server load, time of day, and more. If you are downloading a large Band-in-a-Box package like the UltraPAK, the download could take anywhere from a couple of hours to over a day. If the connection speed is MUCH slower than what you expect (based on your measured connection speed - e.g. search 'internet speed test') you may want to wait and try again later, or contact us if the problem persists. Sometimes slow downloads are beyond our control, such as if there is a malfunctioning router somewhere between you and our servers.
  • For individual downloads, troubleshoot by trying a different web browser to make sure it isn't a browser specific problem (e.g. old cached file).
  • If you get an error message such as "not a valid Win32 application", "there is no program associated with this file", or "setup files are corrupted" when trying to run a downloaded installer, this typically means that the file is corrupt due to your internet connection being interrupted partway through the download. Remove the file from your hard drive and download it again.
  • Security software (Anti-virus, firewalls) can sometimes interfere with installs. Symptoms might include the file being 'quarantined' or blocked when you try to run it. These are typically 'false positives'. Please contact us to report the problem. On Windows, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will often block old installers (2019 and earlier) by default, and you need to allow them to 'run anyways'. On Mac, you might get a message such as "file cannot be checked for malicious software" on older installer packages that are not notarized. You can still install the file by control+clicking on it and clicking Open.
  • If you are having trouble with a Band-in-a-Box download and would like have the physical copy shipped, or you are having a problem not covered here, please contact us for further assistance.

20. Can I use the Windows version of Band-in-a-Box and other Windows products on an Intel-based Mac?

We tested Band-in-a-Box 2006 for Windows on an Intel-based iMac (512 MB RAM, 2.0 GHz processor) that had Windows XP Home Service Pack 2 installed on an NTFS formatted partition. We also tested many other PG Music products, including PowerTracks Pro Audio 10, the Video Guitar Lesson series, GuitarStar, Master Class programs such as the Jazz Guitar Master Class, Multimedia Performance programs such as the Bach Chorales and Rock Guitarist, Master Solo products such as the Master Jazz Guitar Solos, and NoteMatch. In addition, we tested the use of the Roland VSC-3, Roland VSC-DXi, and Coyote ForteDXi software synths with Band-in-a-Box and PowerTracks Pro Audio, and tested MIDI recording and playback through an external (hardware) MIDI device.

We did not encounter any problems with any of the programs that we tested. There were no problems with playback, and all of the features that we tested worked exactly as they do on a PC with Windows XP. In fact, in some cases we experienced better performance on the Intel Mac than on a PC with similar specs.

21. When I try to install the program I get a message that the "setup files are corrupted".

This normally occurs with downloaded programs. This error may occur when double-clicking on an installer that was downloaded from our site. It means that the setup file is the wrong size or the file failed a CRC (cyclic redundancy check). Most likely something went wrong when you were downloading the file, for example your internet connection may have been lost. Delete the file that you downloaded and try the download again. Note that your browser may have cached the old (corrupt) file, so to be sure, before downloading the file again delete your internet browser's cache. Then, right-click on the download link and select Save As. If the download seems to happen very fast the second time, that's an indication that it's still the old file.

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